Jack Jeanne Game Gets Sequel

During the third anniversary event for the Jack Jeanne game, Broccoli’s collaboration project with Tokyo Ghoul manga creator Sui Ishida, exciting news was announced on Friday.

Fans can look forward to a sequel project, a new novel and drama CD, and even a stage reading coming this summer.

Jack Jeanne, developed by Aksys Games, made its English debut on the Nintendo Switch in June 2023.

Jack Jeanne game description:

Kisa is on the verge of abandoning her aspiration of becoming an actor when she is presented with the chance to enroll in the esteemed All Boys Drama School that she has long admired.

She is given admission under two conditions: securing the lead role in the final performance and keeping her true identity a secret!

Competition at the school is intense and the rivalry is palpable! Can Kisa develop strong connections with her male classmates while also competing against them?

jack jeanne edited Jack Jeanne Game Gets Sequel

Will she secure the lead role in the final performance at the end of the year, all while maintaining her secret?

Jack Jeanne finally made its debut on the Switch in Japan in March 2021, following a couple of setbacks. The game was later released in Japan for iOS and Android in March 2023.

The game has been incredibly popular, with over 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

The game combines elements of visual novels and rhythm games. According to Broccoli, the game boasts an extensive storyline equivalent to 20 novels. The game features a fully voiced main scenario.

Ishida is highly regarded for his contributions to the original work and character designs.

Additionally, he played a key role in shaping the world design, in-game illustrations, and insert song lyrics for the game.

Shin Towada, the author of the Tokyo Ghoul novel series, collaborated with Ishida to write the game’s scenario. The music was composed by Akira Kosemura.

Lownine is known for their exceptional concept art, while Seishiro is highly regarded for their impressive choreography. Broccoli worked together with Happinet to develop the game.

Sources: Famitsu.com

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