Spy x Family Fan Shows What Anya’s Pokemon Team Would Be Like

A Pokemon and Spy x Family fan created a piece of fan art with Anya, the main character of the show, becoming a Pokemon trainer.

This Pokemon fan art shows the psychic child with her whole team. The child looks pretty happy with herself in the art.

Pokemon has been popular for a long time, but Spy x Family took off in the last few years. Anime shows the crazy adventures of the Forger family, who all have secret identities and lives apart from their family unit.

It’s fun to think about what it would be like for Anya to have her own Pokemon team, even though Pokemon and the world she lives in are very different in terms of identity and danger.

A Pokemon fan named mishianh shared their art with other Pokemon fans, which showed Anya standing with her Pokemon team. Jigglypuff, Ninetales, Gyarados, Snorlax, Empoleon, and Espurr, who she is holding in her arms, are on Anya’s team.

Even though Anya can talk to Pokemon through her mind, Espurr is the only one of them that is of the Psychic type. Some might think she’d have a full psychic team, but her group here is a bit more balanced wit more variety.

The art director discussed some of the thought processes of picking Pokemon for Anya. Ninetales is on her team to stand in for Bond and give her a big, soft Pokemon to cuddle with and feel safe from.

While Espurr was chosen not only for its typing but also because its Meowstic evolution is “very stealthy and spy-like,” Empoleon takes inspiration from the penguin plushie in Anya’s room.

Finally, Gyarados was chosen because it would be funny if Anya caught a simple Magikarp and it evolved in a panic to protect Anya, much like how Yor Forger’s mother would be only terrifying when her daughter’s wit comes into play.

What’s Next for Spy x Family and Pokemon?

Unfortunately, there are no official collaborations between Spy x Family and Pokemon, but there are still exciting projects on the horizon for both franchises.

The upcoming SPYxANYA: Operation Memories will be released in the west on June 28. Spy x Family will soon see this release. The game will have the player keeping a photo diary as Anya, wit plenty of minigames and slice-of-life elements to enjoy.

Pokemon Legends: Z-A is set to release sometime in 2025, and Pokemon fan are looking forward to it. Fans are looking forward to a return to the Kalos region and Mega Evolutions returning as a game mechanic, though not much is known about the game just yet.

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