35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Anime fans love cute anime girls with glasses so much that they’ve become their own trope.

Meganekko (glasses girl) are characters that are defined by their glasses. They can be nerds, master planners, shy, or witty – it all comes back to the specs!

People literally just go around and take for granted being able to see everything in 4K.

Glasses may be a real hassle: they go lost and make you look like Velma, they are usually cloudy, and everyone wants to try them on.

However, there are also benefits. For one thing, you appear to be a chic smarty-pants. Girls that wear glasses can also really play it up.

I have some suggestions for the best anime girls who wear glasses if you are seeking for any.

So today we are going to talk about some cute anime girls with glasses i really thing anime girls look cute in glasses so without wasting any time lets get started.

35. Yuki Nagato From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Yuki is one of those people who pretend to need glasses but do not really. But she looks pretty cute in them, so I am going to let it go.

When she was first shown, she seemed like the tough kuudere who would balance out Haruhi’s brainy beehive.

But once the layers started coming off and we saw how amazing the Brigade was, we found out that Yuki was just a human link there to collect data.

I have no idea how the writers took that idea and made her interesting without going the Pinocchio way. But they did well.

34. Saya Takagi From Highschool of the Dead

24 saya takagi highschool of the dead anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I am not surprised that the person with glasses is the smartest person in the group.

Okay, Kohta also has glasses. But he went in a very different way.

Saya is a genius, but it is easy to forget because she has a tough face.

She is just as important to the group as Machinegun Kohta and the Sadistic warrior.

After all, she was the first one to figure out how the “not zombies” knew where they were, which turned out to be a very important fact.

You also have to like her “protect the smile” attitude toward Alice, which is so cute.

33. Kasumi Nomura From Asobi Asobase

20 kasumi nomura asobi asobase anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Nomura seems pretty calm compared to Hanako. But then, so does everyone.

Still, when she loses her temper, it is a lot of fun to watch.

This is because she is usually very cool and calm, but when she gets angry, she can be very cruel and mean.

I do not know about you, but I think she gave the hardest spanking since Hanako started acting tough in the 1980s.

She also gets very angry when a man scares her out of the blue… if it is Maeda, you get extra points.

32. Koyomi Mizuhara From Azumanga Daioh

19 koyomi mizuhara azumanga daioh screenshot 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I thought I knew a fair amount about anime until I saw Koyomi and heard the word “maganekko.” And no, it is not a cat that voted for Trump (it is also spelled meganekko, but I had to make that joke).

In fact, it is a character whose charm and good looks are closely tied to the fact that they wear glasses. If you know more.

Koyomi fits the bill here because she is much older than her friends, which makes her a great difference. And her random bursts of chaos make her a little more interesting.

She may have lost a few years of life because of her marks in school. But I think that is just most people.

31. Yomiko Readman From Read Or Die

18 yomiko readman read or die anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

If you have not noticed already, people who wear glasses are usually very smart.

How do you know so much? Reading reading! And maybe a membership to SkillShare, who knows.

So, what do books consist of? To make a long story short, Yomiko can control paper and fight with it.

Similar to Konan, but not as lovely.

It makes a little more sense for Yomiko to have this power, too, because she loves to read.

She seems to have read hundreds of books and has no plans to stop.

So it makes sense that her eyes got a little blurry.

30. Tamako Arai From Barakamon

17 tamako arai barakamon screenshot 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

The two of them together were really fun to watch. Even more so when they talk to Sei.

Since they were older than most of the group but still younger than Sei, there was a lot of room for pranks.

The thing that made me put Tamako on this list was that she was so into manga.

She is a secret fujoshi, and whenever manga is discussed, she gets angry.

Or, if you know what I mean, she thinks that Sei might go the other way.

Her over the top responses always made people laugh.

And, honestly, her energy when she talks is contagious.

29. Nina Einstein From Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

16 nina einstein code geass hangyaku no lelouch 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I want to put her in this situation just to irritate her.

If you do not know, Nina is a bit racist toward the conquered people on the show.

She also has a great case of Jackal and Hyde going on, since she is both a nice girl who stays in her room and does not draw attention to herself and Oppenheimer in disguise.

I mean, I could not just put people who lived happily ever after and had rainbows and sunshine on this list.

It needed some guts. Nina is a great choice for that part.

28. Shizuku From Hunter x Hunter

15 shizuku hunter x hunter anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I just love the Phantom group. Along with the Akatsuki, they are some of the best bad guys.

Shizuku is a leg of this spider that is both funny and right. I think it is funny because she is using a possessed vacuum as a weapon… like, where do you get that idea?

It is like a samurai, a big strong guy, a fake ninja, and a vacuum cleaner from hell all rolled into one.

I will say that she helps the group have a good time when they are on stage.

And in terms of eye candy, she certainly took some of the weight off of Hisoka.

27. Sheska From Fullmetal Alchemist

14 sheska fullmetal alchemist anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Sheska should do something like talk to people about how to be happy.

I mean, her main point is that she loves to read. She reads wherever, whenever, we are meant to be together…

And this makes it hard for her to do her job well. Because taking care of a customer is more important than reading a new book.

Still, it is clear that all this reading has made her mind go super Saiyan.

She can remember everything she has ever read, which makes her like a live version of the Internet (without all the weird fetish sites).

So use your flaws to your advantage. Or something along those lines.

26. Maiko Oogure From Kill la Kill

13 maiko oogure kill la kill anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

To really show why I like this character, I have to give away a bit of the plot.

The thing is, when self-aware losers are done well in anime, I really like them. Not only does it make people laugh, but it also seems more real.

And boy, Maiko is such a coward that she is ready to use any dirty trick she can to win.

Fake being hurt so you can get a sorrow card?


Be a complete Brutus, but do it in a funny way.

Aim for the soft ones, check.

I do not know if it is just me, but I really liked how she tried to beat Ryuko.

25. Yumi Azusa From Soul Eater

12 yumi azusa soul eater anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Yumi is a lot like Sheska in that she has a great memory and knows a lot about everything.

But she takes things a lot more seriously than Sheska.

She is not even a stick in the mud; she is more like a log in the swamp.

I mean, she never smiles at all. And she thinks less of everyone she works with.

You might be thinking, “If she is like this, why would I put her on this list?”

Well, because it gives the show a nice change of pace.

I can not help but laugh at her deadpan personality and at the ridiculous name “The King of Tattletales.”

24. Tashigi From One Piece

11 tashigi one piece anime screenshot 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I have said more than once that I like people who change things up.

And most of what Tashigi says goes against what we have said here.

Most of the other figures on this list are the only ones she has something in common with.

In her case, though, it is only about katanas.

Aside from that, she is a rowdy sword master who charges straight into battle.

Even when she is badly hurt, she does not give up.

And she hates it more than anything to be looked down on.

So she is not your normal bookworm with glasses, is she?

23. Saya Kisaragi From Blood-C

10 saya kisaragi blood c anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Saya and Tashigi would get along great, for sure. When she tells the truth, that is.

Because Saya is a normal high school girl and a badass fighter, just like your average anime Hannah Montana.

She is also good with a sword, just so you know. Tashigi would like that a lot.

When she is not killing blood-drinking monsters, though, she seems more like the “weak, kind, and smart woman with glasses” stereotype.

22. Kobayashi From Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

07 kobayashi miss kobayashis dragon maid 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Kobayashi is the right main character for this show because I can not imagine anyone else getting a maid who is also a dragon because she got drunk once.

Kobayashi should just have her own show where she gets drunk. But we can talk about that another time.

When she is not drunk, she has a very clear head. Even though dragons are running all around her house.

And she is kind, even though most dragons are not very good at what they do.

As I said at the start, Kobayashi could not have been anyone else. It really does take a certain kind of person to work.

21. Anri Sonohara From Durarara!!

06 anri sonohara durarara anime screenshot 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I was scared for a while that Anri would be a half-baked character.

But the second half of the show really delivered and gave her some great tools to work with.

I do not want to explain what goes on.

But let us just say she becomes a) dangerous and b) important to the story as a whole.

Plus, she is still the same kind, soft-spoken person we grew to love.

From my point of view, it is an A+.

20. Yoko Littner From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

05 yoko littner tengen toppa gurren lagann 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Okay, Yoko does not wear glasses most of the time, that much is true. Except for those shades she has on.

But (spoiler alert) when she becomes a teacher, she is seen wearing a pair (spoiler alert). And they were just right for her.

I do not know why, but one of my favorite figures of all time is teacher Yoko.

The way she talks to the kids is nice, but she is ready to be a badass at any time.

And going from a bikini and sniper to a normal shirt and glasses really showed off this side of her.

19. Nodoka Manabe From K-On!

04 nodoka manabe k on anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I am going to be honest: if you are from K-On, your chances of being on any list I ever make go up automatically.

I also like Nodoka a lot because she is like the mother of the whole school.

Her down-to-earth nature and her far-fetched goals make her kind of inspiring to watch.

And on a more personal note, I can connect to her tendency to always get lost so much that I pray to her every time I have to go to the store.

18. Mey-Rin From Black Butler

03 mey rin black butler anime screenshot 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Mey-Rin has two sides, just like Nina, but only one of them does not break the Geneva agreement.

Most of the time in the show, Mey-Rin is just a clumsy maid girl who looks like she could not hurt a fly.

Then, ironically, we find out that her glasses make it harder for her to see.

She is also a skilled sniper, which is much more important.

You did not expect that, did you?

So, you can understand that as soon as the glasses fell, chaos broke out.

No longer is Sebastian the only badass in the house.

17. Nemuri Kayama From Boku no Hero Academia

02 nemuri kayama boku no hero academia anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

I like when a show makes it clear what a character stands for. With miss Midnight, they did not beat around the bush at all.

Okay, maybe there was some hitting. But not the same kind.

She looks like a femme fatale with her hero costume that makes her look like a dominatrix, her seduction skills, her honest personality, and her great body.

She even fights with a whip. Like they did everything they could for her.

And that is what I love about her: she is direct and knows herself.

Plus, she is not just a piece of meat when it comes to fighting.

16. Ursula Callistis From Little Witch Academia

01 ursula callistis little witch academia anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Ursula reminds me of All Might, but it is calmer and more real.

This is because all she wants to do is make people happy, and she sees power as a way to do that.

And, just like All Might, many people look to her when they need help.

But that is when you have to be realistic: not everyone is going to smile all the time. It is just the way things are.

Ursula finally got in trouble for this, so she quit being an idol and became a teacher.

Ursula’s fall from glory was much more human than All Might’s.

Which is how writers should always try to make their readers feel.

15. Sinon From Sword Art Online

Sinon (Sword Art Online) cute anime girls

You have to like your gamer girls, right?

In the virtual world, Shino does not wear glasses. But in real life, she does.

So it matters!

She is as calm as a cucumber, which is what you would expect from an A-class shooter.

She always has a clear head and knows what to do.

Okay, Kirito managed to make her mad almost all the time; he is so powerful that it has now reached the human mind.

Her past was not all sunshine and roses, that is for sure. But she keeps going, so let us give her credit where credit is due.

14. Tsubasa Hanekawa From Bakemonogatari

08 tsubasa hanekawa bakemonogatari anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Tsubasa Hanekawa another cute anime girls. She is Koyomi Araragi’s classmate, close friend, and a class representative in Naoetsu Private High School.

She is known at school as an overachiever and model student who is admired by many.

However, hidden by her achievements in school and her kind personality is a tense family life caused by unfortunate circumstances.

13. Mari Illustrious Makinami From Rebuild of Evangelion

Mari Illustrious Makinami (Rebuild of Evangelion)

Mari Makinami Illustrious is an Eva pilot and third party operative introduced in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.

She is a cute anime girls and stylized brunette with glasses and “twin tails”.

12. Tamae Honami From Chibi Maruko-chan

Tamae Honami From Chibi Maruko chan 1 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Tamae Honami is a female character and best friend of Maruko from the Japanese manga and anime series ‘Chibi Maruko Chan’.

She is always referred-to as ‘Tama-chan’ by Maruko.

11. Kiyoko Shimizu From Haikyuu!!

Kiyoko Shimizu (Haikyuu!!)

Kiyoko Shimizu was previously a manager of the Karasuno High volleyball club.

As of November 2018, she married Tanaka and has changed her name to Kiyoko Tanaka.

She currently works as a Sports Store Employee.

Kiyoko is a girl of average height with shoulder length black hair and grey eyes.

She has a distinct mole on the lower left side of her chin and she wears glasses with pink rims and bridge.

10. Mirai Kuriyama From Beyond the Boundary

23 mirai kuriyama kyoukai no kanata anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

She is such a brat. I can not take how cute it is.

You see, there is a job in her world called “Spirit World Warrior.” Their job is to look for Youmu. And that is how they usually make money.

But Kuriyama, being the fluffy thing that she is, does not even want to meet Youmu, let alone fight them.

What is the meaning of that?

Wooo, financial uncertainty is the biggest enemy of all.

I also like how she wears her feelings on her sleeve. She could not tell a lie if it cost her life.

Accept how weird you are, because we love you for it.

9. Koharu Nanakura From Aikatsu Stars!

Koharu Nanakura (Aikatsu Stars!)

Koharu Nanakura is a main character of the Aikatsu Stars! series.

She is a student at Four Star Academy, an admin of the Moon Beauty Class and student council president.

She was formerly a student of Venus Ark, but has since graduated.

8. Shibata Mizuki From The Irregular at Magic High School

Shibata Mizuki From The Irregular at Magic High School 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Shibata Mizuki (柴田 美月) is a student of First High School, a Year 3 Magic Engineering student during her second year, and a Course 2 student during her first year, like Tatsuya.

She meets Tatsuya on the first day where he infers that he should be wary of her “eyes”.

Later, they become friends after hanging out in the same friend circle and class together.

7. Asuka Tanaka From Sound! Euphonium

Asuka Tanaka (Sound! Euphonium)

Asuka Tanaka is a character in the Hibike! Euphonium series.

She is a third-year student, the Kitauji concert band’s vice president, and the bass section leader in the main series.

She plays the euphonium.

6. Ichika Takatsuki From Waiting in the Summer

Ichika Takatsuki (Waiting in the Summer)

Ichika Takatsuki is the main female protagonist of the series.

She is a foreign student who suddenly transferred to Kaito Kirishima’s high school.

The truth is she is an alien who come to Earth to find her dream land.

She acts to save Kaito from the injuries he sustains when her ship crash-lands.

5. Sarutobi Ayame From Gintama

Sarutobi Ayame (Gintama)

Sarutobi Ayame mostly referred to as Sa-chan, is a ninja from the Oniwabanshuu by training, but is currently working as an assassin.

She also has a part-time job at the Kunoichi Café.

4. Arale Norimaki From Dr. Slump

Arale Norimaki (Dr. Slump)

Arale Norimaki is the main protagonist of the Dr. Slump series.

She is an android built by Senbei Norimaki, known for her innocent, energetic personality, lack of common sense and unbelievably superhuman strength.

3. Miyuki Takara From Lucky Star

09 miyuki takara lucky star anime 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Miyuki Takara (also called Yuki-chan or Miyuki-san) is one of the main characters in Lucky Star.

Now we are back in the world of reading and being kind.

Miyuki is a cute little bookworm who loves to read. And everything else.

She really is so sweet and quiet that you can not help but fall in love with her.

She often gets lost in her own thoughts and falls asleep when nothing important is going on. But that makes her even more cute.

Honestly, she could kill a baby seal and I would still think she was cute… The art style is too clean and the eyes are too big to ignore.

2. Homura Akemi From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Homura is the child Naofumi Iwatani would have with the most dandere person in the world.

This is because she is presented as a support character, which means she has fewer points in offense and more in defense.

But she soon learns how to use her skills to hurt people, just like her hypothetical father did. And soon she could stand on her own.

She is also such a shy little kid that I really want to pinch her face or something.

1. Sae From Hidamari Sketch

Sae From Hidamari Sketch 35 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses

Sae (沙英) is an upperclassman (later graduate) of Yamabuki High School, the tenant of Hidamari Apartments Room 102, and one of the series’s original four cast members.

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