18 Best Anime Gunslingers & Gunmen Characters

Gunslinger genre is might you guys think more of a foreign kind of thing, but I must tell you they are trendy in anime and manga series. So, I have prepared the top list of anime gunslinger and gunman character.

Anime got some interesting genres and they also give the concept of a Gunslinger feels newer and at home like western production, anime has produced more than few gunmen who standout imagine how can we shoot the hat off from someone’s head.

Despite this, in real life, it is very dangerous and deadly when it comes to gunmen. It’s my personal opinion on the character I have selected here for you and I want you guys to enjoy the list I prepared for you.

18. Mista From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Mista From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Perfect character for my list he is not at all like a portion of the other marksmen on this rundown, Mista gets some assistance with his sharpshooting.  He is a member of the Passione gang

Mista can hit any objective, anyplace. More than once, it appeared as though his rivals cornered him and were set up to complete with him. That is until Mista shoots a couple of all-around calculated shots that rescue the projectiles once again from no place!

17. Watari From Death Note

Watari From Death Note

An old man by everyone hunch he really got some guts and strength behind his mask much like Alfred is to Batman.

Watari is cool and quiet enduring, and during the vehicle pursue against Higuchi, Watari exhibited some striking ability with a rifle.

While onboard a moving helicopter, Watari shot a tire in Higuchi’s vehicle to back it off, at that point shot a gun out of Higuchi’s hand without murdering him. That requires a consistent hand without a doubt.

16. Kota Hirano From High School Of The Dead

Kota Hirano From High School Of The Dead

This rundown really got me through some amazing sharpshooter and this one is a high schooler Kota Hirano. He doesn’t do much with guns, yet with a pleasant rifle, he can bring down zombies with his aptitude.

He even ad-libs a rifle in his secondary school once the zombies ascend, and with it, he takes out any undead walker in his manner with absolutely pointed nail-projectiles.

Afterward, he’s excited to get his hands-on real guns, and with them, he saves his companions’ lives many occasions over. He’s likewise very knowledgeable about guns, and once rehearsed at a shooting range in the United States during a visit there.

15. Daisuke Jigen From Lupin III

Daisuke Jigen From Lupin III

Daisuke Jigen is a companion who here and there gets some time in the focal point of the audience.

He’s not generally a devoted rifleman like Hawkeye, but rather once this irritable, bearded man focuses, somebody is certainly going to drop.

He favors guns and different guns and keeping in mind that he’s not murderous or a hooligan, he’s brisk to take out those weapons on the off chance that somebody is compromising him or the Lupin posse. Jigen’s unbelievable point got him and Lupin out of more than one difficult situation previously.

14. Shino Asada From Sword Art Online

Shino Asada From Sword Art Online

Shino Asada resembles you like a typical trembled classmate of yours, all things considered, however inside the game, she’s a boss.

At the point when Shino becomes Sinon, she turns into some different person who has no fear. With her light blue hair and military coat, she should be the cutest gunslinger in anime I have ever seen so far.

I truly love her back story as much as her character since she needed to recuperate from her injury of utilizing a weapon. I see her fortitude and commitment. So, whenever I see her with her pistol and sniper, she amazes me.

13. Angelo Lagusa From 91 Days

Angelo Lagusa From 91 Days

Angelo also has the same trauma effect as Shino.

However, while Sinon decided to play a game to manage her injury, Angelo made it his life’s central goal to seek revenge on the individuals who murdered his younger sibling and his parents.

Accordingly, to his nature it was clearly showed that he lost the delight he had as a child.

Presently with his abilities and other qualities, Angelo is prepared to kill any individual who disrupts the general flow. He just has an M1911 gun and a blade, yet that is all he requires to be an terrifying adversary.

12. Coyote Starrk From Bleach

Coyote Starrk From Bleach

Coyote Starrk isn’t your conventional shooter. As the most elevated positioning Espada, you would prefer not to meddle with him, he’s bound to rest and laze around than be a genuine leader.

However, when he should be in the war zone, Coyote Starrk will release his scientific ability to locate the best tactic to use against his foes.

An entire gang can take him on simultaneously. Be that as it may, he can precisely discharge his guns, releasing Ceros with apparently no end.

11. Re-L Mayer From Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer From Ergo Proxy

I love the character art of numerous gunmen on my rundown; however, Re-L MAYER remains remarkably cool and excellent. From her blue eyeshadow to her dark hair.

She got herself in deep so much when it come to cover her secret from others, thus she will break any law at that point of time.

However, she’s not an emotionless, stickler gunman all through the series. Re-L Mayer in the long run turns out to be more receptive and sympathetic, towards a couple of people.

10. Death the Kid From Soul Eater

Death the Kid From Soul Eater

He is an adorable small kid on my rundown. On the funny side Death the Kid satisfies his name when equipped with his devil twin weapons.

Even though the anime finished before arriving at the point in the manga when Kid turns into a genuine god, the child of Death is as yet the most grounded student at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Regarding unadulterated force, Death the Kid is fundamentally unrivaled, as he joins destructive accuracy, combative techniques, and dangerous moves to regularly overpower adversaries.

9. Kino From Kino’s Journey

Kino From Kino’s Journey

Kino proceeds with the trend of gunfighters who don’t draw out their weapon out without valid point.

Generally, the youngster knew as Kino to the far corners of the planet on his cognizant cruiser, keener on investigating different small countries than battling anybody.

But Kino ends up on a battlefield as Rome old, and his phenomenal point permits him to overturn enemies commonly his size.

He even kills a pitiless ruler during the battle with a marvelous shot, and this tosses the country into chaos before he discreetly sneaks away on that cruiser.

8. Revy From Black Lagoon

Revy From Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is marginally more grounded contrasted with something like Soul Eater or Gurren Lagann, with the characters all being typical people.

Setting aside a little small bunch of characters like Roberta, Revy almost consistently appears as though she is playing on an entirely distinctive level contrasted with the remainder of the anime’s vivid program.

As Lagoon Company’s occupant force to be reckoned with, Revy is so unfathomable with a firearm that she can take on many experienced abundance trackers gracefully, something that in a real sense occurs during Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage. If she was not all that hot-headed and hasty, Revy would be practically unparalleled.

7. Yoko Littner From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

In my rundown it is not possible to indeed put any female slinger and maybe she is the most acclaimed female gunman in anime, Yoko Littner is without a doubt a symbol.

Be it her provocative plan or charming character, Yoko is the kind of character that will never be failed to remember.

Yoko is agreeable, splendidly composed, and magnificent with a rifle.

Regardless of showing up in an anime that rotated around battles, Yoko more than stood her ground with simply a rifle, and she had the right to invest more energy guiding a Gunmen.

6. Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate/stay night

Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate/stay night

Kiritsugu Emiya may resemble his spirit that previously left his body years back – as though he’s simply experiencing existence with minimal measure of the energy required.

I’m appreciative of the widely praised Fate/Zero, which gave Kiritsugu his much-merited spotlight. Likewise, I love that he’s a weapon hauling enemy of magi.

Every other person adheres to their legendary enchantment and fantastical abilities, yet Kiritsugu benefited from present-day innovation.

5. Brandon Heat/Beyond the Grave From Gungrave

Brandon Heat/Beyond the Grave From Gungrave

Of courses this list is incomplete without MC of GunGrave. Beyond the Grave realised his power to kill anyone and this nature incidentally turned out to be furnished with two handguns and two much greater reinforcement firearms.

Life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to and as Gungrave eventually shows it not possible to be on the same with other. People rise and fall, and love and betrayal are always around and on the side.

4. Riza Hawkeye From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Riza Hawkeye From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lieutenant Riz Hawkeye isn’t a chemist like other character. However, she’s an extremely valuable warrior all things considered.

As the name recommends, she has executioner point and can put her line of sight on any objective, regardless of how far or quick it very well might be.

She gives priceless reinforcement to Roy and the others, and Riza isn’t hesitant to go head-to-head with homunculi, by the same token.

Her character design shows a slightly muscular build, and her usually serious expression makes you think that she’s always a step ahead. Additionally, she figured out how to make a complete enthusiastic separation during the battle, permitting her to pull the trigger decisively.

3. Alucard From Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard From Hellsing Ultimate

Joyously perverted yet fit for passing human feelings, Alucard is a living weapon even he has nothing in his hand on the side of the that he can kill his foe.

By and large, respected to be the most remarkable vampire in Hellsing Ultimate. Alucard probably won’t require firearms, yet he sure loves to use them.

Outfitted with two-mark self-loader handguns, Alucard’s vampiric capacities award him the tactile accuracy to consistently pinpoint the objective and the actual abilities to never miss.

2. Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

When it come to my favourite, I don’t have single option but I have a lot of option and he is one of them. Combining his tall, lean appearance Mr. Spiegel can focus with his gun, participate in hand-to-hand fighting, and recuperate from almost any injury.

He’s likewise a serious prankster, particularly in the club, and he may bet you dry! He’s an adorable maverick as far as possible.

Spike Spiegel isn’t to be belittled. Indeed, he’s an adaptable and inventive man who cannot pull off a wide range of ethically tricks, much like Lupin III. No doubt that he is a good man.

1. Vash the Stampede From Trigun

Vash the Stampede From Trigun 1 1 18 Best Anime Gunslingers & Gunmen Characters

Vash the Stampede doesn’t look anything like the master marksman he is. Truth be told, Vash is a superhuman, designed being, however, he does little to display that reality, in contrast to a portion of his foes.

Or maybe, he’d preferably venture his Wild West earth in harmony. Vash has an exacting principle to not murder anybody, no matter how and what he wants but he keeps facing betrayal and loss.

In any case, on the off chance that they jump on his off-base side, they can hope to get a couple of forcefully positioned slugs very soon!

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