23 Anime Schools to Fall in Love with School Life

Who wants to go actual school, when you have these awesome anime schools that every anime fan love.

I personally love Japanese schooling and these schools we get to see in anime I really wish to attend classes, Walk in the halls of these High Schools, and join various Clubs and enjoy events and these anime schools activities.

So, Today I am going to share with you 22 anime schools that you will love to attend so without wasting any more time here are top 22 anime schools that you wish to attend.

23. Midgard From Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

Midgard From Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

Midgard is a small remote island several kilometers in diameter located far south of Japan and the main setting of the Unlimited Fafnir series, housing an educational institute for Ds.

This anime schools primarily features a girls’ uniform with a monochrome color pattern, which consists of a sleeveless, button-down shirt, a black ribbon on the collar, a white shoulder cape, a black button-down corset and a black skirt with white frills.

This anime schools began to also feature a boys’ uniform ever since Yuu’s enrollment, which consists of a black blazer with white accents over a black, long-sleeved button-down shirt, a white tie and matching black pants.

22. Hoshinoumi Academy From Charlotte

Hoshinoumi Academy from Charlotte

Hoshinoumi Academy has a mission to gather all adolescent who obtain special ability before the scientist find them. As Nao Tomori stated, an individual Shunsuke Otosaka created this anime schools to protect they who obtain special ability and those who have potential to have it, in order to prevent the scientists from using them as lab experiments.

The student council was given authorization to carry out the mission statement, in both Hoshinoumi and nearby anime schools. This is to prevent cases like Nao’s brother, Kazuki Tomori, from happening again.

It is hinted that the academy is the safest place for anyone who obtain special ability.

21. The High School from Sakamoto desu ga?

The High School from Sakamoto desu ga?

I’m Sakamoto, You Know? is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nami Sano. The manga follows a high school student named Sakamoto, who has a reputation for being the “coolest” person among the entire student body.

The series has been licensed for an English release by Seven Seas Entertainment. A television anime adaptation was announced and aired on April 8, 2016.

The story is centered around the incredibly cool and popular Sakamoto, a genius who is well liked by girls and disliked by boys. Despite the strange situations he may be in, Sakamoto always manages to fix the problem in absolute perfection while still being over the top.

20. Hachimitsu Private Academy From Prison School

Hachimitsu Private Academy from Prison School

Hachimitsu Academy is a private girls academy & fictional well-known strict girls high school that functions as the main setting of Prison School.

The Hachimitsu Academy girls’ uniforms consist of a camel blazer over a white, long-sleeved plain button-down shirt, a red lace cravat on the collar, a red plaid school skirt, and black dress loafers.

Some girls wear a cream jumper over the shirt in the place of the school blazer. A few girls wear the uniform without a cravat however. The female sports uniform comprises a white shirt and dark shorts.

19. Shibasaki High School From Demi-chan wa Kataritai 

Shibasaki High School from Demi-chan wa Kataritai

High school biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi may look like your average everyday instructor, but beneath his gentle appearance lies something less ordinary: his fascination for the “Ajin,” more commonly known as “Demi.”

Although these half-human, half-monster beings have integrated into human society, Takahashi believes that much about them will remain unknown unless he interacts with them firsthand.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai follows Takahashi’s daily life in Shibasaki High School together with his three Demi students—Hikari Takanashi, an energetic vampire; Kyouko Machi, a gentle dullahan; and Yuki Kusakabe, the shy snow woman. Along the way, Takahashi also meets fellow teacher Sakie Satou, a succubus with an aversion towards men.

To fulfill his goal of learning more about the Demi, Takahashi decides to conduct casual interviews with the girls to learn more about their abilities, psyche, and interaction with human society. As Takahashi strengthens his bond with his students, he soon discovers that the Demi are not as unusual as he initially believed.

18. Death Weapon Meister Academy From Soul Eater

Death Weapon Meister Academy from Soul Eater

Death Weapon Meister Academy is an anime schools founded by Death to train meisters and demon weapons, maintain world order, and prevent the uprising of another Kishin.

At first glance, the Academy can be said to have a rather eccentric appearance, looking a bit like a large funhouse rather than an anime schools.

Standing on a large platform which can be accessed by a long line of white steps, the anime schools is comprised of a collection of large black towers and spires patterned with white lines and the occasional Shinigami mask. The roofs of the towers are conical and bright red in colour.

17. Cross Academy From Vampire Knight

Cross Academy from Vampire Knight

The fact that vampires are attending the Academy is a complete secret from the Day Class humans. They are not to know the existence of vampires, and if they do find out, their memories are erased on the spot.

The existence of the vampires must be kept a secret, in Kaien Cross’s mind, else humans would be too frightened to be near the Academy and animosity that would arise. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians in charge of protecting this secret.

The duty of the Guardians is to make sure the Night Class doesn’t cause any trouble for the Day Class students and vice versa, and perform duties as the Headmaster requires of them.

16. Fumizuki High School From Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Fumizuki High School from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Fumizuki Academy isn’t a typical Japanese high school. This unique institution has implemented a new and innovative system to sort its students. At the end of their freshman year, students take a test that divides up the student body.

Four years ago, Fumizuki Academy adopted an examination system where the scores are not limited to 100. With this system, students could answer as many questions as they could within the time limit of an hour.

A student would then have no limit to how high they could score, the limit instead being the student’s own intelligence.

15. Yōkai Academy From Rosario to Vampire

Yōkai Academy from Rosario to Vampire

Yōkai Academy is an anime schools that is built by the Three Dark Lords for monsters. Humans are forbidden on the campus.

Like a human school, Yōkai Academy teaches academic subjects, such as literature, foreign language, mathematics, art, gym and cooking.

In addition, Yōkai Academy teaches monsters how to blend in with human society and learn to live in peace with them.

Formerly led by Tenmei Mikogami (one of the Three Dark Lords), Nurari, the bus driver is in charge of the anime schools until Tsukune Aono, who is the successor of Mikogami in becoming the future Headmaster in training after Mikogami sacrifices his life to end Alucard.

14. Tokyo Butei High School From Hidan no Aria

Tokyo Butei High School from Hidan no Aria

This Anime Schools  is the central high school background the Hidan no Aria series. It is one of the many specialized educational institutions in Japan, and connecting to a network of Butei Schools around the world.

Tokyo Butei High School is located on a man-made island just south of the Rainbow Bridge, with a land area of two kilometres from the north to the south and 500 meters from the east to the west.

The Universal Educational Facility, called “Academy Island” by some, where the “Butei” are brought up, is located within this island.

13. Tokisadame High School From Nichijou

Tokisadame High School From Nichijou

This is the Anime schools where most of the main characters attend, and a workplace for Izumi Sakurai, Manabu Takasaki, and Kana Nakamura. The headmaster is Principal Shinonome.

It is based off Isesaki Commercial High School in the Gunma prefecture, being the high school that Keiichi Arawi (Nichijou’s creator) attended.

12. Holy Forest School From Great Teacher Onizuka 

Holy Forest School From Great Teacher Onizuka

The Holy Forest Academy is the anime schools that the GTO series mainly takes place in. It is a private Anime schools widely being regard as star college.

However, it has become an example of Japan’s corrupted education system and one of its victims. While its teachers’ own teaching attitudes and conducts are highly questionable.

Students, especially from Class 3-4, involved and suffer from different social problems such as lack of ethnics, bullying, sexual harassment.

Even more horrible incident such as gangs, violence and worst, suicide. A new teacher, Eikichi Onizuka becomed determined to tackle these problem in his own ways.

11. Academy City From A certain Magical Series

Academy City from A certain Magical Series

As the city’s name suggests, it is a city of several anime schools and institutions of higher learning from kindergarten to university level that learn side-by-side along with the scientists who research on psychic powers and higher technology, the latter being one of the primary reasons for its establishment.

It is the most advanced city in the world and its technology is said to be 30 years ahead of the world. Academy City is composed of 23 districts, called School Districts which are simply numbered from one to twenty-three and each of these districts have a specific purpose

10. Ouran High School From Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School from Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran Academy is an elite upper anime schools catering to the ultra-rich. Haruhi Fujioka is a middle-class scholarship student, a rarity at the anime schools.

While searching for a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon an unused music room which turns out to be the club room for the Ouran Host Club — a group of idle rich boys, possessing exceptional good-looks, who entertain female clients.

After accidentally knocking over a priceless Rennaissance vase that’s worth far more than Haruhi can possibly repay (¥8 million), she is forced to join the Host Club as an “errand boy” to work off her debt.

9. True Cross Academy From Blue Exorcist

True Cross Academy from Blue Exorcist

The True Cross Academy is a place where students are trained to become Exorcists. It is controlled by the True Cross Order, and Mephisto Pheles is the Chairman.

True Cross Academy lies within True Cross Campus Town in Tokyo. It works as a normal school, but also contains a “cram anime schools” for Exorcists.

The cram anime schools offers a range of different courses, and is only accessible with a magical key.

8. National Magic University First Affiliate High School From Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

National Magic University First Affiliate High School

The National Magic University was founded at the old Nerima Garrison. On the surface, the land was empty after the expansion of the Asaka Garrison absorbed by the Nerima Garrison.

However, hence the approval for construction of the University played a part in combining the Nerima and Asaka Garrisons.

In the modern age, Magicians were required to marry early. This was especially the case for female Magicians so that they could marry quickly and bear children. It wasn’t strange for female students to suddenly drop out to raise children.

7. Kunugigaoka Middle School From Assassination Classroom

Kunugigaoka Middle School from Assassination Classroom

Kunugigaoka Magic Academy is a magic academy school where students attend to learn magic. The anime schools represents the same anime schools form the original manga Kunugigaoka Junior High.

Kunugigaoka Magic Academy haves a very similar system to the original manga, with the “Class E” which are students that have bugs – making them weaker than other heroes.

The E Class was served to train does students who are weak at fighting and using magic.

6. Totsuki Culinary Academy From Food Wars 

Totsuki Culinary Academy From Food Wars

Tōtsuki boasts the best and harshest culinary education in the world. The academy is the main setting of Shokugeki no Soma, where the main protagonist, Sōma Yukihira, embarks on his journey to become the best chef in the world.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy is an illustrious cooking academy that is well known in the culinary industry. Due to the caliber and notoriety of the anime schools, nearly all aspiring junior chefs seek to attend the anime schools in order to become high world class chefs.

Given that the academy has been around for over 90 years, it is highly likely that it was founded by Senzaemon Nakiri’s grandfather.

5. Seirin High School From Kuroko’s Basketball

Seirin High School From Kuroko’s Basketball 1 1 23 Anime Schools to Fall in Love with School Life

Seirin High is noted for having an exceptional high-leveled run-and-gun style. Their offensive firepower is considered one of the best in the region.

Their main line-up is composed of the rookie-duo Kuroko and Kagami, “Iron Heart” Kiyoshi, the clutch shooter Hyūga and the control tower Izuki.

Quite unusually, the team’s coach is a high schooler, daughter of sports trainer, Riko Aida. Her s*x and age has caused some to think that she is a manager. The club’s captain is Junpei Hyūga.

4. Otonokizaka High School From Love Live!

Otonokizaka High School From Love Live!

Otonokizaka is an anime schools located between Tokyo’s Akihabara, Kanda, and Jinbouchou neighborhoods.

A traditional anime schools with a long history dating back to 1896, it used to be the top school in the neighborhood with an eminent name, so well-known that even other prefectures were aware of it.

However, it has not adapted well to the changes of time, and gradually lost its students to emerging private anime schools in the area.

Coupled with the falling birth rates, the student population decreased to the point where rumors spread that the anime schools was facing risk of abolishment.

3. Karasuno High School From Haikyuu!

Karasuno High School From Haikyuu! anime schools

Karasuno has participated in the Spring High tournament nine times and this time is their first appearance in five years. Karasuno High is based on Karumai Highschool in the Iwate prefecture.

Karasuno was initially named “Hiashi”. Karasuno is seen mainly using the volleyball brand “Molten” for their volleyballs.

Each grade has five classes, with classes 4 and 5 being college preparatory classes. Periods are 50 minutes long, with a 10-minute break in between.

Subjects taught include English, modern Japanese literature, math, and physical education. After graduation, students generally either continue on to higher education or work.

2. Luna Nova Magical Academy From Little Witch Academia

Luna Nova Magical Academy from Little Witch Academia anime schools

Luna Nova’s Symbol The Luna Nova Magical Academy is a renowned school dedicated to teaching young witches the art of magic.

Initially, only witches from magical families were admitted, but due to economic difficulties, it was decided to also allow the entrance to witches without magical inheritance.

In addition to dormitories and classrooms, the campus features sands for sports and flying broom practices, a clock tower, a large lake, a botanical garden, a courtyard, a library, a cafeteria, an auditorium, an observation tower, an aviary, and a pet graveyard.

There is also the entrance to the Fountain of Polaris, inside the north building.

1. U. A. High From Boku no Hero Academia

U. A. High from Boku no Hero Academia anime schools

U.A. is the #1 ranked high school for heroics and is considered as the top Hero Academy in Japan.

Students are separated based on their abilities into specific Departments and Classes – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K.

At the entrance, there is a security wall nicknamed the “U.A. Barrier” that automatically closes if a person does not have a Student ID Card or Special Entry Permission ID.

Many precautions have been made to keep members of the press and Villains out.

Hope you like this list of awesome anime schools comment below which anime schools you love to attend and share this list with your friends and bookmark MOW.

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