32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

One of the most famous types of supernatural characters in anime are the sucubus. Because there are so many different ways to make characters in this genre, there are no set rules for making succubus.

They can be attractive and dangerous, or strong and protecting.

In anime, these magical beings are usually shown as women. But what do people who watch and like anime want?

They want more adult anime and succubus in particular.

These people have unique looks and traits that make them easy to remember.

Fans will always remember these characters for their unique personalities and supernatural powers, whether they are heroes, villains, or something in between.

So let’s dive in and find out what anime succubi are all about!

32. Raim From Mairimashita Iruma-Kun

Raim 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Raim is a high school teacher who is also a succubus. She offers a class called “Intro to Seduction.” Her breasts are big, and her Eros Level is 2%.

In the comics, she and Valac Clara work together. This figure is a great example of a female succubus and should get more attention.

Just make sure to read the book to find out everything about her. It’s a great book to read if you like anime.

Because Raim is a succubus, he might be the person who acts the most s*xually bold. She’s very happy being a teacher and giving her students the tools they need to be bold.

Still, her understudy’s lack of provocativeness can easily catch her off guard. This is shown by the fact that Clara, one of her students, only had a 2% hotness.

Raim was so shocked by this that she focused most of her experience on Clara to help her get to the next level.

31. Yume Eguchi From Strike The Blood

Yume 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Yume is the body of Lilith, the most stable succubus in the world. The agonizing pain Yume felt because of her brain control spell made her realize that her reality would always cause problems and trouble for other people.

She couldn’t kill herself as a first step because Lilith would look for another acceptable vessel, and that person would also have to suffer.

So, she decided to help Taishikyoku handle the Leviathan, which was the most powerful living weapon from the time of the divine beings.

As the being with the strongest mind-control magic, she wanted to trick them into thinking that was her real goal.

Her real goal was to die inside Leviathan, which can turn anything into nothing and will kill her and Lilith.

30. Natsume Sakasaki From Ensemble Stars

Natsume Sakasaki 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Natsume’s story is a great example of a vampire-like creature called a succubus who is also very human.

He really cares about people and often offers to help them when they are in trouble. But he can be a little rash and act strangely when he doesn’t feel good.

Natsume has slowly become more open in the second year of the show, which has made her more likeable.

Natsume is more in control of her feelings now that she is in her second year. She cares more about the lives of other people than about her own.

She is also one of the best succubus anime characters ever made. In the “Ensemble Stars!” games of the time, she was the main character.

Natsume made her first showing in the “Ensemble Stars” game series, but she has also been in a lot of anime and manga.

29. Elerelle From Mako Hunter

Elerelle Mako Hunter 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

If you’ve seen any anime, you’ve probably seen the main character of Elerelle Mako Hunter. She is a sorceress who works in a house.

Mako Hunter has a character named Elerelle. People have written down that they are female adults with red eyes and purple hair that goes to their waists.

Elerelle is a succubus, and she has a very beautiful body. She also has bat wings, which make her even more scary and attractive.

Her outfit is also very suggestive because it shows off all of her curves. Her hair is also beautiful and cared for.

28. Akeno Himejima From High School DxD

firi12 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Akeno is a beautiful young woman with long, dark hair and green eyes that make her look very appealing.

Her hair is usually braided in a long braid that goes all the way down to her legs. Two strands stick out from the top and angle backward, and an orange lace holds it all in place.

She is first seen as a very beautiful and gentle woman, like “Yamato Nadeshiko,” the name of the best Japanese woman.

Anyway, despite living in a quiet place, a fight shows that she is very wicked. She kills her enemies fast and without hesitating or feeling bad about it.

Keeping up her rich, smirking image after a foe’s death and making a statement of happiness and desire after telling them how bad it was for them.

27. Carrera From Viper GTS

Carrera 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Carrera is one of the most famous anime characters who is a succubus. People know her for having big breasts and a curvy body. She is a fun figure to watch and gives a lot of enjoyment.

Her character is also one of the most appealing succubuses in anime because she doesn’t act embarrassed or ashamed when she’s around guys.

She is honest about what she wants and is not afraid to go after it.

26. Alma Elma From Monster Girl Quest!

Alma Elma From Monster Girl Quest!

Alma Elma is one of the Four Heavenly Knights, which are the four most powerful succubus in the story.

Alma Elma’s mother hated her because she was born with so much power, so she did everything she could to stop Alma Elma from using it. Alma Elma is good at both martial arts and fighting with her bare hands.

People remember her for her racy clothes, her angry face, and her beautiful blue eyes. Fans like her because she is a strong and dangerous monster who isn’t afraid to show how weak she can be.

25. Mercelida Ygvar From Astarotte’s Toy!

Mercelida Ygvar From Astarottes Toy 1 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

The mother of Lotte and Asuha. Mercelída is extremely promiscuous, even for a succubus anime characters. She once slept with a man from her harem while Lotte (who was 5 then), was in bed with her.

In the anime, Mercelida is a maid who works for the main character, Lotte. Later in the show, it was revealed that she was a succubus.

She is a good worker who works hard and cares about Lotte’s well-being. She had also told one of Lotte’s friends, a young guy named Naoya, about how she felt about him.

Even though she is a succubus, the show did not show her in a stereotypical way.

In the show, she is shown to be a very nice and hardworking person.

24. Shamusheru From Kyonyuu Fantasy

Shamusheru From Kyonyuu Fantasy 1 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

She is a succubus anime characters that lives by sucking life force from humans.

However, after she met Ryuuto, she helps him with an exchange of giving her life force as Ryuuto seems to have infinite life force unlike other humans.

23. Astarotte Yvgar from Astarotte no Omocha!

Astarotte Yvgar from Astarotte no Omocha!

Astarotte Ygvar, also known as Lotte, is a succubus and the main character of the anime and manga series “Astarotte no Omocha!” (Astarotte’s Toy).

Lotte is a young succubus princess who lives in a world where male humans and male succubi are needed for survival.

On the other hand, Lotte doesn’t like guys and is determined not to make a harem.Lotte wears a pink dress with frills.

Her pink hair is long, and her eyes are purple. At first, she is shown to be cold and distant, but as the series goes on, she starts to warm up and get closer to the people around her.

Even though Lotte is a succubus, she isn’t very good at wooing or fighting. She would rather read books and learn about other people’s lives.

Throughout the series, Lotte struggles with her feelings for men and her job as a succubus. In the end, she learns to accept and enjoy who she really is.Lotte is a fun and interesting character in “Astarotte no Omocha!”

Her battles with who she is and with her relationships add depth and complexity to the story.

22. Twiska from Brandish

Twiska from Brandish 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Twiska is the demon princess and a succubus in the anime series “Brandish.” She is known for her beauty and the way she uses her charm to get what she wants.

She is one of the most well-known anime characters who is a succubus. Even though Twiska doesn’t have a s*xual partner, she has values that keep her from taking advantage of people.

She likes guys who are already in relationships, and she won’t try to force herself on anyone.

Twiska is a succubus who stands out because she is very different from the others. She doesn’t like it when people kidnap girls and turn them into whores. This makes her different from the other succubi.

21. Succubus from Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk

Succubus from Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk

succubus anime characters, a demon that resides in the tower. She disguised herself as the goddess Ishtar and guarded the Blue Crystal Rod to prevent Gil from being able to defeat Druaga.

However, when Gil encountered her, after a debate, she relinquished the Blue Crystal Rod.

succubus anime characters appears as a optional boss in Tales of Destiny, where she is called False Ishtar and Fake Ishtar. She also appears in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon.

20. Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD

Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD 1 1 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

The manga Highschool DxD has a character named Rias Gremory. She was chosen as one of the best young women in the show, and rightly so.

She’s pretty, strong, and true. Rias is also the hero Issei Hyodo’s main ex-girlfriend. She trusts him completely, and it’s clear that they care about each other.

She is the head of the Occult Research Club at Kuoh Academy, and she is very close to the main character, Issei Hyoudou.

Rias is very loyal and protective of the people she loves, and she will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means giving up her own life.

19. Shinjin Succubus from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 

Shinjin Succubus from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

The youngest employee at the Succubus Shop. While on duty at the succubus store, Lolisa will wear a highly erotic and risque lingerie-esque outfit just like her more developed peers.

When not on duty Lolisa will usually wear a plain green and white one-piece dress.

Whenever she accompanies Dust on an adventure she tends to wear a witch’s hat and a long dark cape in addition to her dress; she also carries a mage’s staff.

18. Len From Type-Moon

Len From Type Moon 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Len is one of the characters in the anime Tsukihime. He is like Arcueid in that he can be seen as the “true” form of Ciel.

This is why their voices are done by the same person, or seiyuu. He also changes into a white cat, which is briefly described in chapter two of All-Around Type-Moon.

He has a male attitude, which is unusual for a succubus. In the manga series Tsukihime, he and Shiki Ryougi become close because of this unique thing about him.

17. Mayu Tsukimura From Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun

Mayospell From Interspecies Reviewers

Mayu TsuKimura is a character in the Mayo Chiki anime series. She lives alone and is afraid of guys, which is called androphobia.

So, she has to live with Shungo and train with him for the whole series so that she can learn how to protect herself from guys.

She doesn’t use her charms to get what she wants from guys like other succubi do. She is very dedicated to doing her job as a maid, even if it means putting her own feelings aside.

She is a great help to Shungo and the other people who live in the house because of this.

16. Mayospell From Interspecies Reviewers

Mayospell 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Mayospell is a side character in the series. She is a succubus and works at one of the brothels where the main character goes on his trip.

She is a nice and flirtatious character who loves to tease the male characters in the show.

She is good friends with Zel, one of the main characters in the show. Zel used to come to the house where she works a lot.

Mayospell is a powerful succubus who can trick people into becoming her victims. Mayospell only showed up once, in Chapter 17 (Episode 8 of the anime), where she slept with Crimvael at the Succubus Tower and drained him completely.

15. Lolisa/Newbie Succubus From KonoSuba

Lolisa 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Lolisa is a succubus. She has dark pink eyes and light pink hair that falls to her chin. Lolisa has the body of a young girl. She hasn’t grown much, which shows her age and makes her feel bad about herself.

She looks like a devil because she has small pink bat wings growing out of the top of her head and an arrow-shaped tail that she seems to be able to hide whenever she wants to.

Like other low-class demons, Lolisa is in love with a higher-class demon. She is crazy about Vanir and will do anything to spend more time with him or win his favor.

14. Ageha Kurono From Rosario + Vampire

Ageha Kurono 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

In the anime series Highschool DxD, Ageha Kurono is a succubus. She is the mother of the main character, Rias Gremory, and is a strong woman.

Ageha thinks more like a succubus than her daughter does, so she doesn’t feel bad about using her skills to take advantage of men for her own gain.

Ageha’s beauty and strength make her an inspiration to many boys at school.

She tries to woo him at first, but as she gets to know him better, she falls in love with him. Even though she likes Tsukune, she respects his choice to stay loyal to Moka, so she stops pursuing him.

13. Morrigan Aensland From Vampire Hunter

Morrigan Aensland 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Morrigan has a very human attitude, even though she is a succubus. She is a hedonist who goes out into the real world to enjoy herself.

Even though she is a succubus by nature, she has joined the good side and doesn’t do her job as the head of the Aensland farm.

Morrigan, a succubus who is 300 years old, doesn’t do her job as queen of the Makai Realm. She makes herself the center of attention in the Makai Realm and gets her slaves into trouble. This makes her father Belial angry.

She is not always responsible, though, as she has been known to tell Belial about Demitri’s return.

12. Ashua Tohara From Rotte No Omocha!

Ashua Tohara 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Ashua needs a male life seed to live because she is a succubus. Without one, she would lose all of her power and die.

When Ashua was young and sleeping, she met a man for the first time. She was scared, and she hasn’t liked men since.

She has made friends at school and is starting to see her mother again, which is a good thing.

Ashua doesn’t like her mother because of what she did and because she left her. But Ashua is starting to see her mother again and has made friends at school.

11. Artemis From Maria the Virgin Witch

Artemis 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

You’ve probably seen Artemis if you like anime with succubus characters. She is a charming succubus who uses her skills to get what she wants.

In the anime, Artemis makes fun of Maria for being a virgin. This is part of her job, but it’s not what Maria wants.

During the anime, Artemis also tries to use her skills to get Maria to fall in love with her.

Even though there aren’t many succubus characters in anime, the ones that are there have unique personalities and bodies that make them stand out.

Even though it’s hard to make a complete list, these figures have unique personalities that make them fun and easy to remember.

Here are some of the best anime succubus figures. Some of the ones you haven’t heard of might even surprise you.

10. Shamsiel Shahar From Kyonyuu Fantasy serie’s

Shamsiel Shahar From Kyonyuu Fantasy series 1 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Shamsiel Shahar is a succubus who looks like the Kyonyuu Fantasy series’s paizuri-loving succubus.

Her hair, eyes, and ears are all pink. She is one of the most well-known succubi in anime because she has horns, wings, and a wet, tight pussy.

She was kicked out of the demon world because she loved a human, which is against the rules.

Most sucubi are shown to be bad and cruel, but Shamsiel is not like that.

She doesn’t like her human peers, who have to live only one life, so it seems like she has a lot of enemies.

9. Lilium From Elfen Lied

Lilium 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

In the anime “Elfen Lied,” Lilium is a mysterious and haunting figure whose past was very sad. As a Diclonius, she has huge telekinetic skills and dangerous vectors that can tear through anything in their way.

But underneath her scary skills is a soft, fragile soul that wants to be accepted and loved. Lilium’s journey shows how cruel people can be and how complicated the human mind can be.

With her famous pink hair and strange innocence, she draws people in with her sad story of trying to understand and find happiness in a violent and unfair world.

8. Maria Naruse From The Testament of Sister New Devil

scub8 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Maria Naruse is a fictional character from the “The Testament of Sister New Devil” light novel, anime, and manga series.

One of the main characters in the anime is a succubus named Maria. She has sworn to work for the anime’s main character, Basara Tojo, who is the major antagonist.

Maria is a pretty girl with red eyes and long, curly purple hair. She has a curvy body, and in the show she often wears clothes that show more skin (obviously to attract guys).

She is also known for being playful and flirty, and she loves to tease Basara and the other male characters in the show. In the anime, she had often used her skills as a succubus to entice them.

Maria is also smart and clever because she is the one who comes up with plans and methods to help the group beat the enemies.

In the anime, it was shown that she had a sad past, and it seems like she is looking for a way to get her memories back.

As the story goes on, we learn more about Maria’s past, and her relationships with Basara and the other characters get more complicated.

7. Firika Mia Shatana From Nuki Doki!

Firika Mia Shatana 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

In the eroge Nuki Doki!, Firika Mia Shatana is a succubus. She is a person who has s*x with guys to take in their life energy. She is a major character in the game, and she is known for being s*xually active.

Firika wants to win Yamato’s heart as the devil who represents the Kaioppai Hentai Foundry. She has to fight against Sera Mitra Airun, who is an angel.

But it isn’t as simple as she thinks. The eroge Nuki Doki! has a character named Firika Mia Shatana. They were told to look like a grown-up woman with purple eyes and pink hair that goes to her chest.

She is one of the main characters in the anime show “A Succubus in Love.” Firika has a big heart and always thinks of other people before herself.

She also has a strong sense of right and wrong and will always stand up for what she believes in.

6. Kurumu Kurono From Rosario + Vampire

Kurumu Kurono 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Kurumu is known to be a succubus, which means she can control and seduce other people’s feelings, especially men’s.

She was presented at the beginning as a character who loved Tsukune, the male protagonist, and was determined to win his heart.

As the show goes on, she becomes Tsukune’s and other minor characters’ close friend and partner.

Kurumu’s succubus was shown to be a self-assured, open person who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.

She also cares for and looks out for the people she loves. She has a seductive side, but when it comes to the people she cares about, she is strongly loyal and protective.

5. Nena From Nuki Doki!

Nena 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Grand Cru Bourgeois came up with an erotic sport that was used in the anime version of the romance story Hentai Nuki Doki!

Nena is a succubus, which means she can change into any person. She often uses this power to help people who are in trouble and fight for what’s right.

Nena is an experienced fighter who is always willing to help. She is also a kind person who cares very much about her fellow people.

One of the most popular succubi in anime is Nena. She cares about and looks out for the best interests of her fellow people because she is kind and protective of them.

Nena is also a great strategist who can look at any situation and make a plan that will help her friends.

4. Astarotte Ygvar From Astarotte’s Toy

Astarotte Ygvar 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Astarotte Ygvar, the main character in “Rotte no Omocha!,” is a young succubus princess with a unique attitude.

Even though Astarotte starts out cold and self-centered, she opens up and becomes more likeable as the story goes on.

When she has to put together a harem to keep her succubus lineage going, she learns how important company and kindness are.

Astarotte’s journey is full of funny moments, heartfelt feelings, and self-discovery as she learns to deal with complicated relationships and grows into a more caring and understanding person.

She is a succubus, but she is also very shy and nervous. This is because she has never been around boys, so she doesn’t know how to act around them.

One of the main characters, Naoya, helps her out because she knows she needs mental support.

3. Liliem From Battle Goddess Memoria

Liliem From Battle Goddess Memoria

Liliem is the main character in the anime show Liliem Battle Goddess Memoria. She is a high-class demon who makes a perfume that makes people want to be with her.

Her power makes her a good choice for marriage, and the story has a lot of twists and turns that keep things interesting.

She is also known for the way she makes people fall in love with her. This makes her the perfect choice for a young boy.

There aren’t many succubi in anime, but there are a few on the small screen. Liliem, who is the main character in Monster Girl Quest, is one of the first characters.

In Monster Girl Quest, Liliem is a powerful succubus who works right under Alice. She can control her speed with the wind, and she knows how to fight.

She is a tough opponent and an interesting person because of this. Even though she hates violence and s*x, she can still be a useful too

2. Albedo From Overlord

Albedo From Overlord

A succubus is a female vampire, and the best anime characters who are succubuses tend to have a strong sense of being female.

Albedo is a very strong character because she can be violent and faithful at the same time.

In the anime, she is the main character because she is so loyal. She has a wealth of 66 million bells and is the most powerful succubus in the series.

Albedo is one of the strongest and most loyal succubus. He is in charge of the guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Albedo is known for being one of the most powerful and loyal succubuses in the history of anime.

She is very protective of her master, Ainz Ooal Gown, and will do anything to make sure he is happy and safe.

She keeps an eye on the seven Level Guardians and is in love with one of them, Ainz, who works for her.

She has dark brown eyes with golden irises that are split in the middle. She also has black angel wings around her waist.

1. Sakie Satou From Interviews with Monster Girls

Sakie Satou Demi Chan Wa Kataritai 1 1 1 32 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Even though she may not look like a normal succubus, Sakie Satou is a very interesting person.

Saki lives alone and in the woods, but she has a crush on Tetsuo Takahashi, a fellow succubus and teacher at a public high school.

Even though they are both shy and worried about what people think of them, they have a lot in common that makes them both beautiful.

Saki is a succubus in an anime, but she doesn’t wear a revealing outfit like the other ones.

Instead, she wears a red tracksuit and glasses, which have become her signature look.

She looks very cute with her hair, and the fact that she cares about pheromones makes her seem more human than like a succubus.

Even though Sakie is a woman, she is also interested in what happens when she has s*x with a guy.

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