Many fans love succubus anime characters they are the women of their dreams they come in your bed and try to seduce you.

In anime character design or fanservice anime world does not have a huge list of succubus anime characters but viewers deserve more in near future.

But today I have created this list of best succubus anime characters with gorgeous physique to distinct demeanor, these women have made anime more fun and memorable.

Top 23 Best Succubus Anime Characters

Lets begin the list of 35 best succubus anime characters of all times.

23. Carrera From Viper GTS

The main character; she is a green-haired, buxom succubus anime characters with a tremendous sexual appetite.

She is also the top soul-getter of the three, primarily because she doesn’t take her job too seriously.

Carrera From Viper GTS

Carerra has big breasts, sexually attractive, a finely-tuned rear and is always sexually aroused.

22. Alma Elma From Monster Girl Quest!

Alma Elma is one of the Four Heavenly Knights, the direct subordinates of Alice in Monster Girl Quest. Specifically, she is the Heavenly Knight of Wind.

As a master of the wind, she uses it to adjust her speed; almost no one can catch her. Additionally, she is surprisingly skilled in martial arts, and is a force to be reckoned with in hand-to-hand combat.

Alma Elma From Monster Girl Quest!

Though due to her dislike for violence (something unfit for a Succubus) she only uses her martial arts skills at a rudimentary level unless absolutely necessary.

21. Mercelida Ygvar From Astarotte’s Toy!

The mother of Lotte and Asuha. Mercelída is extremely promiscuous, even for a succubus anime characters. She once slept with a man from her harem while Lotte (who was 5 then), was in bed with her.

This is slightly changed in the anime, so that instead of the man coming uncalled when Lotte was already in bed with her mother.

He came when Astarotte was heading to her mother’s room, so that her mother did not know she was there.

20. Liliem From Battle Goddess Memoria

Liliem is a funny Sweety girl. Originally she is Devil Orivdo(オリブト)’s Familiar.

Her first encounter with Celica in Kadora Mine(カドラ鉱山)B5F and trying to charm him using her power.

Liliem From Battle Goddess Memoria

After Orivdo has been defeated by Celica she makes a contract with him and later becomes Celica’s Familiar.

19. Firika Mia Shatana From Nuki Doki!

Firika is the demon representative to win Yamato’s heart in the effort to win the competition against angel representative Sera Mitra Airun.

Firika Mia Shatana From Nuki Doki!

18. Shamusheru From Kyonyuu Fantasy

She is a succubus anime characters that lives by sucking life force from humans.

Shamusheru From Kyonyuu Fantasy

However, after she met Ryuuto, she helps him with an exchange of giving her life force as Ryuuto seems to have infinite life force unlike other humans.

17. Astarotte Yvgar from Astarotte no Omocha!

The succubus anime characters and the main protagonist of the series. While only 10 years of age, Astarotte is told that she will need to begin building a harem.

Because when she fully matures, her body will require a regular supply of semen to keep from wasting away, much like a vampire requires blood.

Unfortunately, her mother’s extreme excesses have led her to develop a fierce hatred and disgust toward all men. Astarotte demands that the first member of her harem be a human from the human world.

Astarotte Yvgar from Astarotte no Omocha!

Knowing that the Yggdrasill tree connects them to the human world (and has been dormant for years), she hopes her demand would allow her to avoid the task entirely.

16. Twiska from Brandish

A demon princess who is madly in love with the child version of the hero Theo.

Twiska is a carefree succubus anime characters who attacks people at night after night and siphoning their life-energy. One such night, she seizes upon a young boy, Theo, who appeals to her personal preferences.

Twiska from Brandish

Although she is a sexually depraved whore, she has some morals. She didn’t approved the men kidnapping a young girl (in her teens) and the idea she will make fine prostitute. She killed all the men she was involved in a recent Gang Bang a few minutes ago.

15. Succubus from Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk

succubus anime characters, a demon that resides in the tower. She disguised herself as the goddess Ishtar and guarded the Blue Crystal Rod to prevent Gil from being able to defeat Druaga.

However, when Gil encountered her, after a debate, she relinquished the Blue Crystal Rod.

Succubus from Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk

succubus anime characters appears as a optional boss in Tales of Destiny, where she is called False Ishtar and Fake Ishtar. She also appears in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon.

14. Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD

Rias is a beautiful young woman with white skin, blue eyes (blue-green in the anime, season 1-3) inherited from her father, Zeoticus, and a buxom figure.

Her body measurements are [B99-W58-H90 cm] [B39-W23-H35 in]. Her body weight is [58 kg] [128 lbs].

Her most distinctive feature is her long, beautiful crimson hair which she also inherited from her father, that reaches down to her thighs with a single hair strand (known in Japan as ahoge) sticking out from the top.

13. Shinjin Succubus from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 

The youngest employee at the Succubus Shop. While on duty at the succubus store, Lolisa will wear a highly erotic and risque lingerie-esque outfit just like her more developed peers.

When not on duty Lolisa will usually wear a plain green and white one-piece dress.

Shinjin Succubus from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Whenever she accompanies Dust on an adventure she tends to wear a witch’s hat and a long dark cape in addition to her dress; she also carries a mage’s staff.

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