21 Strongest God of Highschool Characters

The God of High School anime is full of insanely tough fighters, some of whom are the most powerful of all time. Find out who’s highest in GOH.

GOH, created by Yongje Park, has been one of the most popular manhwa-webtoon-based adaptations for a while now. It’s no surprise that GOH was made into a television show recently thanks to Crunchyroll Exclusives.

I’ve been a devoted anime viewer for a long time, but I never really became fascinated by the reading portions of webtoons and manga until I saw Solo Leveling. 

Since there wasn’t any anime, I was thinking about starting one and I absolutely enjoyed it. The second option is, without a doubt, The God of High School manhwa webtoon.

I was instantly in love with all the principal protagonists: Mori Jin, Daewi Han, Mira Yoo, and the whole plot. 

Episode 5 of the God of High School anime was released just in the last few days and brought back many fond images, so I decided to start revisiting GOH’s webtoon. GOH online cartoon.

(In case you’re not aware, the majority of webtoons are divided into seasons, much like anime.)

After some amazing and jaw-dropping fights, I decided to create these lists of the 20 most powerful characters from The God of High School. You can be sure that you won’t get bored!

If you’re wondering the reason behind this list, then let me tell you why. The list doesn’t contain any characters that will not be featured during the show. They are ranked by their current powers, which will be revealed during the last episode of the anime. It will not contain spoilers. Enjoy!

21. Zeus/Jupiter


Zeus is also called Jupiter. Zeus, also known as Jupiter, is the most formidable character to meet in the anime. Zeus was also the head of the Greco-Roman pantheon in the G.O.H. Webtoon. 

From the outside, it appears that he seems like a tough guy with well-built muscles that people are likely to be intimidated by. But there’s a catch. The primary reason why he sought to destroy humanity was the fact that he was a lover of hurting others.

Every bad act was perpetrated in the name of Zeus in the show, and that includes killing people and being adamant about hurting people with no cause. While people may be against him, his lustful self is quite strong. 

But, that doesn’t mean he’s a stupid God. He is awestruck by anyone strong, and he acknowledged Han Daewi as being extremely strong.

Since the man is strong and strong, his strength is unparalleled. He is much stronger than human beings and can have x1000 times more gravity than Earth. Imagine a man standing in this much gravity. 

The human race is not able to achieve it. Furthermore, his ability to fly with no wings or electrokinesis is another level. If you believe that Zeus is slow, it’s a huge no. Zeus is literally the God of thunder. Zeus is one of the universe’s fastest characters, thanks to God’s thunder.

20. Gi Gwim

Gi Gwim

Gi Gwim is among the most fascinating characters of the GOH series and is a certain but not well-known fighter. Gi Gwim uses a peculiar borrowing force, “Jack the Ripper,” that allows him to create black blades for the offensive.

The first time he appeared was during the God of High School National Tournament as the top athlete in Chungcheongbukdo Province, Korea.

In the webtoon, he draws a shorter stick after he matches up with Ilpyo Park in the initial round. He immediately loses. Because of this, he can’t display his full potential until much later.

19. T (Sim Bongsa)

T (Sim Bongsa)

Mujin Park’s Executive T, also popularly referred to as Sim Bong-Sa, or Executive T is among the eight executive managers of Mujin Park that work closely with T. 

T is an experienced swordsman with battle-hardened skills and an extraordinary strength that is comparable to another executive.

Sim is introduced as the judge/announcer for the God of High School tournament for the Central team. Due to his being blind, Sim earned the nickname “Bong-Sa,” which means “blind person” in Korean.

In the manhwa, he will instruct Mira about the “Way of the Moon-Light Sword” and admit the fact that it was actually a moonlight user who blinded him.

18. Drake McDonald

Drake McDonald 21 Strongest God of Highschool Characters

Drake McDonald is one of the three priests belonging to the mysterious cult of Nox. Drake is a semi-skilled sword combatant whose strength is within his GP. Drake’s power of borrowing is the caterpillar that allows him to stitch his body quickly.

The ability was evident in his fight with Executive Q when the latter brutally slashed Drake with his scythe. With the Charyeok, Drake can sew his body up and repeatedly stop his death.

Drake is part of the anti-humanist cult Nox and is one of the characters that is most hated in God of High School season 1.

17. Mira Yoo

Mira Yoo

Mira Yoo is one of the three main characters in GOH and is a fan of Moon-Light’s sword design. Yoo is the owner of a national treasure-grade blade, Bongseon, and her borrowed power comes from the legendary general of the military, Yeoppo Bongseon (Lu Bu).

While she’s an inexperienced player in Moon-Light swordsmanship, her swordsmanship, in general, is way above professionals. 

Mira has good physical strength and is a master of the No-sword sword style (using her hands to act as an axe), which was demonstrated in her fight against Miseon Mah. 

When combined with her charyeok as well as her weapon, Mira is even in a position to take on Hojosa. 

Mira is currently looking for an “excellent seed” that is the strongest in the world of men. Therefore, Mira can marry him and have a child, as well as fulfill the father’s wishes to improve the Moon-Light sword type.

16. Daewi Han

Daewi Han

Daewi is the male protagonist in GOH manhwa. He’s also a Full-Contact Karate practitioner in Kyokushin Karate. Han’s charyeok resembles the mythical Korean creature known as Haetae. 

He has also demonstrated remarkable endurance, determination, and extraordinary physical abilities.

He’s usually calm and collected but has been known to show anger and exaggerated force when the situation requires it, particularly when Daewi’s family members require it.

As a karate instructor, Daewi has always been a formidable offensive force but lacked defense. 

The problem was resolved when Han discovered that he had borrowed powers and summoned Haetae, whose water attribute is equal to the shields within the God of High School.

Daewi’s greatest attack is called “Dance Of The Four Gods,” where he performs the following four steps to produce a strong force: the Fist of the Black Turtle, Kick Off the Red Phoenix, Dance of the White Tiger, and the Wave of the Blue Dragon.

15. Priest Saturn

Priest Saturn

Priest Saturn is one of three well-known priests within the Nox group. She often collaborates with Priest Axley on the missions. Saturn is a borrower of a power known as Sadie that allows her to alter shadows.

In addition to Sadie, Priest Saturn has the Divine Protection buff, which gives Nox members an advantage over humans in the taboo. She also makes use of a gun as a national treasure that has not yet been named.

The Priest Saturn is exceptionally powerful, having defeated a variety of formidable adversaries during his God of High School series.

14. Priest Axley

Priest Axley 1 21 Strongest God of Highschool Characters

Axley Ivanovic, also known as Priest Axley, is considered to be the strongest priest who was introduced in GOH and is partnered with Priest Saturn. 

Axley’s power that he borrowed is the “Shield of Discrimination,” which resembles an angelic pair of wings.

Axley’s wings allow him to execute extremely fast maneuvers while flying and, as the name implies, shield himself from attacks. The shield, however, isn’t among the most powerful parts of God in High School.

Axley is also a taboo figure to humans and owns a national treasure grade sword, Durandal, that, in addition to boosting attack power, increases the power of one’s Charyeok (borrowed power) and can be used to teleport.

13. Judge Q & R

Judge Q & R

The ranking # 13 is tied because Executive Q and Executive R have nearly identical strengths as God in High School Season 1, so it was difficult to decide between the two. 

Their record in fighting is 400 fights and 400 tied fights!

Judge Q

Judge Q is one of the eight executives that are directly associated with Mujin Park. Judge Q is a superhuman athlete with incredible strength and agility, as well as the ability to make use of playing cards to fight.

Q is the person who invited Daewi to the GOH. In the webtoon called “manhwa,” Q has a direct lineage to Joker. Joker bloodline. Thus, Q can channel Joker’s abilities and use cards as weapons.

Judge R

Judge R is one of the eight core executives who collaborate directly with Mujin Park. He is the only one who has known Mujin Park since his childhood. Executive R is a superhuman speedster with agility. 

His undiscovered ability can allow him to manipulate the wind to take on his adversaries using wind-based attacks.

Executive R is nearly as strong as Executive Q and has superhuman endurance similar to him. It is noteworthy that, even when R was not fully at his strength, Mori Jin was able to break his guard with just one strike.

R can make use of the wind to form arrows or tiny typhoons, as well as other attacks based on the wind that can destroy anything that is in their path.

12. Judge S (Giju Moon)

Judge S (Giju Moon)

Judge S, real name Giju Moon, is the head of all executives. He is also more closely associated with Mujin Park than the other executives.

He is also armed with a national treasure sword, Walmung, which gives him healing and attack power. 

The power he is borrowing from him is “Paladin Siegfried,” who was the first person to use Walmung. He can heal, attack, and summon lightning through Walmung.

Moon is the ex-disciple of Sung Gisa, a former member of the Six and an acquaintance or friend of Mujin Park. Moon suffered a scar in his eye during the time The Six took on Taejin Jin and lost.

11. Judge O

Judge O

Executive O is by far the most formidable of the judges in the tournament. He’s a dark-brown man of short stature with white hair. He invited Mira to the event. His borrowed strength is “Dragon Slayer,” which is not technically an inherited power.

Judge O’s Dragon Slayer abilities allow him to subjugate and control dragons that choose to work under Judge O at their own will. Being in a position to control dragons can make him overpowered at first. But it doesn’t end there.

Judge O can form swords and shields by using the dragon’s attributes. Judge O also has incredible strength and endurance. He faced the first dragon he faced, Changsik, for seven consecutive days and nights before he was able to subdue the dragon.

10. Taek Jegal

Taek Jegal

Taek Jegal serves as the current antagonist in GOH season 2 as well as the chairman of the Taek group. 

He is among the top three contenders for GOH season 2 and is the God of High School Nationals together with Ilpyo Park and Mori Jin.

Jegal’s stolen ability is that of the Megalodon, which allows him to make shark fangs from the air and strike anyone from any place with spears.

Another ability is called “Technique Mimicry,” which permits him to steal and use the Charyeok of others. 

9. Hallyang Seo

Hallyang Seo

Hallyang Seo is a member of The Six and the 27th president of the National Homeless Association (NHA). He is known as the “Weapons Master.”He has his own form of martial art called Hallyang Style Pumba.

Seo usually employs the staff-shaped National Treasure, Gae Bolg. Seo is known as the “Words Master” due to his expertise in the 108 agonies, an amalgamation of 108 treasures from the national vault. 

Also, he is a real warrior, not a power borrower.

8. Ilpyo Park

Ilpyo Park

Ilpyo Park is among the heroes of “The God of High School.” He is a practitioner of Ssamsu Taekkyeon martial arts, which is an upgraded version of Taekkyeon made using Re Taekwondo.

This style of fighting was developed by Ilpyo’s grandpa, Iltae Park, who learned Re Taekwondo while serving in the Korean army under the command of Mori’s grandpa, Taejin Jin.

In the course of Ilpyo’s youth, Taejin Jin passed the Ssamsu Taekkyeon and introduced him to Mori. Jin asked Ilpyo to look after Mori as if he were an older brother if they ever met.

In all honesty, Ilpyo’s Big Brother traits towards Mori and his teacher, such as showing Mori the weaknesses in Re Taekwondo during their GOH match, as well as the request for Mori to call him his big brother, are among the most adorable scenes from the world of the webtoon.

7. Mori Jin

Mori Jin

Mori Jin plays the lead character in Mori Jin, the main character of the God of High School webtoon, and is a fan of RE Taekwondo, short for Renewal Taekwondo. 

With superb physical strength, fighting ability, and a thorough understanding of martial arts, Mori Jin is among the most powerful participants in the contest.

Mori’s best technique is Jin Hoe-chook, in which he kicks his opponent three times on both sides of his head and back. 

Taejin Jin’s adopted grandson, who separated the strongest martial arts style, RE Taekwondo, from its counterpart, ITF Taekwondo.

For reference, Mujin Park’s episode from 13:

Like us, the power of Mori is not borrowed in any way. Mori is God in flesh.

Mori Jin is one of the Monster Realm’s nine Heavenly Kings and the incarnation of the famous God Sun Wukong (aka Jaecheondaeseong or the Monkey King).

In season one of The God of High School, Mori’s real potential and strength are not being discovered, which is why he’s ranked at # 7 according to this listing. Season 2 will be the second season. If the memory of Mori were restored, Mori would be in the top two.

6. Bongchim Nah

Bongchim Nah

Bongchim Nah, also known as “The Divine Doctor,” is a member of “The Six” and one of the best doctors. Bongchim is a practitioner of his own martial art style, Needle-Ryu, derived from Chinese Acupuncture. He is an authentic fighter.

His strength is similar to Mujin Park’s, and he could easily beat him to the top spot in the rankings of the GOH anime. But later on in the webtoon, when Taboo is destroyed, Mujin becomes far stronger than Nah.

After losing to Taejin Jin Nah, after losing to Taejin Jin, Nah, the holy fruit, the Divine Pellet. He ordered Mujin to seal him until he could master his senses and control the fruit. That lasted for 17 years until Mori removed the seal by accident. (Classic Mori!!!)

It’s a small spoiler, but it’s a good one. Bongchim will take Mori under his wing to instruct him in Needle-Ryu. It’s interesting to watch Mori getting a lesson from his father’s enemy.

5. Mujin Park

Mujin Park

Mujin Park Mujin Park, also known as Mu-Bong Park, was the inventor of The God of High School tournament. Mujin is an athlete of godlike power and is a borrower of power. 

Mujin’s character can be described as Longinus, also known as “Longinus’s hand,” which lets him manipulate gravity’s direction of polarity.

He has the ability to take down an entire island that’s hundreds of miles away using one hand gesture. (Please don’t say you believed it wasn’t Mujin! )

Alongside his gravitational-based power, Mujin Park has been training to become a martial artist since the age of five and is now among the best two fighters in the world.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Mujin (and it will remain so for quite a while), apart from the fact that he’s organizing the GOH event to discover two keys that will accomplish his purposes.

4. Jaesan Jeon

Jaesan Jeon

Jaesan is part of “The Six” and the greatest magician in the gods of high school. He is so skilled and talented that he’s even referred to as a “living treasure.” The power that he borrowed is known as “The Great Magician.”

The Great Magician’s real nature was never known, but it’s summoning-type Charyeok that permits Jeon to pull off almost impossible feats, like an unbreakable barrier that was not damaged even by the army of Heaven.

Jaesan Jeon is among the most beloved characters of Webtoon’s season 2 and even more than Mori. Jeon is a man with enthusiasm, love, and charisma who can surpass anyone else.

3. Mandeok Sang

Mandeok Sang

Mandeok Sang is the sole recognized Bishop of the Nox organization as well as a GOH antagonist. He is extremely powerful and held the three members of the Six in check during their battle.

As a member of the Nox, Bishop Excaliose enjoys access to the first method of borrowing power, which gives him an advantage over the rest of us. The power he has borrowed is called “God’s Blades,” which allows him to summon swords or blades of any size and take them to any location.

Mujin Park’s former best friend will be making his first appearance in an anime soon, so you’re in for a tough ride. Even the most powerful of fighters will look like children before him.

Manjin is extreme in his belief in God and believes that his “God-given authority” is superior to any other authority. In essence, he is a mighty superior!

2. Ungnyeo


Ungnyeo Kim was the co-founder and the most powerful of “The Six.”

She’s a mysterious girl whose powers are stronger than the gods. The power she borrows is called “Trinity.” (Trinity: Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds.)

The magnitude of the power of Ungnyeo is unknown to this day. Her most notable achievements include the ability to manipulate reality and her ability to be recognized by Taejin Jin himself.

It’s true, Taejin Jin, who does not acknowledge anyone, not even the great magician Jaesan, or the magician Mujin, or the mystical Doctor Bongchim, is acknowledged as Ungneyo!

Kim is famous for granting any wish that is related to healing, including missing limbs and the ability to restore the dead to life. 

Due to her Charyeok abilities, she has the ability to create interdimensional portals and has the power to control electromagnetic waves and other natural phenomena.

1. Taejin Jin

Taejin Jin

Taejin Jin may be the most powerful character from the God of High School series.

He is also the adopted grandfather of Mori Jin. 

He has his own martial art, RE Taekwondo, and is believed to be more powerful than even the gods.

17 years before the current storyline, Taejin Jin was fighting The Six – the six strongest people in Korea. Jin is regarded as an unofficial “Special Human Cultural Asset”—one who is more powerful than “The Six.”

After losing in a fight to northern-style ITF Taekwondo, Taejin Jin developed his own martial art.

Taejin Jin’s own martial art, Renewal Taekwondo, is currently a champion with unmatched battle skills.

Honorary Mentions

Two other characters who will be among the top characters in the coming years but aren’t able to meet the power requirements of round one on this checklist are Mansuk Gang and Seungcheol Baek.

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