How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft?

There aren’t many amazing things than being able to summon lights at any time.

There are several methods to achieve this with Minecraft.

By using a command or using a trident that has the channelling enchantment, you can ignite the entire world with lightning and thunder.

This guide will guide you through the platforms that support summoning lightning, the prerequisites to summon lightning, the method you summon lightning as well as what it takes for summoning lightning within Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

It is possible to summon lightning using any method that is available in any version of Minecraft which is accessible to everyone:

Platforms that can support Spawning Lightning.

PlatformPossible to summon Lightning?
Java EditionYes
Bedrock Edition (Windows 10)Yes
Pocket EditionYes
Education EditionYes
Xbox EditionYes
Playstation EditionYes
Nintendo EditionYes

The command that summons lightning will be “/summon lightning_bolt” on every edition of Minecraft.

If you wish to summon lightning in the survival version of Minecraft you’ll need to purchase an axe.

Conditions to summon Lightning in Minecraft

(Through Commands)

  1. Cheats can be enabled (World Setting)

If you’re looking to summon lightning using commands, you’ll need to enable cheats in the settings of your world.

It is turned on by default, in an imaginative mode that blocks the possibility of earning achievement points, however, it allows you to summon the number of lightning bolts you like.

(In Survival Minecraft)

  1. Trident
  2. channeling Enchantment (Enchanted Book or Enchantment Table)

If you wish to summon lightning within survival in Minecraft it is necessary to have the trident with the Channelling.

You can obtain Channelling from books with enchanted pages or discover it in a table of enchantment.

This method isn’t secure since it needs a storm to be happening in your area for your trident in summoning lightning.

How to summon Lightning in Minecraft?

If you’re playing the survival game in Minecraft, the only way to summon lightning is to obtain an enchanted trident with the channelling ability.

The first step is to acquire an enchantment trowel.

Trowels are dropped only from drowned creatures holding the trident.

How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft?

The trident that is drowned will usually be found in deep waters or rivers.

It is also possible to create a fake drowned by keeping the zombie in water for 15 minutes.

The zombies that transform into drowned won’t be able to hold an axe.

It is possible to increase the chances of a trident dropping from enemies who have drowned by making use of a sword that has looting.

Be cautious when attempting to approach drowned enemies using tridents because they could employ them to attack you. 

They’ll throw tridents at the right distance, and escaping from a drowned person with a trident is not an easy task.

The next step would be to apply the Channelling enchantment to your trident.

Channelling can be found within the enchantment tables, however, you will also discover it in minecarts and dungeon chests as well as librarian villager’s chests, and even chests of non-village structures.

For the Bedrock edition, you can also pick through the books that are enchanted and contain channels.

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If you’ve got a channelling trident, you need to sit and wait for a thunderstorm.

Even though this is a rare occasion, you can summon the number of lightning bolts you’d like during this event.

Just place your trident into your Hotbar, then hold you right-click until you witness a lightning bolt in the area where your trident hits.

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If you don’t have the loyalty enchantment on your trident, then you are required to get your trident once more.

If you have the Loyalty enchantment, it’ll return to your inventory in several seconds.

It’s a great feeling to have an enchantment that is the Minecraft counterpart to Mjolnir amid a storm.

Summon Commands

To summon lightning using commands, all you need to do is to enter “/summon lightning_bolt”.

This applies to all versions of Minecraft.

If you’d like to summon lightning bolts in a specific spot it is possible to add coordinates following “lightning_bolt”. For example, “/summon lightning_bolt 320 70 -330”.

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Naturally, you can alter the coordinates in any way in which you feel appropriate. 

If you wish to go more extreme and call lightning bolts to all creatures the command is changed slightly.

It is necessary to enter “/execute @e”/summon lightning bolt” to hit all entities loaded with lightning bolts. 

If you wish to keep yourself out of the command, be sure to modify your command in “/execute @e[type=!player]”/summon lightning_bolt”.

You can also add other mobs that you don’t wish to strike with lightning by putting a comma in front of the player’s name and then by adding another kind of mob.

Below is an example.

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Q. How do you summon lightning using a Trident on Minecraft?

If you wish to summon lightning by using the trident, firstly you have to magically enchant your trident using channelling.

Then, you’ll need to sit and wait until you get a storm.

It’s not as regular rainstorms that can work with the channelling magic.

When it’s thundering and your trident is enchanted with the ability to channel, anyone that you hit with your trident is struck by lightning.

Q. How do you summon lightning across all entities in Minecraft?

The full explanation is here and the command used to summon lightning to any entity is: “/execute @e ~ ~”/summon lightning bolt””.

The syntax is crucial as “execute” will instruct the game to execute the next command. “@e” will be targeted at every entity. “——————————————————–” is the coordinates.

If you duplicate the dots,, it will pick every coordinate that is associated that has loaded entities.

The last “/summon lightning_bolt” should be easy to understand.

Final Words

Congratulations! you are able to call lightning at the touch of a button in Minecraft.

Although the survival mode of Minecraft has certain limitations regarding the frequency of lightning but can be summoned if you still have the pleasure of control over lightning bolts.

If you’re able to make use of commands within your world, you can summon a number of lightning bolts you’d like.

Make sure to use it wisely or as recklessly as you’d like to.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that is at its core and if you wish to see all the players within the game hit with lightning bolts in one go.

You can achieve this.

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