How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft?

You can find dungeons at any level of the overworld.

They are usually found next to caves and are mostly composed of cobblestone and cobblestone with mossy cobblestone.

These dungeons can be filled with treasure and you will get a good amount of experience if the spawner is destroyed.

A dungeon can offer many benefits.

This guide will explain what a Dungeon is, its structure, how to locate it in your world, as well as the differences between the Java and Bedrock editions.

What is a Dungeon?

Dungeons can be created in world generation, regardless of whether “generate structure” has been turned on or off.

These are hostile environments that contain cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, and 0-2 chests.

It is not common to find a dungeon that does not contain a chest, but it is possible.

Overworld dungeons are likely to contain zombie spawners at 50%, skeleton spawners at 25%, and 25% spider spawners.

The monster spawner is located at the center of the dungeon and will continue to spawn monsters until it is either lit up or destroyed.

Although dungeons usually have two chests, it’s not unusual to find one in a dungeon.

These chests can contain a wide variety of generated loot.

Structure of a Dungeon

A monster spawner is found in every dungeon.

The monster spawner does not stop spawning mobs until the surrounding area is lit up or destroyed.

You can see the type of mob that will be spawned if you are close enough to the monster-spawner.

The mob doll will spin faster and eventually reach its maximum speed to spawn the right mob.

Dungeons in Minecraft How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft?

The majority of dungeons are made from cobblestone and mossy, or a combination thereof.

It can be hard to tell if mossy or cobblestone indicates a dungeon, as it is now generated in the taiga biomes.

If you find a cobblestone wall underground, it is likely that you have discovered a dungeon.

Not only are dungeons desirable for their chest-generated loot but also because you can control the spawning of monsters which is very helpful for your experience bar.

Avoid destroying the monster-spawner, as they are rare and can be easily turned into an infinite source of experience.

Find Dungeons in Minecraft How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft?

The pressure plate turns off the lights and can be used to turn on or off this mob spawner.

The spawner will cause the zombies to drop into an area that can be safely farmed. 

This is extremely useful when you need to repair enchanted weapons, armour, and tools.

A spawner is always within easy reach so you can quickly gain a lot of experience.

How to Find Dungeons How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft?

The zombies cannot attack you, as you can see.

The experience can be easily looted from above the cobblestone slabs.

If you wish to grab iron, carrots or any other drop from zombies, you can go from the side.

You can also create a similar effect with a Skeleton Spitter, which has low fall damage and requires only a few hits to kill.

How do I find Dungeons within Minecraft?

In A Nutshell:

Third-party extensions like can be used to find Dungeons in Minecraft.

After you have loaded the site, you will need to enter your seed to create a map of your entire world that includes potential dungeonspawns.

You now understand the importance of maintaining a dungeon.

But how do you find them?

Although there are many ways to find dungeons, luck is the best method.

Third-party extensions are an option if you don’t want to do the hard work of finding a dungeon. offers a map of your world that only requires you to look up your world seed.

It will create a map of the world that you have entered with all potential dungeonspawns.

Open your world settings, then scroll down to “Seed” in the game tab.

How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft?

This can be done in any world.

The chunk base seed map will show where there are potential dungeons spawning, slime chunks, and underwater monuments, strongholds, and other information.

This is the best way to find places of interest in your world.

Java Edition vs. Bedrock Edition of Dungeons

The Java edition and Bedrock edition dungeons are very similar.

They are both generated in Minecraft.

The overall structure is essentially the same.

The only thing that differs between the two versions is the rules they use to generate them naturally.

The items that are generated in the chests do not differ.

The odds of an item spawning are the same.

The Java edition allows dungeons to be generated at any height above caves.

The Bedrock edition will generate dungeons as underground structures that are above sea level.

This is all about the differences between the two versions.


Q-Is it possible to find a Creeper Spike in Minecraft?

Ans. Minecraft does not have creeper spawners.

This is probably for the better, as creepers could end up destroying the entire dungeon.

Although it is frustrating not to be able to supply gunpowder continuously, there are other ways you can get gunpowder.

Q-What is the problem with the creative monster spawner?

Ans. A dungeon spawner’s code is more complex than just creating a monster spawner.

You can create a monster spawner in Java and modify the monster’s spawn by adding spawn eggs to the monster spawner.

The monster spawner in the Bedrock Edition is a cosmetic block that requires a deep dive into the game code to work properly.


Dungeons can be found in Minecraft’s world.

They are useful and fun to create.

Although the structure is not very exciting, it offers unlimited experience and mob drops.

There are also special treasures like diamond horse armor, enchanted golden apples, and even the ability to amend an enchanted text.

You should try to find a dungeon as soon as possible if you haven’t yet.

You now know what a Dungeon is, its structure, where to find them, and the differences between the Java and Bedrock editions.

If you’re willing to spend the time, dungeons can be a fun and exciting way to generate structures.

Despite being quite boring, they have a lot of potentials.

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