How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

To prepare a potion of healing, open the brewing stand, and then place your water bottle into one of the lower three boxes. 

Place an open wart inside the top one, and when the arrow is filled completely, place the glistening melons in the top box. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a potion of healing.

There are numerous options you can make to boost the effectiveness of your weapon. Some of them will help you gain an advantage in battle, while some can be used to make your mind quick. 

There are a variety of outcomes to consider when making potions. Potions for healing are safe for those who are traveling to places that could be dangerous.

A potent potion of healing could be beneficial when in a crisis. Hearts that heal when burning or exhausted can mean the difference between being alive or dead. 

Keeping a few of these in your bag will increase your chances of survival and will keep you working or fighting.

Essential ingredients for making Potion of Healing

  1. Blaze Powder
  2. Brewing Stand
  3. Water Bottles
  4. Nether wart
  5. Gold Ingot
  6. Melon slices

The most difficult part of making potions is locating a nether fortress. The fortress can house fire, and the nether wart is needed for making a potion to heal. You’ll need to take on certain blaze-related enemies to acquire blaze rods which are the material used to make the stand for brewing as well as the fuel for it.

For making potions, you’ll require glass bottles to store the effects of the potion. Find sand, then melt it in a kiln to make the three pieces of glass you require.

To make a healing potion first, you must make the base of an awkward potion. You can make this with the nether wart.

The gold ingot and melons are needed to make glittering melons. This is the principal ingredient used to make potions of healing.

How do I make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft?

potion of healing sims mod How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

These are the step-by-step picture instructions you must follow in order to create a potion of healing in Minecraft:

Begin by finding some melons. They can be found in Savannah towns with farms, or explore the underground to discover a dungeon or mine shafts that are abandoned. Melon seeds are cultivated inside each of their chests.

minecraft melon How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

I was able to find an old dungeon that had melons in them. You can spot the green mossy underground cobblestone and you’ll know you’ve discovered the hidden dungeon.

Then, add the seeds to a few gallons of water. Wait for the melon’s growth to begin. Put some bonemeal on the seeds so that you spend less time waiting.

You can cut the melon using your hands to collect the slices of melon you require.

It is likely that you managed to discover some gold when searching for your Dungeon. You can melt your gold by using a furnace, and you’ll get an ingot of gold. To find out how to build furnaces, refer to this article.

gold ore minecraft How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

Place your gold ingot on a crafting menu and turn it into nuggets of gold.

Then, cover an ice cube with gold nuggets for ethereal melons.

Now you have the main ingredient to make potions of healing. For brewing your potions, you’ll require the stand to brew. 

For a stand to brew, you’ll require a fire rod. You’ll need to go to the nether to locate the blaze. Make a portal in the nether by putting obsidian blocks: four blocks long and five blocks high.

brewing stand minecraft 1 How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

Then, light the nether portal using flint and steel. For making steel and flint you’ll need an iron ingot as well as a flant. 

Just place the flint as well as the iron ingot on your crafting menu within one among the 9 crafting rooms and then you are ready to explore the nether.

To light your portal, ensure that you light one of the inner obsidian blocks. Once lit, sit at the entrance for a short time, and then prepare to enter the dark and fiery nether.

blazes minecraft 1 How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

The next step is to find a nether fortress. These fortresses are extremely difficult to find but if lucky enough, your portal can be the perfect one.

When you’ve found the red/purple color of the brick, you will know that you have located your fortress! The next thing to do is to locate the blaze which blazes frequently throughout the fortress.

nether wart minecraft 1 How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

Ablaze spawner could simplify your life if you’re fortunate enough to come across one.

Simply take on enough fire until you have a sufficient supply of rods for the blaze. You’ll need at least one rod of the blaze to build the brewing station, and the rest can become fuel to power the brewing unit stand itself.

Explore your castle until you see the stairs with soul sand and a red fungus that is growing. The nether wart that you must use to prepare your strange potion.

Once you’ve gathered all the materials you’ll need, make your way to safety before returning to your table. 

With your blaze rod mix the cobblestone with 3 pieces in the form of a table for crafting to create a standing brewing table.

The brewing stand you have purchased will require some blaze powder to get it to work. You just need to insert a blazer in your crafting menu to create the blaze powder. 

Each blaze rod can yield two blaze powders.

Right-click your brewing stand to open the UI. Put your blaze powder in the leftmost slot to power your stand for brewing.

You will then require glass bottles. Make sand into the furnace to make glass. You can then put three glasses into a “v” shape in a crafting menu to create glass bottles.

Utilizing your bottles of glass, you can right-click on the source of water you want to fill up your bottles and then get water bottles. 

Right-click on your stand for brewing and put your water bottles on the lower part of the stand.

It’s almost over! Put your nether wart into the last slot, then wait until the bottle starts to fill and you’ll have the base for the potion to heal: the uneasy potion.

Remove the unattractive potions from the bottom and pick up your sparkling Melon.

Brewing Potion of Healing in Minecraft How to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

It should be placed in the same place that the wart in the nether region was placed in. Once the bottles are been filled with water, you’ll be able to use three potions of healing.

Congratulations! Your supplements to instant health are all set to go.

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How do you create Splash Potions of Healing?

The healing potion to splash potions is simply by placing gunpowder inside the ingredient slot, with healing potions in the bottom. 

This alters the shape of the bottle, making them throwable. This will also eliminate the animation of drinking the potion to heal. 

The act of throwing a potion will not cause a slowdown like drinking a beverage can. This will help you stay alive when you’re running away from danger.

Do health issues that are triggered by instantaneous health affect the Wither?

An instant splash potion that provides healing could cause damage to the wither. 

Regeneration is not able to cause the same effects as the miter, and it is not immune to the boost of regeneration regardless. 

If you are looking to take on the wither splash potions, healing, they can heal you but also cause damage to the boss!

What is the effect of a Potion of Healing?

A level one potion can bring you back to health with up to two hearts. Level two potions can bring you healing by four hearts. 

To improve a level one potion, put a glowing stone in a brewing stand over the healing potions.

Final Words

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of an effective and necessary potion. The potions will give you the edge that you require to make tough fights simpler. 

Particularly when fighting bosses like the wither who can inflict the damage over time. It’s even more effective due to the fact that the splash potions of healing can cause damage to the wither too. 

Maintain a melons farm as well as mine gold in order to keep an adequate supply of potion of healing.

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