Minecraft Guide: Cactus Farming

Cactus can be grown infinitely and is one of the most farmable items.

Cactus can only grow to 3 blocks in height but you can make a whole cactus farm from one block of cactus.

The common desert plant can be used to make dyes, mob grinders or even be planted in a pot.

Cacti can be used for many purposes.

You only need two blocks to grow them.

This guide will explain the materials needed to grow cacti.

It will also show you how to build a cacti garden.

Cactus Farming Materials

  1. Sand
  2. Cactus

Cacti cannot grow on sand so you’ll need as many blocks of sand as you want to make a farm.

minecraft cactus desert 1 Minecraft Guide: Cactus Farming

Sand is easily found anywhere, so use a shovel to dig it up and plan how big your farm will be.

Cactus can be difficult to find if there is no desert nearby.

Cactus grows only on sand so you should be able find it wherever sand grows.

How to Make a Cactus Farm?

First, find sand wherever you can.

Sand is abundant in deserts, so it should not be difficult to find large quantities.

Next, find the cactus.

Cactus can be found in deserts by simply gathering sand.

Cactus can be found in both deserts and biomes of the badlands.

You can also find potted Cacti in basement Igloos if there aren’t any nearby.

Be sure to reach the base of your cactus.

It is possible for the cactus to fall on itself if you strike the tops.

Cacti can also destroy anything that falls on the cactus’s tops, so keep valuable items away from the cactus.

minecraft cactus farm 1 Minecraft Guide: Cactus Farming

You can also gather sand while you’re near the cactus.

One cactus plant will be housed in each block of sand, so plan ahead for the size you need.

Cactus can’t be placed next to other blocks.

Cactus must have a space in every cardinal direction.

You will need to place your cacti one block apart if you plan to build a large-scale cactus farm.

It is important to allow cacti to move freely between each other and prevent them from collapsing after you have broken it apart.

You will need a grid of cacti blocks with an air block between them to place them in an efficient space.

Cacti do not require sunlight, water need not be planted.

How to Use Cactus?

Cacti can be used for many purposes.

Cacti can be used to remove unwanted blocks, as we mentioned.

If you’re worried about your home being engulfed by lava, this can be used to replace it.

Your cactus can be arranged in a way that prevents it from growing too tall.

It also has a small container to hold any unwanted items.

Anything that you put on the cactus is going to be destroyed.

A flower pot can be used to plant a Cactus.

You can use green dye to dye cactus.

You will be severely injured if you step on a cactus.

It can also inflict severe injuries on any mob who comes into contact with it.

It can be used to harm both friendly and hostile mobs.

green dye minecraft Minecraft Guide: Cactus Farming

You can stop mobs from getting easy access to your home by arranging cactus in a wall shape and alternating between each cactus plant.

It’s like a prickly wall.

Cacti farming is simple and almost infinite.

From one cactus plant, you can grow as many cacti you like.

You can make cactus into a green dye and then put it in a pot.

Large amounts can also be used as a wall.

Cacti are easy to grow so you should keep at least one with yourself.


Q. Can Cactus destroy itself when it drops in Minecraft?

Cacti can be completely destroyed if it is broken from the middle.

Although it might seem tempting to break the stalk from the middle, you’ll end up with some dead cacti.

You can replant the base if you want to be efficient.

If you don’t want the lava fire spreading, you can keep a cactus in your inventory as an item destroyer.

Q. How do you make Green Dye in Minecraft?

A cactus farm is essential if you are looking to make large quantities of stained glass, concrete or wool.

Q. How much damage does a Cactus do in Minecraft?

Cacti can do half the damage to each tick.

For every half second that you spend touching a Cactus, you will suffer half the damage.

This applies to neutral, hostile and passive mobs.

If you have farm animals that you wish to keep healthy, be careful about where you place your cacti.

Final Words

You now know how to make your own Minecraft cactus farm.

Although it’s use is limited, it is very practical.

It is easy to grow cacti if you want to make a lot of coloured blocks.

With a few blocks of sand and one cactus brick, you can grow more cacti in a short time.

It is quick and easy to make, so you can take care of your entire world.

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