6 Best Minecraft Train Mods

Trains are always a popular attraction in Minecraft mods, but now with mods ranging from Traincraft and Immersive Railroading How do they compare?

In the classic Minecraft, you can construct an impressive railway network that’s enough to add to your resume.

But, placing a Minecart on it is bound to make it appear off-putting. Dare I say, it’s slightly ridiculous.

Minecarts do not have the same awe that some models do!

These train mods offer you amazing trains to complement your stunning railroad models. Sorry minecarts, we are done with you!

6. Rails of War Mod

rails of war mod mc 6 Best Minecraft Train Mods

Rails of War can be described as a mid-1800s mod on steam trains. With gorgeous designs and full-scale, it’s a stunning display. 

The sound of the locomotive roaring through the tracks is amazing. Moving around the train’s cabin is a possibility as well since you’re not locked inside.

The process of laying track is a bit difficult. The pieces are lengthy and require manual effort however when you’re making curves, you need to lay one down, move to the opposite end, align it, and then place it. 

The preview mode of f5 can be helpful but it’s not my least favorite rail-laying.

The fueling of the locomotive is coal. It’s a bit of a surprise that steam locomotives don’t require water. Connecting vehicles is easy and they’ll connect if they’re close enough.

The most fascinating aspect is the ability to control the locomotive itself. Fully interactive inside requires 10 buttons to control the entire thing – brakes and regulators reverser, dynamic lighting, and the horn. 

It isn’t easy to control when you are running a lot of mods that require keybindings, but it’s quite amazing.

I had a few FPS issues, particularly when using the bigger train cars and the long train however I was playing with an older version of the software, so it might have been fixed shortly.

Overall, even though track laying may not be the most effective, however, it’s a stunning mod that has interesting mechanics it is reminiscent of Immersive Railroading

(I believe that IR could be inspired or built on by RoW since they’ve similar mechanics. However, please don’t sue me.)

5. Immersive Railroading

immersive railroading 1 6 Best Minecraft Train Mods

My opinion is that IR is the latest norm for trains mods. It’s not yet finished, but it’s the best train mod I’ve ever utilized. Traincraft kept me at 1.7.10. However, this mod takes me to 1.12. Let’s begin.

IR is the newest competitor on the scene, yet it is already making huge advancements. 

With gorgeous full-scale models and real-time construction using multi-blocks, making a train out of pieces, and a stunning tracks blueprints system that sets the bar high.

The controls of the locomotive are completely handled by default in the Numpad area which is fantastic. 

It’s a simple slider right now for the throttle and brake and the horn. If you’re in a locomotive right-clicking brings up the inventory of fuel options (biodiesel for diesel locomotives, water in steam trains, and coal for the steam train). 

The most interesting thing is walking around the train. 

If you’d like access to the tender, just stroll over to it and it instantly teleports to the vehicle. 

It works with the majority (all?) automobiles, which means you can stroll between freight vehicles, or even walk over oil-powered vehicles.

Coupling and building are very exciting. 

Place the car into the proper location, and it’ll automatically couple. 

The train is driven into an automobile, and it’ll couple without manual input, except for decoupling. 

To build the locomotive, you must first place the frame and add the various pieces in the order of construction. (there are many pieces).

Customizing and adding cars is easy to do, thanks to some tools already in.

Track laying is quite decent. 

There is one “track blueprint” that you can open in the GUI (right-click on the air) and then select the length of the track, gauge, type rail bed, and so on. (up to 100m)

This makes the building of huge railways simple and quick. It is possible to build tracks diagonally and also change the snapping options on rails.

With multi blocks that are specially designed, such as steam hammers and rolling equipment, the system can effectively be a factory designed to make trains. I’d pretty much design an entire universe just to be able to use this mod.

There’s also open computers integration that allows for automation, and the possibility of loading villagers into cars for passenger transport and letting them pay for emeralds over 1km travel. (no circles, actual 1km distance)

Album bonus of construction work on trains

It is also possible to make trains in MODEL Gauge! You can also have an actual train as well as a model railway…

All in all, IR is an excellent mod that, though still in its early stages, has lots of potential and intriguing mechanics.

4. Real Train Mod

real train mod mc 6 Best Minecraft Train Mods

RTM is a Japanese mod, however, it is an intriguing one. While the emphasis is focused on Japanese electronic trains, it is also add-ons to it. 

With the amazing markers system, you can build any kind of turn, grade, turn-grade, or any other track you’d like to create, put two markers in the middle, simply right click one on track (you right-click in the air using the track to select the type) and it will lay it.

Train controls are in notches, and S/W (W towards brake S towards acceleration …), as well as the GUI allowing you to close and open doors on certain trains, extend the pantograph, modify the sound announcements and manage the train’s connection. 

They don’t require fuel (I’ve only tested it in the imaginative scenarios, so if you find something different in the survival world I’d love to know) however, they behave real-worldly and take a while to get them up and running. 

The train wheels make good noises as they move through, and a range of components, such as signs that can be customized, scaffolds iron, concrete posts, and iron aid in building the world.

Incredibly, it’s more than simply Trains. There are some weapons along with several aircraft, tanks (built using Minecraft blocks, such as the Archimedes Mod for a ship) as well as ships.

FPS isn’t too good, but it can get stuck with a huge number of rails and trains.

There is a language barrier and it’s not quite fitting to the Minecraft style It’s a fascinating mod and could be the most effective way to recreate an authentic Japanese transportation system.

3. Minecraft Transit Railway

Supported Versions: 1.16-1.18

transit railway mod mc 6 Best Minecraft Train Mods

This one is for people who have Hong Kong on their bucket list, but not Japan. Mass Transit Railway is inspired by the Hong Kong railway system, the MTR.

Minecraft Transit Railway Mod allows users to build fully-functional railway networks.

This mod is an enormous leap forward from horses.

Utilizing the railway dashboard, you can build routes, stations, and depots.

The railway dashboard contains the map of this information because the worst thing you’d want when you’re building a massive railway system is to have an engineer who isn’t sure of the location of anything!

Imagine taking a ride onto a subway system for servers in an attempt to reach an area, only to find yourself somewhere in the middle ocean.

It’s because the engineer did not have a railroad dashboard system.

2. Traincraft


Traincraft is the traditional modders of trains. The first (that I’m aware of) major train mod is now a top choice for offering a variety of cargo and trains. 

Its size is still the Minecraft rail, thereby creating the possibility of automation using aircraft rails (special rails designed specifically for this purpose). 

However, when switching from 3D and 2D there’s an elevation difference that can be quite ugly when you transition.

Fueling is easy Steam uses coal as well as water. Diesel uses TC’s Diesel and various other variations of Diesel. 

Electric trains are powered by consuming Redstone, by crossing an electric track, or by using RF pipes (or similar) for overhead wires.

Laying 3D track is entirely manual and, at just the distance of a few meters at the same time, it’s quite laborious. 

2D can be automated because it’s a basic rail. Linking carts can be complicated when compared with other mods.

They have to be in contact, and sometimes in a little before they connect. The hitboxes of the trains are huge so you’ll need to divide your trains quite a bit.

Also, be aware of the rear of your train because it could hit you easily.

In the end, TC is a well-designed mod that is closest to Minecraft scale and design however it could be improved with the layout and transition to 3D tracks.

1. Very Disturbing Tank Engines for Mod

Supported Versions: 1.7.10

disturbing tank engines mod mc 6 Best Minecraft Train Mods

If you thought that the top of the list would be an ultra-immersive train system mod that has 100 highly specific train components and passenger NPCs that have good AI, and a resonant “Choo Choo” sound, you’re wrong.

While the Disturbing Tank Engines mod doesn’t offer this, however, the mod does give you a steel cane that you can destroy your childhood.

This isn’t a metaphor, to be honest. This mod adds the ability to craft a conductor’s cane.

This mod is a take on Toby The Train from Thomas & Friends and transforms Toby into a psycho to take your pigs, you, and even your pets.

The coal he is attracted to is why he behaved in like did. Being placed on the naughty list only fueled his brutal nature.

To ensure that your childhood does not end, Toby has blood dripping from his eyes.

He is a spawner out in deserts, and this is the reason why his body doesn’t have enough water to support regular tears.

This mod allows players to kill the character or cook his flesh and even eat him (with an element from his spirit).

It’s not a difficult task, but there are 100 hearts in his body. He’s the size of a tank engine, after all.

Tank engine which has fallen off the rails.

Which train modification is the best one for you? Check out these options and we’re certain you’ll find one that will be the winner. 

‘Each one offers something different take an hour or so to discover which one you’ve been not using within your gameplay!

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