Minecraft Guide: Shulker Box

The most sought-after item available in Minecraft is the Shulker container.

While defeating the dragon gives you a ton of experience points, the real reward is in the final cities.

The shulker-like enemies that are found in the cities of the end can drop shulker shells that could be utilized to create shulker boxes.

These boxes will contain 27 inventory slots and keep inventory until it breaks.

This means you’ll be able to take several more boxes of goods along with you on your journey across the country.

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Shulker Box:

  • Shulker Shell
  • Chest
  • Shulker Shell

You can make use of any column to create the shulker box. However, it should be maintained in the arrangement.

How to Get a Shulker Box in Minecraft?

Shulker boxes don’t automatically generate in Minecraft, and you’ll need to travel to end cities to get these boxes.

It is necessary to gather shulker shells and shulker enemies to create a shulker box.

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Go inside an end town and make sure you’ve got one of the swords equipped with the looting enchantment.

In contrast to other mobs, shulkers only appear once, and won’t respawn in the same city once you have defeated them all.

To get more sulkers, you’ll need to search for additional cities at the end of the game.

Killing shulkers using the looting enchantment will guarantee that you have the entire shell you need to fill your boxes.

After you’ve made it inside, look for shulkers.

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Beware of the shulkers’ projectiles, which they will unleash on you.

They don’t cause any harm in their own right, but the levitating effects they create on you could result in an extremely high number of fall injuries.

Be sure to stay above a high ledge or beneath a ceiling to avoid floating too high.

If the shulker’s shell is shut, it suffers less damage.

Wait for it to break, and then attack it with your looting sword to collect some shulker shells that will fall.

How to Make a Shulker Box in Minecraft?

  1. Two Shulker Shells
  2. One Chest

To build a shulker chest, you’ll need two shulker shells dropped by shulker enemies and one regular chest.

Take a craft table and put the chest into the middle slot.

Then, place the shulker shells over and beneath them.

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You will be rewarded with the sought-after shulker container.

How to Use a Shulker Box in Minecraft?

Shulker boxes function like regular single-chest chests.

Set it down, then right-click it to let it open.

The shulker box can hold twenty-seven inventory slots. However, if it is broken, the shulker box will keep the contents inside.

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That means you can mine an additional twenty-seven piles of cobblestone by having an empty shulker with only one slot for the box.

The shulker box is broken.

It may be as simple as dropping the shulker box.

You can then lift it and transport it around like an ordinary backpack.

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Combining shulker boxes and ender chests is vital because it lets you store all your valuables securely, which are stored inside an ender chest, in addition to keeping huge quantities of inventory in your possession at all times.

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Once I’ve reached this point in the game, I always have one of my ender boxes in my possession and a lot of shulker containers inside my ender chest to accommodate a larger number of items.

It is possible to keep additional food and supplies in your emergency set of armour, tools, and weapons, or even more slots of inventory by keeping an adequate number of shulker containers in your chests of enders.

Shulker boxes can also be dyed.

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You can alter the color simply by adding a box from the shulker collection into your menu of crafting along with the dyed piece.

The shulker box will keep its inventory, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it empty.

Shulker boxes are extremely useful and you can store over fifty times the storage space with sufficient shulker boxes.

You can also alter what your boxes are called with an anvil.

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Click on the bar with your name to the left of the three slots.

You can then alter the names to anything you’d like.


In addition to filling your inventory and ender chests with shulker containers, it is possible to hold more than 1,727 different stacks, or 110,000 items at a single time!

With the addition of a caravan of ten llamas, you’ll be able to hold 4,050 stacks.

You can dye the shulker by filling the cauldron with water and then placing the coloured shulker box over it.

The water level will fall and the shulker will change back to its original colour.

These boxes are set on the ceiling or walls to offer intriguing storage options.

They can also be used for games of parkour as the size of the blocks in the shulker changes when the box is opened.

You can also add several shulkers at a time to make stairs if you’re quick enough.


Q. Do you think it is possible to place a shulker container in an existing shulker container?

Unfortunately for them, they recognized this issue and halted the endless shulker boxes.

This may be for the best since going into a shulker box and finding additional shulker boxes is a simple way to forget where you put your item.

Q.What can you do to change the colours of the box for the shulker?

To alter the colours of shulkers, you just need to place the shulker box in the crafting menu next to the colour, i.e., dye, you’d like.

If the dye is present in Minecraft, it is possible to change the colour of your shulker to the same colour.

There are 17 colours available to dye your shulker boxes, so get creative and use them to create attractive storage space or to track the items you have.

Q.What can you do to modify the label of the box called “Shulker”?

To change the title of the box called “Shulker,” simply put a shulker box inside an anvil and change the name from its top bar.

It will cost you one level, and the shulker box will display its new name as you hover over it.

This will assist you in keeping track of what you keep in the boxes.

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