Minecraft Guide: Dyes

There are 16 different shades of dyes that you can use to alter the colour of wool, terracotta concrete beds, glass and even the collar of your wolf.

The wide variety of dyes is helpful when you require a certain colour block that will fit in your constructions.

There are some distinct effects of coloured glass which could alter the colours that an emitted beacon has.

It is important to be familiar with the different shades of dye to make sure that your creation appears exactly what you’d like it to.

The colour of DyeHow to Get
White DyeBone Meal or Lily of the Valley
Light Gray DyeAzure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy and White Tulip or even combining White Dye with Gray Dye
Gray DyeCombining Black Dye and Ink Sac along with Bone Meal/White Dye
Black DyeInk Sacs Wither Rose
Brown DyeCocoa Beans
Red DyePoppy, Rose Bush, Red Tulip, or Beetroots
Orange DyeOrange Tulip or by combining Red Dye and Yellow Dye
Yellow DyeDandelions or Sunflowers
Lime DyeThe combination of Green Dye and White Dye or melting Sea Pickles
Green DyeSmelting Cactus
Cyan DyeMixing Green Dye as well as Lapis Blue/Lazuli Dye
Light Blue DyeCombining Lapis Blue Dye with Bone Meal and White Dye
Blue DyeLapis Lazuli
Purple DyeMixing Red Dye with Lapis Lazuli/Blue Dye
Magenta DyeLilac Allium and combining Purple Dye and Pink Dye
Pink DyePeony or Pink Tulip or mixing Red Dye and White Dye
minecraft dye charts Minecraft Guide: Dyes

How do I get Dyes in Minecraft?

To create dyes in Minecraft, it is possible to make them using flowers.

There are seven primary colours in Minecraft which can be used to create various colours of the dye.

Five of them can be produced through flowers and black, red blue, yellow and white.

It is not possible to find brown or green dyes through flowers.

For black dye, you’ll have to search for squids and find ink sacs.

For a costlier alternative, you can make use of wither roses for black dye.

To obtain brown dye, you’ll need cocoa beans in the jungles.

To get the green dye, you’ll have to melt the cactus.

How do you Make Dyes in Minecraft?

The majority of dyes that are available in the game are available by consuming flowers.

If you can find flowers in the field, you will have many dyes from which you can choose.

To convert a flower to dye, just place it on the menu for crafting.

The result will be the colour of the flower as a dye.

You can create the other dyes by mixing other dyes.

how to make dyes minecraft Minecraft Guide: Dyes

For instance, you can create purple dye by mixing blue and red dye.

You can make use of pink tulips for pink dye and mix pink and purple to create magenta.

It is likely that every dye recipe will yield two dyes to use.

It is so that diverse shades of the dye don’t take over the basic ingredients.

This will result in the same amount of dye.

How to Make Use of Dyes in Minecraft?

Dyes can be interchanged in these recipes.

You could substitute the dyes in this recipe for the hue of dye you wish to make use of.

You can dye terracotta that is made by smelting clay blocks, in order to create stained Terracotta.

Melt this terracotta and you will get glaze terracotta that can contain a distinct amount of patterns.

It is also possible to stain glass to create stained glass panes, or just paint your windows.

You can dye fireworks stars to explode into a specific colour, dye the shulker boxes for colour-coding your sorting and make coloured concrete powder to create a smooth block that is totally a certain colour.

how to use minecraft dyes Minecraft Guide: Dyes

Additionally, you can dye wool that can be used to create the bed a different hue.

If you are looking to alter the colour of your existing bed, simply put the bed next to the colour you wish to have on your bed.

This is the case with every usage of dye in the game Minecraft.

Did You Not Know?

It is possible to obtain each shade of dye using 1 cocoa bean, two yellow dye, two ink sacs three green dyes, 4 lapis lazuli stones, 4 red dyes, and six bone meals.


Q. How many Dyes are there in Minecraft?

There are 16 different shades of dyes that are available in Minecraft.

You can dye beds glass, concrete, fireworks wool, shulker containers, shulker wool and the terracotta.

Q. Do you dye beds in Minecraft?

You can dye wool in order to create a new coloured bed or make use of an existing bed and put the bed along with the colour you wish to use into an art menu to create the colour you desire.

Q. Which is the most popular dye in Minecraft?

Apart from the primary colours, most colours are easy to find.

The most rare to come across is magenta or brown since cocoa beans can only be discovered in deserts or via trade.

Magenta dye requires the most steps to be completed.

Q. What is the best way to locate Flower Forests within Minecraft?

The flower forests that produce flowers can be found in other forests.

Search for plains biomes, and search for nearby forests to see the places where flower forests could produce.

The abundance of flowers can produce a number of dyes.

However, the flower forest won’t produce blue orchids, sunflowers or wither roses.

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