Minecraft Guide: Command to Kill All Mobs

If you’re playing in a world that appears to be experiencing a lot of frame stuttering you might need to take action regarding the mobs that are in your world.

Many mobs are never eliminated, such as roaming trading Llamas.

There might be a hole in a cave or a wall that you haven’t found and filled with hundreds or dozens of mobs.

The game must keep the track of these mobs and allocate some resources to keep them from getting lost.

Utilizing a command to kill any mobs that are nearby can improve the frame rate of your game and also keep your computer from becoming overheated.

This guide will guide you through the platforms that are supported for commands, the commands to kill all mobs, and how to kill all mobs within Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

Minecraft Kill Command Compatibility

Minecraft VersionCommand Compatibility
JavaYes, /kill @e
Pocket EditionYes, /kill @e
XboxYes, /kill @e
PlaystationYes, /kill @e
Windows 10 (Bedrock)Yes, /kill @e
Education EditionYes, /kill @e

Every platform can be a candidate for the command /kill.

Utilizing this command by itself can kill any other entity surrounding you or even your player!

Be aware of this when you use this command.

Kill Commands

There’s only one kill command for every version of Minecraft.

You can choose the entities you want to be killed and what to avoid killing in your command, but all begin with /kill as the first command.

For Minecraft that runs the Java version in Minecraft (1.12+), you need to type the command /kill .

Where “targets” are what you’re trying to eliminate.

The command /kill kills all the creatures in a zone that includes your armour stands, minecarts, and even your player.

To ensure that you don’t kill your player, be sure you keep the command to not kill yourself too.

For instance that /kill @e[type=!player] can take out all other entities except your player.

ALL MOBS IN MINECRAFT Minecraft Guide: Command to Kill All Mobs

This command is actually the same across every version of Minecraft.

It is possible to test the command yourself in a different environment in case you’re playing difficult challenges.

Additionally, to stop your self from killing any armour stands or minecarts that are displayed for decoration make sure to add them to your list of objects to avoid them.

For example, “/kill @e [type=!player,type=!armor_stand,type=!minecart]”

How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft Minecraft Guide: Command to Kill All Mobs

Be aware that certain mobs can create additional mobs, for example, slimes.

The killing of a slime group one time will not necessarily result in fewer mobs being killed unless it’s slimed that were the smallest version.

Simply repeat the command two more times to make sure that no more slimes are in existence.

How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft?

As mentioned above it is just necessary to type /kill @e to take out everything in the game and even yourself.

If you want to prevent yourself from killing additional entities make sure to exclude yourself and other entities from the command by typing “type=!player” after you type @e. For example /kill @e [type=!player,type=!armor_stand,type=!minecart,type=!wolf] if you want to save your wolves, armour stands, minecarts, and of course yourself.

How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft 1 Minecraft Guide: Command to Kill All Mobs

With a great power comes great responsibility.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not kill anyone in your universe.

Be sure to exclude certain groups or entities in order to keep you away from killing your friends or decorations.


Q-How can I stop killing Mobs in Minecraft?

The sheer number of mobs that pile into an area could result in massive amounts of frame stuttering, without even realizing that they exist.

Each now and then you can use it to help to ensure the health of your server/world to execute an /kill command to remove any trader llamas that wander around as well as any other mob which does not disspawn.

Q-What can I do to remove those Leftovers After Using the Kill option in Minecraft?

It is convenient to note that the /kill command covers all entities.

This includes the drop from mobs that you’ve killed.

If you’re happy with the /kill command, or any other exclusions you would like to add, just open the commands once more and input them to allow the game to complete the last command you ran.

This will take away any extra drops that were dropped by mobs in the process of wiping.

Q-What is the Easiest Way to Kill all the Mobs in Minecraft?

It is most likely to be the command /kill@e.

This is a guaranteed method to kill all mobs in an area that is crowded in your game.

Make sure to add some exclusions to ensure that you’re not hurting yourself and other creatures you wish to protect.

Be careful and take your time when executing this rule.

The fact that you are able to do does not mean that you must.

Final Words

Congratulations, you have the ability to eliminate all the mobs in your area of Minecraft.

Mobs can cause a good amount of frame stuttering.

Making sure that Minecraft doesn’t spend a lot of time loading mobs will help your system run at a faster speed.

Naturally, you could use this option for games with adventure maps in which there is no need for mobs popping up everywhere.

Be sure to know the rules and test it in a place that you don’t have to worry about when you execute the command to kill all creatures.

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