18 Best Minecraft Survival Mods

We all enjoy Minecraft. But have you ever considered how you can make your life on the Overworld just that more enjoyable?

Mods are an integral component in Minecraft. Mods can transform the game and are generally positive. 

Minecraft players make use of mods to alter the appearance as well as the feel or the combination of these three. 

Mods are only available for Java Edition, but the majority of Java players use at minimum one mod.

It’s possible to add a few other creatures here, and a larger chest over there all would make everything great.

Fortunately, Minecraft is among the most enjoyable games that’s simple to modify. 

If you have something you’d like to be able to see in the game, it’s likely that you’re not alone.

They may have solved your issue for you!

So if you’re trying to enhance your survival game, this list can aid you.

18. Extended Caves

Extended Caves

If there’s a thing you’re bound to appreciate, it’s an interesting cave.

A common criticism in Minecraft is that the current underground structures seem a little… boring. The good news is that this will soon change!

The Extended Caves is, not surprisingly an extension of already-existing cave models available in the game.

Imagine vibrant, flexible edible mushrooms, pebbles that hold stalactites, and treasure-pots filled with goodies… everything underground.

Sometimes, there are monsters and lava… This is not the typical cave this is Minecraft you’ve heard of.

17. Dynamic Lights

Dynamic Lights

Being aware of what you’re doing can be helpful when you’re trying to make it through.

Unfortunately, Minecraft’s basic method of lighting isn’t the best.

That means things can turn dark even when you do not want them to.

For all we know, the dark is the place where dangers lurk.

Dynamic Lights transforms the shine of items of Minecraft by letting them project illumination on the surroundings they are placed upon landing after being dropped or in conjunction with other players.

It’s no surprise that the world has become a brighter space with this mod!



“WAILA,” which stands for “What Are I Looking At? ” It is among the most basic mods available that are available, however, it’s a significant improvement. 

Users no longer need to think about what block is what, or what the unidentified item is. 

Just by pointing your mouse at it and it will tell them that it is there, making the process simpler.

15. Not Enough Items

Not Enough Items 18 Best Minecraft Survival Mods

A majority of players don’t have all of the crafting recipes in their heads. 

In reality, they do not even know the majority of them. 

Thanks to this mod, Minecraft users are able to quickly find out what they need to know about something without the need to search for it. 

This is very helpful for Survival because it allows players what they require faster.

14. Minecraft Comes to Life

Minecraft Comes to Life

Brings a touch of that classic RPG feeling in Overworld. Bringing a bit of that old-school RPG feel to Overworld, MCA completely alters the way that villagers behave.

They are unique in their appearance, lets you chat with them, let you hire them, and get married!

After you’ve been married for a while, you’re able to have children, who will take care of chores.

If you’ve always wanted Minecraft to be a little more realistic, this mod is the right mod for you.

You’re able to survive skeletons and zombies But can you endure the married life?

13. BiblioCraft


Here’s a tip for you people who organize.

BiblioCraft introduces new blocks to the game which can be used to store various items.

From desks to bookshelves, you’ll be engrossed with furniture. Just like you were when you visited IKEA and purchased that funky chair that you’ve never built.

Like the title suggests, books are in the mix. You’ll also have a place to store your potions, weapons, armor, and more!

Your home will look neat and tidy. Your mother would love it.

12. Chisel


The fact that something isn’t inherently bad doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful!

Minecraft is the game of the century for creators and builders which is why this mod is a necessary mod for both novice players alike.

Chisel brings a vast array of blocks with decorative designs in the board game making for an almost endless possibility of building choices. 

Build yourself a chisel, and start working to make your dreams become reality.

You can also use an additional tool to ensure that designs that span several blocks won’t mess up your design by moving objects until they look exactly the way you want them to. 

So get building!

I’m hoping to see an exact 1/10th scale version in this Empire State Building stat.

11. Pam’s HarvestCraft

Pam's HarvestCraft

To live, you have to consume food.

This comprehensive mod focuses on farming and can be fantastic for every load order.

With more than 1400 new things as well as new food items You can rest sure that this mod will definitely enhance your gaming enjoyment.

The ever-growing mod also offers tofu as a vegetarian or vegan alternative, meaning that all the bases are taken care of.

Thanks to Pam’s HarvestCraft installed, no one will be hungry. You’ll be a full-time farmer within a matter of minutes.

10. Rope-Bridge


There’s no way to guess what this mod can do. 

You can use this mod to navigate through any gap and climb any wall, with the capacity to construct rope bridges and rope ladders. All with an easy point at shoot system.

What gun are you shooting? A grappling gun, yes!

The mod is customizable and allows players to set up their game to suit what they like, including construction animations as well as custom accomplishments so that you will be recognized for your achievements in bridge building.

Additionally, the mod automatically detects any obstacles that could hinder your possible builds and then alerts you accordingly. 

In order to ensure you don’t shoot the rope bridge directly into the trunk of a tree.

9. Here’s What You’re Seeking

Here's What You're Seeking

The power of information is in the hands of knowledge, and especially to ensure survival.

That old chestnut remains its value even in the world of Minecraft.

Modifications like this, abbreviated as HWYLA allow players to find out more information about objects simply by looking them up.

It will reveal what’s inside those storage containers, what’s in the furnace’s progress as well as whether the item is liquid (liquids appear as the buckets of your HUD).

It’s not even the start.

In essence, if you’re wanting to be aware of the game’s events the game, this is the perfect mod to have. Who wouldn’t want to be in the know?

8. Infernal Mobs

Infernal Mobs

It isn’t an easy task even in the toughest of times.

If you’re just cruising through life without a thought If so, Infernal Mobs could be the game you’re seeking.

The game randomly infuses various enemies with different abilities and enhancements, making them difficult to defeat.

From the ability to teleport to throwing fireballs you’ll discover that your fights aren’t as unipolar as they were.

Why would I choose to harm myself? I am begging you to stop me? Because winning will result in greater XP as well as some delicious things.

Does it matter? It’s entirely up to you.

7. Inventory Modifications

Inventory Modifications

Like all games, Minecraft can be sometimes a bit difficult to master.

The challenge of keeping your inventory neat and your storage system tidy can be an enormous job. 

Therefore, why not consider an upgrade to help out? Inventory Tweaks is precisely the right tool to help you with this. 

Not only can it help you sort through everything in your storage and inventory chests in one click, but, it can also replace damaged tools as you go through them.

Alongside customizable settings, and an array of helpful shortcuts It’s an amazing mod.

Unfortunately, the most current version of the mod was created Minecraft 1.13 and above, so if you want to upgrade above that you might require another alternative.

However, the creators are pushing others to transfer their Inventory Tweaks to their own platforms, so keep your fingers are crossed!

6. Iron Chests

Iron Chests

This is an easy mod that helps you organize yourself.

Simply put, Iron Chests allow you to design chests that have more capacity for storage dependent on the material that you choose to use for the chest. 

Crystal, diamond (transparent), as well as obsidian (blast resistant) chests, have an incredibly massive 108 slots for storage!

They can upgrade chests from one stage to another, and there’s even one designed specifically to carry dirt DirtChest 900!

5. Biomes O’Plenty

Biomes O'Plenty

There aren’t many things more beautiful than nature.

The vanilla world is beautiful do you ever think it could use some fresh air?

Biomes O’Plenty offers a refreshing revamp of the game’s basic mechanics and brings a variety of new Biomes for both Overworld as well as the Nether!

Include the latest blocks, plants, trees, and much more You’ve got yourself an essential mod.

4. LotsOmobs


Who doesn’t love animals?

If you are a fan of Minecraft becoming an animal kingdom is likely the best way to play.

LotsOMobs brings over 25 different mobs into the game, including birds, fish, lions penguins and dinosaurs, and much more.

If that weren’t enough to get you started, receive new biomes for animals to explore as well as two brand-new human NPC kinds.

If you’re looking to add a little variation to your game, then don’t skip this game. It’s an absolute blast to play around with.

3. Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items

This mod will make your life so much more enjoyable and reduce the time you spend browsing through pages to locate the recipe details and quickly locate the ingredients you require.

Simply with a couple of simples to master shortcuts, Just Enough Items will reveal the possibilities you have with an item, and also what recipes they include.

Alongside, it provides users with a search feature that will direct you to the item you want and with no hassle.

This is a sleek and easy mod that can bring many things to the gaming experience by simply making it easier. This is something you’ll ever want to get rid of when you have it installed.

2. JourneyMap


If you’ve come this far to this list, then you’ve likely been familiar with JourneyMap.

The most downloaded mod available on CurseForge is at the top of nearly everyone’s “greatest smashes” checklist and for great reason.

In all likelihood, everyone would like to know where they’re headed?

JourneyMap creates the map for your Minecraft world while you play around the world, making it easier to navigate to your destination later on.

It’s not over yet to complete your initial exploration So, wannabe Marco Polos shouldn’t worry about it.

The map can be seen using a web browser as an image, or full-screen if you’re truly lost.

1. Optifine

Optifine 18 Best Minecraft Survival Mods

This Optifine mod doesn’t make any significant changes regarding the gameplay of Minecraft. 

It enhances a lot of other aspects, however. 

Optifine provides an impressive zoom feature that enhances the FPS and all other features awe-inspiring.

The game feels and looks significantly more enjoyable than it typically does, which is why this is the absolute best mod Minecraft can offer. 

The mod Optifine is one that every Java Edition player should have.

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