How to tame a Fox in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, foxes are fantastic allies to have on your side.

A fox who is tamed will take on any mob that harms its owner.

The foxes who aren’t tamed are usually an uninvolved mob in the game.

They will only take on the ones who do not provoke or attack them.

Foxes are typically located in Taiga, snowy or giant taiga ecosystems.

They are classified as nocturnal.

It is also important to remember that you should not walk up to a fox and expect it to stay still.

You have to hold the crouch button in order to get close to it.

This guide will discuss the best way to handle a Minecraft Fox in the most straightforward manner and will answer some frequently requested questions regarding the procedure.

Requirements for Taming a Fox in Minecraft

To be able to control a fox in Minecraft you will require two sweet berries that will convince two foxes to mate and 1 lead to master your brand new Fox.

A lead can be easily obtained via crafting with 3 strings and 1 slimeball as shown below, via using the crafting table.

sweet berries minecraft 1 How to tame a Fox in Minecraft?

Sweet berries can be obtained by harvesting the sweet berry bushes.

The berries are found in all biomes in the Taiga (including giant taigas, snow taigas, and tree Taigas) and are extremely widespread with a spawning rate of 1/12 for each chunk.

How do you tame a Fox in Minecraft?

To control a fox, firstly you’ll need to breed the foxes because adult foxes can’t be tamed.

To persuade the foxes to breed, offer sweet fruits to the Fox you would like to breed.

After you’ve given the berries to them just wait for them to reproduce.

The fox born of the breeding will remain loyal to you.

By attaching a lead you can also force him to follow you.

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

This is a step-by-step pictorial guide on how to manage a fox in Minecraft:

For starters, it is necessary to find the two adult foxes.

Foxes are typically located in the Taiga giant tree and frozen taiga ecosystems.

how to tame a fox minecraft How to tame a Fox in Minecraft?

If you’re looking to control an ox with white color, you should focus your hunt on the snowy areas of the Taiga since it is the place where the famous “snow fox” reproduces.

Foxes will by default escape from the player therefore, make sure you take your time approaching them and do not come too close as it would scare them.

If you spot two adult foxes, offer each of them a sweet berry which will prompt the fox pair to start breeding.

It is possible to feed a fox simply by placing a sweet berry in your hand and then interacting with it.

Once the foxes have completed breeding, a fox will be born.

This newly born is likely to grow into your trust and tame the pet after you have completed the next few steps.

The foxes that are born will prefer to remain loyal to their parents, not to them, so you have to basically “kidnap” the newborn fox away from its parent so that it can become a healthy adult fox who trusts you.

The most effective method for doing this is by using a lead.

Simply engage with the baby Fox while holding the lead, and then walk a significant distance away from the two-parent foxes.

how to tame a How to tame a Fox in Minecraft?

After being at your side for some time in the lead the fox will eventually start to believe in you.

You’ll know it happens as the fox will start to fight mobs who attempt to harm you.

If you can prove that your new companion loves you enough to fight for you, it will be deemed to be fully tamed, and its leaders could be taken away.

The behavior of Minecraft Foxes

Foxes in Minecraft which are untamed will try their best to stay clear of you.

This is why it is crucial to avoid being seen when the foxes are breeding by crouching and sneezing.

After being tamed they will remain loyal companions in the same way as a tamed wolf and will assist you to defeat hostile mobs and protect your life until they die.

Foxes are also able to put words inside their mouths to make their attack more potent.

If you want to give your fox an actual sword, you must play by holding it with the sword.

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Q. What are the most important food items to control a fox in Minecraft?

In the past foxes needed sweet berries to breed.

This is an essential element in controlling a fox during the game.

Q. What do you get from an eagle in Minecraft?

Apart from being a fact that they are adorable, a well-behaved fox will fight for you with aplomb and also make use of the weapons they are given.

This makes foxes an extremely effective bodyguard that is not matched by other mobs.

Q. Do foxes that have been tamed run away in Minecraft?

The fox that has been tamed will not flee from you.

You can persuade your animal to remain within a certain area just like an untamed wolf.

All you have to do is engage with the fox, without holding anything in your hands, and it will remain in its place until you tell it to move elsewhere.

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