How to Make a Boat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, boats are among the most reliable and cost-effective ways to travel across vast areas of water swiftly.

They’ve been a common feature in Minecraft since 2010 due to their easy crafting recipe. They move at different speeds depending on the block they’re on.

They’re also utilized by players to carry mobs over long distances when leads aren’t possible, similar to villagers on the map.

The Required Materials to Craft a Boat in Minecraft:

The items you’ll need for building an inflatable boat in Minecraft include:

  1. A table for crafting
  2. 5 planks of wood (of all kinds)

How do I make a boat in Minecraft?

In a nutshell:

To build a boat using Minecraft, you must open the crafting area that is comprised of the grid 3×3. 

Set up 2 oak planks on the first row on either side of each other and 3 oak planks on the third row. When you’ve completed making the boat, you can move it into your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide:

This is the step-by-step picture guide to follow in order to build boats in Minecraft:

The first step is to cut down any kind of wood to obtain the wood that is required to make the recipe. 

Three logs at a minimum are required to make this recipe, taking into consideration the table for crafting and the boats themselves.

To create wooden planks, simply put the logs that you have taken in any of the slots on the table for crafting in the survival inventory, like the one below.

ezgif 2 b365623ef2 How to Make a Boat in Minecraft?

When the logs have been converted into planks of wood, you can then move on to building a table for crafting.

It is necessary to have a crafting table to build the boat since it won’t fit on a two-by-2 survival inventory table.

Once you’ve set your craft table, you can make use of the remaining planks to build the boat you’d like. 

Place them in a U-shape across the table for crafting in the manner shown in the picture below.

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An Explainer Video

Final Words

Congratulations! You’ve built an entire boat! Boats are extremely beneficial in Minecraft, regardless of whether you’re playing with them on the ocean or elsewhere. 

Boats don’t have to be used for tools; they can also be used to decorate blocks for a built dock or harbor. 

With Minecraft, the possibilities are limitless. Boats can be utilized to play parkour in various forms! It’s your choice how you utilize it.

Happy sailing!

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