Minecraft Guide: Diamond Farm

Are you living life in the wild but becoming bored from not having sufficient diamonds around you? 

Do you want to construct a whole fortress of diamonds but don’t want to endure the entire process of mining this resource manually? 

If yes, then we’ll take a look at an automated system developed and created by YouTuber StellarMC, who can make your own automated diamond farm. 

This is how you can create it.

Required Materials to Make a Diamond Farm

For the development of this complex device, you’ll likely require a large number of devices and sources in order to accomplish your goal. 

Be aware that a lot of what you’ll need will be sophisticated materials, which means that much of it will be unable to be obtained until around the final stage of survival mode, in the event that you’re playing this way. 

The required materials include:

  1. Stone blocks
  2. Two chest blocks
  3. Multiple Diamond ore
  4. Three, three hoppers
  5. Four Redstone torches
  6. Multiple pistons
  7. Multiple slime pistons
  8. Redstone dust

How To Build a Diamond Farm in Minecraft

Step 1:

In the beginning, you’re going to first take four of your stones and arrange them in a pattern where there is an opening in the middle.

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You’ll then need to build an extension for one of the blocks to build an additional chest that is double-sized. 

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Remove the block that was the foundation of it and proceed with the next step.

Step 2:

In the next step, you’ll need to build three hoppers in the middle of your structure, as well as two diamond ore sets a block from the side where the chest is located.

ezgif 2 e7f3a5aa78 Minecraft Guide: Diamond Farm

Thereafter, you’ll install two slime pistons, which are not just floating but also just a block away from diamond ore.

ezgif 2 d0958ec8bc Minecraft Guide: Diamond Farm

Step 3:

It is then time to place two pistons on either side of the chest as well as on the inward-facing portion of it. 

Then, you’ll put two sets of blocks on either side of the growing device, which you then put Redstone dust over.

ezgif 2 b1052ab3c8 1 Minecraft Guide: Diamond Farm

Step 4:

The next step is to put levers on your blocks that contain redstone dust, and then you can place redstone torchlights on the inside of the device you made to expand the range of activated redstone dust.

ezgif 2 b9709ab3a6 Minecraft Guide: Diamond Farm

Step 5:

Then, you’ll install two pistons on the opposite side of your device, slightly higher than your diamond ore.

To turn them on, you’ll need to put the redstone dust trail in front of the pistons to enable them to activate, and then generate enough lag for the diamond you are farming to replicate its own.

ezgif 2 b0586e564e Minecraft Guide: Diamond Farm

Then, all you need to do is collect the item you wish to purchase.

Final Words

It may be necessary to experience a little bit of trial and error before you complete the integration to ensure that you are cultivating diamonds.

If you follow the directions to the letter or take a look at StellarMC’s video on this issue, you can have an entire diamond farming operation in under 10 minutes.

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