It can be difficult to navigate Minecraft servers.

When you have to work in server files, even simple tasks can become a major headache.

It is not that difficult!

This is how you update your Minecraft server.

Minecraft updates quite frequently, so it is important to learn how to keep your Minecraft server current.

How to update a server in Minecraft?

Create a new folder and select all files, except logs, Eula, or Old Server.

Then, place them in the new directory.

Select the files you wish to delete.

Next, download the latest Minecraft server that can be executed directly from the official website.

The new executable should be placed in the existing folder.

Change the line in the text document to ‘eula=true.

Take the files you created from your folder and copy them back.

Step-by-Step Guide:

There is no need to update your Minecraft server if you change the software that it runs on.

This is either the.jar file or the.exe file.

This will ensure that your settings and world are transferred to the new server.

Navigate through the files of your Minecraft server.

The location of the main executable and properties files.

You can create a new folder.

It will be used only for the purpose of updating the server.

These files are: the world> folder, banned ips’ JSON file, banned–players’ json File, ops’ json File,?server’ properties file,?usercache’ JSON file, and a ‘whitelist’.

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These files should be placed in the folder that you have just created.

You will now have a folder called ‘logs’ and a text file called ‘EULA’.

The primary server executable is also present.

These files are exclusive to the old server version.

They will be deleted when you update.

Navigate to Minecraft’s website to download the latest Minecraft server executable.

The new server executable should be placed in the same folder as your old server files.

Next, run the server.

The server will not start.

Instead, it will create new versions of files that you have just deleted, and a ‘server properties’ file will be created.

Open the text file titled “Eula” and change the line that says “eula=false” to “eula=true”.

This is Minecraft’s End User License Agreement.

You must agree to it before your Minecraft server can run.

Once your server is up and running, copy your files to the folder that you have created.

Keep an extra copy of your files in the folder just in case something goes wrong.

Replace any files in the folder, and then start your server executable.

It will open the normal server window, and then load your world.

Now your Minecraft server is up-to-date!

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Q. Do Minecraft servers update automatically?

No, even if you use service providers, servers won’t update automatically.

This is because certain worlds may become corrupted or broken during an update.

Make sure you have backups before you attempt to update your Minecraft server, no matter how powerful your computer is.

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Q. How can I check the version of my Minecraft server?

You can check the version of your Minecraft server by looking at its page in-game.

Open Minecraft in the latest version and hover your mouse on its ping icon.

If the server’s ping icon has a red circle with an X and says “server out of date!” that means it isn’t running the latest version and you will have to update it.

Q. How can I add mods to my Minecraft server?

First, you will need to replace the server file with a modified one.

Fabric and forge work the same way and you will get a server executable that is identical to a normal Minecraft server.

Simply place mod files in a folder called ‘mods’ within your server folder to install them.

Q-How can I add plugins to my Minecraft server?

Plugins work exactly the same way.

You can use the plugin-enabled server, executable of your choosing: bukkit or spigot, paper or any other method.

Then, place the plugin files in a folder called ‘plugins’.

Final Words

It is important to keep your Minecraft server updated.

This can help you have a great Minecraft multiplayer experience.

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