How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

Dyes are used for a variety of purposes for use in Minecraft. They can be used to dye sheep’s wool collars for wolves, and cat collars that are tamed. 

It is also possible to make decorative blocks like-colored ceramic, concrete, and wool. 

There are 16 colors of dye that you can pick from, which include pink, cyan, orange, and green. 

At the end of this tutorial, you’ll discover how to create green dyes in Minecraft’s Java, Bedrock, and Education versions and Education editions of Minecraft.

Materials Required to Make Minecraft Green Dye

  1. Cactus
  2. Furnace
  3. Fuel for your Furnace

You will need a furnace to melt a cactus to make green dye. To smelt the cactus in the first place, you’ll need a furnace.

You will also need some fuel to cook it. You will need 8 cobblestones to build the furnace. For fuel, you can use any wood item or any other plant item. 

Each cactus that you melt will give you one green dye. It is up to you how many you wish to make.

How to Make/Get Green Dye in Minecraft

For green dye, take a cactus out of the desert biome. Place it in the furnace GUI’s top cell. Fill the lower cell with whatever fuel you prefer, such as wood or coal. 

Wait for the arrow to fill in the middle. Once your green dye is ready, click on it and drag it into the inventory.

Three methods can be used to obtain green dye in Minecraft. It is possible to make your own green dye using a furnace and cactus or you can trade it with a wandering trader for 3 green dyes for 1 emerald.

green dye minecraft How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

You can also find it in desert village house boxes. Trading with a wandering trader or looting desert chests are more luck than anything, so we’ll focus on the best way to grow green dye: smelting Cactus.

First Step: Locating cactus

Cacti can only spawn in deserts. However, one cactus can be found in an igloos basement, which is less common. You can grow a potentially endless number of cacti if you have just one cactus.

Be sure to reach the lowest block of the cactus. You can break a cactus if you start at the top. It will explode if a block is broken into pieces.

You can also gather sand while you’re there to help grow cacti at home. A shovel is faster than a hand-held shovel.

Step 2: Making a Furnace

You will need to build a furnace if you don’t have one. You will need a pickaxe to start mining the stone. To make a furnace, you will need 8 cobblestones.

Place cobblestone in all slots except the middle one at a crafting table.

Once your furnace is finished, you can place it on a flat surface and fill the bottom with the fuel of choice.

Step 3 – The Green Dye is Ready

Once you have your furnace set up, place a cactus inside the furnace’s top slot to start cooking the green dye. Your green dye will be ready once the arrow is full.

Place some sand wherever you want a cactus plant garden. To ensure you have a constant supply of cactus, place a cactus on top of the soil.

Blocks cannot be placed next to cactus blocks. The cactus will pop out if there is a block right next to it. 

minecraft cactus How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

This can be used to your advantage by placing a brick one space above the area where the cactus is growing. 

If there is a water source nearby that can be used to pump water into a hopper, the cactus will grow and then break apart.

This is how you can make green dye and how to supply green dye to Minecraft.

Minecraft uses of green dye

A green dye can be used in many ways in Minecraft. You can also dye the collar of a cat or a wolf to personalize your pets.

A bed can be dyed to have green sheets, regardless of the color of the wool used. The Bedrock Edition allows you to dye any color of the bed, regardless of its original color. 

You can only dye a white bed in the Java edition. You can dye a bed by placing it and a green dye in the crafting menu. The same interaction applies to wool.

green sheep minecraft How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

A green dye can be used to mix with other colors. This is how you can make lime green or cyan dye. To make cyan, combine a blue and a green dye.

To make lime green dye, you can use both green dye and white dye. The two dyes used in these recipes to create a different color will result in the dye yielding 2 of each color.

A sheep can be dyed to grow green wool. To change the color of the sheep, right-click the dyed one. It will be able to grow green wool from now on.

Certain blocks can be dyed with any color. These blocks include glass, carpets, terracotta. You will need to combine the green dye with the shulker boxes in the same crafting menu.

You will need to cover a piece with terracotta or glass dye. This is so that you don’t need to use a lot of dye in order to create a unique build. 

using green dye minecraft How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

This recipe will give you 8 blocks each time you finish it.

To make concrete powder, you can combine 4 sand blocks and 4 gravel blocks with the dye of choice. The recipe yields 8 concrete powder as long as it has 4 sand, 4 gravels, and 1 green dye.

To change the color of your base rocket recipe, you can dye a firework star to get a different explosion. To make the flamework star fade, simply place it with the dye you chose.

This is Minecraft’s use of green dye.


Is Cactus the Only Way to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

A green dye can also be obtained by trading with wandering traders or looting the desert village chests. 

Although neither of these options is very reliable, there are other ways to get the green dye. 

Melting cactus is the easiest option. Instead of looking for desert villages or hoping that a wandering trader will offer the green dye, try looting deserts.

How do you Get Lime Green Dye in Minecraft?

To make lime green dye you can mix the white dye with green dye or place a sea pickle in your furnace. 

A sea pickle can be smelted to make one lime green dye, much like smelting a cactus. It is possible to bone-meal sea pickles and makes sea pickles that can be grown in infinite quantities.

What is the Rarest Dye in Minecraft?

There are no difficult dyes, but magenta dye takes the longest to find. 

The magenta dye may be the most difficult to find, but it is possible to find blue and red, combine purple with pink, and then combine red and white. 

Magenta can be difficult to make, as it requires another step. Brown is the rarest dye since you can only make brown dye from cocoa beans. Jungles are also relatively rare.

Is there a Green Flower in Minecraft?

Although there are many different flower colors available in Minecraft, none of them will produce a green dye. 

There are many flower colors in Minecraft, including yellow, red, orange, and pink tulips, as well as blue orchids. 

However, you won’t find any flower that will give Minecraft green dye. Although many flowers are green, they won’t give you green dye if placed in a crafting list.

Final Word

You now know how to make Minecraft green dye. You also now understand the uses of green dye in Minecraft. 

There are 16 options for green dyes available for Minecraft. Most of these applications can be used for any of the available dyes. 

Knowing which blocks can be dyed will help you understand the options available to you. 

There are many color combinations that you can create, from dyeing your sheets to your pet’s collars to stained glass.

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