Minecraft: How to make a Beacon?

To create a beacon, place 3 obsidian stones in the row that is the last in the crafting GUI, a netherite star in the center, and then fill the rest of the boxes with 5 glass blocks.

Add it to your inventory and then place the beacon on the top of a pyramid.

It will give you a special power-up within the area.

Beacons first appeared as early as Update 0.16.0 and served as an efficient, but expensive, block that could emit an intense beam of light toward the sky.

In their current form, beacons are mostly used to give potent effects like speed, jump boost, regeneration, haste, or strength to the nearby players.

Beacons are also used by gamers as a source of light because they emit light sources with a value of 15.

The materials needed to create a beacon

To create a beacon, you’ll need to

  1. 1 Nether Star
  2. 3 Obsidian
  3. 5 Glass

If you’re not sure the best way to get these items, consult these instructional videos.

How do you create a beacon in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide:

To set up a beacon in Minecraft, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1:

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To begin, you must open the craft table’s menu.

Step 2:

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When you are inside the menu for crafting tables, arrange 3 glass blocks in one row in the middle.

In the second row, you should have one glass block in the box at the top, one nether-star in the second one, and one glass block inside the third box.

In the lower row, there are 3 obsidians in the row.

It should be identical to the picture below.

Step 3:

Drag the newly-created beacon from the menu of crafting tables into your inventory.

Explainer Video


Q. How many blocks does a full beacon require?

Ans. It needs a total of 64 blocks to make the pyramid you set your Beacon on.

Q. How do you fully power the beacon?

Ans. The 81 blocks are arranged on the bottom layer of a 9×9 square.

49 blocks are arranged in a 7×7 square.

25 blocks are placed in 5×5 squares.

9 blocks are arranged in the 3×3 square.

Make the whole pyramid complete and put the beacon on the top.

The block types acceptable in the pyramid have to be either iron blocks, diamond blocks, or gold blocks.

Final Words

Beacons aren’t an essential item in Minecraft. However, they can be extremely useful because you can incorporate potion effects that can aid in the tasks in your vicinity.

Beacons can also serve as reliable markers since they project an unmissable light beam into the sky, signalling their distant location.

To power and operate the beacon, requires a pyramid-shaped structure made of expensive mineral blocks that must be constructed to serve as the base for the beacon, as explained earlier.

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