How to Find Netherite in Minecraft

Netherite is among some of the best resources available in Minecraft. Netherite ingots are used in the process of enhancing diamond equipment, making it stronger and more durable.

Another advantage that makes Netherite equipment apart is that it is both lava and fire-resistant, in contrast to other equipment. 

But, players have to be aware of cactus blocks since they can cause destruction to Netherite objects.

Netherite ingots are created by mixing four gold ingots and 4 Netherite scraps. 

The problem lies in getting the Netherite scraps that can be obtained by melting ancient materials or through loot from chests that are spawned from Bastion Remnants.

Ancient materials can be extracted by using either diamond pickaxes or Netherite pickaxes, and can only be located within the Nether. 

It is located in veins of 4 or more, however, most often gamers will see it in a single block.

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Where can I Find Netherite?

mining How to Find Netherite in Minecraft

Netherite, as it is named is found only in the Nether, particularly at levels 8-22 of Y-level. It is true that the Y-level 15 level has the greatest chance of creating Ancient Debris.

The block is melted to Netherite Scraps (which can then be melted to form ingots). 

Ancient Debris does not spawn out in the open and therefore you’ll be able to find it hidden among other blocks. 

You’ll need a diamond pickaxe in order to extract Ancient Debris and each block mined will drop just one piece. 

When you go out to hunt, be cautious as it’s easy to fill the tunnel you are exploring with hot lava, or be swept away by an unexpected opening in the blocks below you.

If you do not happen to use coordinates yet, you can enable them from the menu that is under setting for games “show the coordinates”. 

The second number that you see is the Y coordinate that you need to be paying attention to when you hunt.

Is It Possible to Find It Otherwhere?

Yes, there are many different places to look for it. The ancient Debris, Netherite Scraps, and Netherite Ingots are all located within those hidden treasure chests from Bastion Remnants. 

These constructed structures can be found in all biomes of the Nether apart from Basalt Deltas. 

They can be identified in the Polished Blackstone Brick blocks which differ vastly from the Nether Bricks that make up the Nether Fortress.

There is a good chance to find Netherite Scraps as well as Ancient Debris in generic chests in Bastion Remnants as well in the chests belonging to the Hoglin Stable and Treasure Room variants, with the highest drop rate. 

Netherite Ingots are only located within the Treasure Room of the Bastion Remnant.

It is possible to identify all four Bastion Remnant variants in the following manner:

  • Bridge- The bridge is made up of a huge damaged rampart structure that has the Piglin face that has been carved into it. 
  • The interior part of the “mouth” comprises multiple levels of walkways that are surrounded by the lava. 
  • A bridge that is damaged extends from the mouth. It has an additional pillar of support on the other side.
  • Hoglin Stables- Hoglin Stables The Hoglin stables comprise three ramparts, with damaged Hoglin stables to the opposite side.
  • Housing Units- The housing unit is made up of a series of ruined ramparts that are arranged in a courtyard central to the area. Nether Wart rising in its middle.
  • The Treasure Room- The structure of the treasure room is made up of a huge rampart, supported by buttresses, and an archway connecting it and the room that is the treasure.

Methods to get Netherite ways to obtain Netherite Minecraft

Here are the best methods to acquire netherite on Minecraft Java & Bedrock:

5. Strip Mining

Strip mining How to Find Netherite in Minecraft

Strip mining can be described as the simplest method to obtain Netherite The best way to locate it is at the location that Y=12. 

The players should place two blocks between lanes and mine along straight lines, making strips.

The players must be aware of the lava pockets they could encounter when mining. 

Although strip mining might seem like a tedious process it’s actually very simple to carry out, extremely efficient, and requires only diamond pickaxes.

4. Mining TNT

TNT mining How to Find Netherite in Minecraft

If a player has the ability to access TNT, it could be an extremely efficient mining tool to find old debris. 

This is because of the very low radiation resistance Netherrack as well as the strong blast resistance of older debris.

This means that lots of Netherrack are destroyed during a TNT blast, leaving behind any treasured ancient debris inside.

To begin mining TNT players have to return towards Y =12 and light the TNT piece and then step back a little and look at it clear the area, leaving any ancient debris visible.

The problem with this strategy is the shortage of TNT. Players are either required to have a huge amount of gunpowder or be able to acquire enough TNT from scavenging desert temples.

3. Bed mining

Bed mining How to Find Netherite in Minecraft

Beds are as effective as TNT when utilized within the Nether. 

This is because if players attempt to lay down on a bed within the Nether and the bed is thrown up, it will explode but with less force than TNT.

The process of mining beds is exactly the same as TNT mining, as explained in 4. 

While the explosion is smaller, bed mining is an extremely sustainable resource since they are constructed out of very low-cost wool and planks of wood.

2. Bastion Remnant loot

Bastion Remnant loot

For those who want to test themselves by taking on the Bastion Remnant, There’s a good chance that they’ll come across Netherite scraps within chests that produce. 

Sometimes, if players are extremely lucky, a full Netherite ingot could be discovered.

The players must be prepared to face the Piglin hoards, which could be difficult to defeat. Like reality, there’s no real reward that isn’t accompanied by risk.

1. End crystal mining

End crystal mining

If players have resources that they wish to use, players could put end crystals in the ground and shoot them with bows to clear an area quickly. 

This is another method to create an explosion that will bring out the ancient debris.

However, this is an extremely costly method of mining for ancient material since end crystals require eyelashes and ghast tears to create. 

But, if the players have many of these materials then they may want to make use of these items.

Players can utilize Netherite to accomplish anything listed above.

Minecraft can be downloaded on the PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and many more platforms.

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