How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

While not an essential element in the Minecraft game, using smokers can assist users to cook meals and that too faster than using a simple furnace.

The goal is inexpensive. To manufacture very early in the game, everyone should have one within their arsenal to use for speedrunning or an appliance for their kitchen in their kitchen. 

They are quick to work, cooking the meal of a king in a fraction of the time that the normal furnace takes.

How to Craft a Smoker?

The components you’ll need for making the perfect smoker include:

  1. 7 Logs
  2. 8 Cobblestone

In a Nutshell:

To create a smoker put one furnace in the middle and place 4 pieces of wood logs or even stripped logs within the 3×3 grid of crafting. 

chopping a tree minecraft How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

Any type of wood could be utilized. Simply click on the smoker, then move it into your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here are the step-by-step pictorial instructions, you must follow in order to create a Smoker in Minecraft:

smoker recipe minecraft How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

The first thing you’ll require to build to make a smoker is a craft table. The initial step in creating crafting tables is to convert three recently purchased logs into planks made of wood. 

Keep 4 logs intact for making the smoker block later.

To create wooden planks, simply place the wood logs which were taken in any of the slots on the crafting table of the survival inventory like the one below.

When the logs are transformed into planks of wood, you can then move on to making a crafting table.

You’ll require a table for crafting to make the most basic type of pickaxe that will collect your first cobblestone pieces. The first step to making a pickaxe involves making the sticks that will be used for the handle. 

You can make use of the survival inventory table or the table for crafting you have just built to create your sticks.

For making sticks, put two planks of wood between them on the right or left side of the square as illustrated above.

You must now construct an axe. This can be accomplished by working with a table for crafting. 

In the table of crafting, you can place the planks in a row at the very top of your GUI and put two sticks underneath the middle plank as you can see above. 

This will make the pickaxe needed to gather your cobblestone, a necessary block to make the furnace.

Minecraft Furnace Crafting Guide:

The first step in making a furnace, after you’ve obtained at least eight pieces of cobblestone is opening the menu for your crafting table.

To create a furnace to make a furnace, put eight pieces of cobblestone along the perimeter within the craft GUI with a gap of space in the middle of the square.

After you’ve built an oven, you are able to start an oven using some of the remaining components.

furnace minecraft How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

Then, putting the new furnace block you’ve just built in the middle of the table for crafting by enclosing it in four logs of wood in a diamond-like shape will provide you with a smoking block. 

All four corners must be clear, as shown below. You are now able to put down the new grill and prepare the food item you’ve gathered in your kitchen.

How to use a Smoker?

By right-clicking on the smoker, you would get into the crafting table that will open smoking’s GUI. It should appear the same as in the picture below.

Once you’ve opened the GUI, fill the space to the left on the grill with the raw food item. This will let you cook it when you add the fuel.

In the area that is available, beneath the block you want to use or other food product, place the fuel you are using. 

smoker minecraft How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

This could include charcoal, coal or a bucket of lava, or other items made from wood. This is what will power the smoker to cook your preferred food item.

You must now wait until the arrow fills completely. The arrow at the middle of the menu for furnaces is an indication of the extent to which the furnace is cooking process.

The bar fills up in a separate way for each block or food item put in the furnace. Once the bar is full, it will be reset. 

After that, your food or block will be completely ready to be taken out of the furnace and used.

Once your block is cooked or completely melted and is completely melted, you can profit from the benefits of melting and put the block to great use.

FAQs on Smokers

1. What are the foods you can cook using the smoker?

Smokers cook almost every food item that is made in Minecraft. They can be utilized to prepare raw foods like chicken, beef rabbit, mutton and many fish species. 

Cooked meat has much higher saturation over its raw counterparts which is why it is advantageous prepare your meal prior to when you consume it, particularly in the case of low appetite. 

Furthermore, it is possible to prepare potatoes for baking potatoes.

2. Can smokers be moved by pistons?

Smokers are not able to be moved through pistons, and neither can blast furnaces and furnaces.

3. Where are smokers to be found on the creative menu?

Smokers are available in the decorative block panel within the creative menu.

4. In the event of a fire, how much does a smoker’s light level?

Smokers have a brightness that is 13 when they are operating and in use. Smokers do not emit the light when they are not burning fuel.

Final Words

Congratulations! You’ve made a successful furnace. 

To get your first drop in fuel, you may prefer using your pickaxe to extract additional three pieces of cobblestone, to create an axe made of stone.

Then you can utilize the pickaxe you made from wood as the first piece for cooking your meals.

Enjoy cooking!

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