21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

These horses have captured our imagination with their speed as well as beauty and grace.

They’re loved by millions of people around the globe.

Also, yes there are virtual horses there as well!

Why not bring the enthralling nature of these creatures to Minecraft? We already have them in the game, but this set of mods can certainly improve the gameplay in many ways.

Here’s a list of the top Minecraft horse mods! 

21. Craftable Horse Armour and Saddle (1.17)

craftable horse armor and saddle mod mc 1 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

While the name of this mod seems pretty easy to understand, I’ll try to clarify things for you. 

This mod is based on horses and allows you to design all types of saddles and horse armor. 

The different kinds of armors (silver gold, diamond, and) offer various levels of protection.


  1. It modifies all sorts of armor for horses, as well as the saddle affixed to them.
  2. Plus, more than six million downloads on Curseforge!
  3. Working on Minecraft 1.17!

20. Horse Tweaks Minecraft Mod

horse tweaks mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

It is now possible to enhance the capabilities of your horses by upgrading their saddles in various ways. 

This mod allows you to upgrade your saddles by crafting them with different materials based on the enhancement you desire. 

Some of these upgrades can allow your horse to swim, stroll through leaves, walk across the water, and even walk on the Nether without burning the saddle. 

There are plenty of other upgrades that will make life extremely easy for both horses and riders!


  1. Adds saddle upgrades
  2. It reduces frustration with horses.
  3. More than ten additional saddles in Minecraft

19. Tack for horses Tack

horse tack mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

If you’re searching for something distinct from the standard saddles and armor for horses then look for something else.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, tack refers to the equipment that you use to handle or ride horses.

It also includes saddles, bridles, stirrups, and reins.

Horse Tack (the version that has been updated) includes six new types of tack that you can outfit your horse with within the styles of racing, Western, English, jumping, halters, and the basic riding saddle pad types.

Each one is offered in a variety of 16 different colors.

18. Hwyla Addon Horse Info (1.17)

hwyla horse mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

This add-on mod will provide you with horse stats including jump strength and speed data when you view a horse. 

This addon must be activated in the Hwyla plugin settings before you can use it. 

Make sure you install this addon to keep you updated about the various horses that are roaming!


  1. Speed and jump statistics
  2. Almost one million downloads on Curseforge!
  3. Working on Minecraft 1.17!

17. Better Horse Hud

better horse hud mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

It is known as the Better Horse Hud is a mod that alters the Minecraft heads-up display every time you are riding the back of a horse or riding it. 

After installing this mod you’ll be able to see your hunger as well as the health of the horse, as the jump bar remains obscured (unless you’re jumping). 

Install this mod to change your view when riding horses.

16. MyHorse Minecraft Mod

myhorse mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Do you want to control your horses? 

You should get the Minecraft horse mods you must have to gain more control over your horse! 

You can now label it, secure it from theft and secure it to be tamed by other horses or put it up for auction, teleport yourself to it, and then teleport it to you, and so many more!

15. Callable Horses

callable horses mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Based on the name the mod lets you contact your horse with a single press and it will immediately appear wherever it is (so faithful, isn’t it?). 

This can be done to your horses. If you have an animal (or a horse or a llama) simply hop on it then press P. If your horse doesn’t belong to anyone, it is yours. 

This means you’ll be capable of pressing V and having your horse call to you. So convenient, right?


  1. Press a button to call your horse.
  2. Working on Minecraft 1.16!

14. Minecraft Horse Stables Mod

hay mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Do you want to find a better way to handle your horses? 

This mod provides an online stabilization system for stables that allows you to purchase, store as well as summon your horses. 

You can change the name, protect and swap horses, and purchase and keep your horses stable. 

You can also manage them according to the breed and manage them so that they can be included in your stable. 

Get your hands on this extremely practical method to enjoy these and many other benefits!

13. Horse Modifiers

horse modifiers mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

This Horse Modifiers mod lets you alter your horses and their breeds. 

It is possible to alter the breeds of your horses by adding carrots to alter the traits of the horses when they are eaten. 

It was previously done by breeding them with each other, but nowadays you can achieve this by feeding them specific carrots to alter their traits.


  1. Working on Minecraft 1.16!

12. Horns, Wings & Hooves

horns hooves and wings mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

This mod is definitely… distinct.

It offers new and exciting alternatives to normal Minecraft horses. You can transform them into many different species, like Unicorn or the Pegasus, Nightmare, Destrier, Hippocamp, Hippogriff, Kirin, and even the Reindeer.

The mod adds an array of new items like magical wands, horseshoes the helms of horses, and Pegasus wingtips. They can be used to give your horse new powers!

There’s even the latest (and extremely advanced) genetics engine, which allows you to breed your dream horses together as well as with standard Minecraft horses.

This personalized DNA system offers the possibility of both recessive and dominant genes and allows your horses to stand the possibility of passing on their distinctive traits to their offspring.

Are you looking to start an equestrian ranch?

11. Realistic Horse Genetics

realistic horse genetics mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Regarding breed horses…

Realistic Horse Genetics may be a more straightforward horse breeding method to test out.

The genetic system’s goal is to be as precise as possible, with mod creator Sekelsta declaring that the mod has “chromosome linking” and genetic tests designed to replicate what’s tested in the real world.

Crazy, right?

But this isn’t all!

This mod also adds some other options, including peace-loving mobs (such as villagers) with the capability to ride horses on their own.

Once this is installed the foals slowly develop into mature horses, instead of seemingly instantly becoming adult-like when playing vanilla Minecraft.

10. Netherite Horse Armor

netherite horse armor mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Do you want to ride your horse through the Nether but you don’t want to transform it into a barbequed horse? 

This is another Nether armor modification that provides greater safety than traditional diamond-based horse armor, so your horse can move through netherite and not burn in the flames or lava. 

Keep in mind that the horse won’t be 100% secure. The more armor it has, the more secure it is.


  1. Working on Minecraft 1.16!

9. Minecraft Horse Stats Vanilla 1.17 Mod

horse stats mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

This easy Minecraft horse mod item alters the way you look at your horses. 

This Horse Stats Vanilla mod displays the horse’s stats, such as its speeds, jumping height, and health information in the inventory. 

The mod is quite straightforward to match the vanilla look. Now it’s much simpler to look at the statistics of horses and determine whether or not!


  1. Working on Minecraft 1.17!

8. The Horse Standing Still Mod

horse standing still mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Are you fed up with your horses straying away every time you get them off? 

This mod allows you to make your horses come to you every time they ride with a saddle. 

The next time you take your horse off it will be waiting for your return in the same spot the way it was removed from the saddle, and behave normally again when you return to it. 


  1. Working on Minecraft 1.17!

7. Horse Racing Plus

horse racing mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Are you into horse racing? This is the ideal mod to play with because it lets you race with friends by making an arena with an end line. 

You can also award prizes in the form of money or items to the winners, and create several racing arenas across multiple worlds. This is quite interesting!

6. HorseStats

horse stats mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Another method aimed at showing the stats of your horse will also help prevent theft and horse grief as well as allow your horses to move around and change their attributes.

Punching horses with an open lead will display their status in the chat window.


  1. Working on Minecraft 1.16!

5. Animal Bikes Mod

animals bikes mods mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Despite its name, the modification isn’t transforming animals into bicycles.

What it does is to make every animal in Minecraft that was previously unable to be riding possible to ride.

Yes, you can even feed the chicken.

The mod adds several new, pop culture-inspired mounts that can be ridden, such as 54 unique My Little Ponies, a Final Fantasy Chocobo, a huge model of Noch’s head, along with creatures from dinosaurs to polar bears, and a massive hanging flower.

It’s more of a “mount mod” rather than anything else, but it’s a great option if you’re trying to make improvements to the horses you’re riding.

4. Dude I’m missing my Horse?

where my horse mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Horses can be difficult to track.

You might have been unable to remember the exact location you left them or perhaps they left, dressed in their expensive, custom-made horse armor.

This mod comes with a light horse-finding function that can help naive horse owners track their horse’s noble mounts.

You can call your horse back to your side with the touch of an icon. Easy!

Simply crouch, right-click to select the horse you want to use, and then you can teleport them to you with a second right-click.

But, if you’re an avid horse lover (and If so then why would you read this article?) Then you’ll be glad to know that this trick can be used in summoning any other tame animal that you like.

3. Mine Little Pony

mine little pony mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Mine Little Pony is arguably Minecraft’s most popular pony mod with pastel colors, adored by all bronies.

The mod adds various modifications to Minecraft and even changes the model of the player to be pony-shaped. Seriously.

You can pick from eight different types of ponies:

Earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, alicorn, zebra, bat pony, sea pony, or changeling.

It even has a collection of over 200 MLP canonical skins for players to select from and the option of making their own customized skins.

Players can design a classic Pixelated Minecraft style and upload high-resolution versions to make their pony have a more professional appearance.

Are you looking for more information here?

This also includes new “ponified” versions of the classic Minecraft monster mobs, such as horses with skeletons, as well as horse zombies.

It also is accompanied by a suitably cartoon-like resource pack called Love and Tolerance.

2. Animania

animania mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Animania is a fairly broad-reaching extension to Minecraft.

It greatly increases the number of animals that can be found in the game, by creating new breeds that are derived from passive mobs, as well as the addition of several completely new mobs, too.

The mod also introduces new features and items to the game and gives animals more realistic behavior and expands the variety of ways to interact with the adorable animals.

A fun addition that’s been that is being introduced in this mod includes the draft horse. It is A more robust cousin to the traditional vanilla horse that comes in six distinct kinds. 

The draft horse can be utilized to pull the carts for horses that are included in this modification.

It even includes other items that are ideal to add to the look of your Minecraft stable, such as troughs where your horses can drink and eat from, as well as riding crops that you can use to help encourage your horse to run faster.

I can already envision players launching their very own Minecraft race tracks for horses.

1. Astikorcarts

astikorcarts mod mc 21 Best Horse Mods For Minecraft

Carts and horses are a match as do salt and pepper, or cream and coffee.

This timeless alliance is not feasible in vanilla Minecraft.

Astikorcarts can be described as a modification that solves this historical calamity by bringing usable and usable carts into the game.

After installing this you’ll have three brand-new horse-pulled vehicles:

A Supply Cart, or Supply Cart, is a cart that offers storage for two chests and room for a person to relax and join you on your journeys.

It’s the Animal Cart, which allows you to transport non-human and human-like passengers anywhere you’d like to travel.

Then you receive the plough that is equipped with hoes to clear fields. Also, you can get shovels to turn grass and dirt into pathways.

When you have Astikorcarts installed, managing your farm will be more simple.

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