Minecraft Guide: How to Make Glass Panes?

To create glass panes in Minecraft, start with a crafting table and put 6 glass blocks in the grid, filling the 1st and 2nd rows fully.

Simply click on it and add it to your inventory.

While you play Minecraft, glass panes can be beneficial since they keep you safe from attack and let light through them. 

Most mobs are unable to see your character’s face through glass windows. 

They provide a variety of creative alternatives that are useful and attractive.

Glass panes are obtainable through a tool that has been enchanted by Silk Touch

If one gets broken without the Silk Touch enchantment, it does not drop anything.

In the woods and villages, as well as in mansions, glass panes naturally form windows.

Savanna temples in the village are created from red and orange stained-glass panes.

In the temples and lands that are part of Savanna village, yellow stained glass panes are used to make them. 

In abandoned towns, brown stained glass panes are created.

In the simple temples of the village, white stained-glass panes are created.

The glass panes require certain materials:

6 glass blocks


Additionally, glass blocks are essential for creating useful items in the game that can assist you greatly in your journeys, like lights, beacons, glass panes, glass bottles, and many more. 

Place a sand block into the top furnace slot and put furnace fuel into the bottom slot. 

A variety of items can be used to fuel the furnace-like charcoal, coal, lava buckets, lava, and almost everything made of wood. 

Six glass blocks are needed, and six blocks of sand need to be melted.

The recipe for making glass blocks is as follows:

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How to Make Glass Panes in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide:

Here are the step-by-step pictorial instructions you must follow to create glass panes in Minecraft:

Create a table at the craft table:

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Make sure you open your crafting table so that you can begin making glass panes using the ingredients that you’ve gathered from your inventory.

When you have opened your crafting table, you will see a 3×3 grid for crafting similar to the one below:

Place the glass block on the table:

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Place six glass blocks within the 3×3 grid of crafting.

The glass blocks must be placed in the same pattern that is shown below.

In the first row and the second row, there must be three pieces of glass.

In your inventory:

Take 16 glass block panes made from this recipe into your inventory.

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How to make stained glass panes with Minecraft?

Instead of the six regular glass blocks used in this recipe, substitute six stained blocks. 

Stencilled glass blocks can be created by placing 8 ordinary glass blocks on the grid and filling every cell except the one in the middle (2nd cell in the 2nd row). 

The other block needs to be filled with a dye that matches the colour you want on the glass. 

The recipe can be found below:

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After you have stained-glass blocks, arrange them similarly on the grid as the regular ones to create a stained-glass sheet as shown in the image below:

Video Guide


Q. Can glass panes be positioned horizontally?

Glass panes are not horizontal (flat). 

If you are looking to create a floor of glass tile, opt for glass blocks.

Q. Do you think water can pass through glass windows?

The flow of water cannot pass through glass panes, but they could be waterlogged. 

Waterlogging is the process that allows non-cube blocks to be filled with blocks that supply water.

The non-cube block as well as the block with the water source share the same space. 

If the non-cube blocks are destroyed and the water source block is also destroyed, then only the non-cube block is left.

Can mobs break glass?

Two mobs play a game that releases projectiles or explodes. They are the Creeper and the Ghast. 

To ensure that they are not damaged by the Ghast’s fireballs, the block has to have a resistance of 20.17 or greater as a creeper’s explosion is stronger than that.

Due to this, it is important to ensure that you don’t allow Creepers to explode too close to or Ghasts to attack glass structures.

Final Words

The glass panes of Minecraft are the main decorative blocks in the game.

Players can use their favourite colours by using stained-glass panes directly. 

Making glass is straightforward and the expense of the materials is extremely affordable, principally because of the abundance of sand that is available in the game.

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