15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Have ever thought of becoming the ninja or a trainer for pokemon or even the hero of your dreams? 

Unfortunately, they’re only feasible within the realm of anime.

But what do we say if we said that there’s a way for you to bring all these abilities and characters in Minecraft?

You’ve come to the right side of the Internet.

On this list, you’ll discover ways to control your favorite characters from a variety of anime new and old. Let’s show that nothing is impossible with PC gaming.

Perhaps even flying through the air and unleashing energy blasts in Minecraft with your favorite waifu? You’re right, never stop dreaming boys.

15. Anime Mod (Weapons)

anime mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Minecraft is the place where everything is feasible, isn’t it?

Therefore, I was hoping to have the ability to use my most loved anime weapons and that wish was granted.

This mod is among many amazing weapon mods to the game however, it has a bonus: lots of anime-inspired quality.

You’ll find a wide range of weapons and weapons from well-known shows such as Sword Art Online, Soul Eater, Bleach, Kill La Kill, and Naruto.

I’d like to see I could have the Berserk’s Dragon Slayer sword could be added however I can know why the modder decided to skip the sword… Minecraft would have been an Adults Only game at that time.

14. Anime Meme pack

anime meme minecraft mod 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Anime Meme Pack Mod

Have you ever thought to make your Minecraft textures have an exclusive anime look? 

With this mod, you will be able to enjoy a fresh and distinctive style of texture that is based on the popular anime style.

Each texture of this mod is distinctive and funny, to be honest.

The reason the Anime meme pack is so fun:

  • Lots of fun texture and block

13. Naruto Mod

naruto mod 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Time for some real ninja magic, folks!

Konohagakure has arrived in Minecraft.

This Naruto mod is easy to use that it’s painful, but it’s great for true fans of the show.

When you install this, you’ll be able to access fresh items and brand new monsters, and brand new animations directly from the animations that we all love and know.

Let’s not forget the numerous ways you can unleash on your adversaries. They’ll be unaware of the impact they took.

12. Death note Modification

death note mod 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Death Note Mod

What number of times have playing Minecraft and suddenly mob kills you for no apparent reason? 

Do you wish you could have written the name of the mob on your death certificate and seen it disappear in just a couple of minutes? 

With this method, you will receive a death certificate with which you’ll be able to accomplish that, and also you’ll get the addition of famous people like Ryuk and many more!

Why Death Note Mod is so fun:

  • Fun blocks and textures
  • Unique gameplay inspired by the game
  • Mobs and characters from the anime

11. Kenshiro Mod

kenshiro mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Hokuto no Ken, or Fist of the North Star for those who love localized anime is now available in Minecraft. Minecraft.

This is all part of this wonderful mod that gives you new skills for your character. It’s inspired by the only person in the world who is worthy to be known as a Man: Kenshiro.

Then, bare your chests and let lose the secrets from Hokuto. Hokuto school. Skeletons and skeletons turn into a bloody mess even though they might not have blood at all.

10. Steve`s Bizarre adventure

jojo mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Steve`s Bizarre Adventure Mod

If wild and bizarre adventures appeal to you, this mod is precisely the mod you’ve been searching for.

Explore the world of adventures and characters based on cult anime. Even for those who aren’t anime fans, the mod is packed with unique features that we’re sure anyone will love!

Why Steve’s Bizarre Adventure Mod is so fun:

  • Amazing textures based on the anime
  • Unique gameplay that is based on anime

9. One Block Man

one block mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

However powerful any group might appear all you have to do to do to bring them down with one punch.

In case the message isn’t evident, One Block Man is an original mod based on the hugely well-known One Punch Man anime.

The new armor grants you the power to eliminate every mob with just one hit. You’ve always been looking for an MC with more power, do you?

The mod also includes mobs that are inspired by the anime. You’ll feel as if you’re playing through an entire episode. But it’s way blockier.

8. My Hero Academia Mod

bnha mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Everybody is going to be eccentric in Minecraft by using The My Hero Academia Mod.

If you’re a big avid fan of the series, you will not require much to convince you about this.

I’ll just say that this mod includes a fully functional quirk system, which lets you unlock six different abilities as you progress in level as well as completing new quests as well as defeat bosses that are as unique as you!

Not too bad. Not terrible at all.

We’ll need a few BNHA skins, and we’re ready to go.

7. Dragon Block C

dragon block c mod 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

If you were a child who watched Dragon ball and wished that one day you will be a Super Saiyan, well this mod is exactly what you’re seeking. 

Get lost in Dragon ball’s world Dragon ball by playing this mod which comes with elements such as that of the Ki energy system as well as the Dragon Blocks, which are scattered all over the world, and which you’ll need to collect as well as some special biomes inspired by the popular series.

Why Dragon block C is so fun:

  • Unique mechanics that are based on anime
  • Blocks and cool textures from the anime
  • New characters and mobs are added to the anime
  • Unique character customization mechanic

6. AnimeColle Legacy

animecolle legacy mod 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

If you’re a fan of animated waifu in your life, then there’s an excellent chance that you’ll be able to meet her within Your Minecraft world. This is thanks to the AnimeColle Legacy mod.

The show introduces many female characters from various shows like Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Touhou Project, Fate/Grand Order, and Honkai Impact.

When summoned you’ll be required to utilize the companion contract to connect with them and to confess your unending love.

Love relationships can be quite complex, even when playing games!

5. Anime Z Mod

animez mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

The mod comes with weapons and textures from a wide range of animes that are famous.

All you have to do is pick one of the animes from the scroll, and an unrelated weapon from the anime will be provided to you.

It’s up to you to decide if you make use of your weapons for either good or evil.

The reason Anime Z Mos is fun:

  • Cool Weapons from various anime universes
  • Unique gameplay mechanics and gameplay

4. Persona 4 Mod

persona mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

What exactly do you mean by Persona 4 is not an anime?

It is it, and we have it in Minecraft as well.

It is a Persona 4 mod that introduces a few aspects from the acclaimed game developed by Atlus and its animated adaptation. 

This mod includes numerous dangerous Shadows in the form of mobs as well as new crafting recipes, as well as the capability of unleashing Zio and Agi abilities.

There’s no Persona summoning, which means you’ll need to get out alive and free from the shackles within the TV with only your power this time. Good luck.

3. Pokemon World (Kanto)

pokemon world mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Do you wish to be at the top? With this mod that is based on the popular game of pokemon, you’ll be able to experience a flawless replica of the initial area including roaming Pokemon and trainers ready to test you in an epic battle. 

This mod comes with gyms to show you once and for all you’re the top Pokemon trainer around the globe!

What is the reason? The Pokemon world is so fun:

  • Unique mechanics that are based on anime
  • Characters and features of the first game
  • A completely different experience is available to Minecraft

2. Mine Mine no Mi

mine mine no mi mod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

Consuming fruits is healthy.

The consumption of Devil’s Fruits makes you stronger. Incredible powerful.

Mine no Mi introduces an array of new skills which are inspired by One Piece, which I believe is a show that we’ve at least been told about.

By using this mod you’ll be able to extend your legs like Monkey D. Luffy, manage the power of elements using the Logia abilities, and unleash a myriad of other amazing abilities.

Which ones? Install this one and discover.

1. Otakomod

otakomod mc 15 Minecraft Anime Mods & Modpacks

You’ve probably seen some amazing and original mods inspired by a range of different anime. What could happen if there were one mod in which the entire anime was combined? 

This is exactly the case with Otakomod is.

This mod comes with innovative and enjoyable techniques and textures that are based on an array of anime like pokemon the death note, dragon ball, and many more.

Now, this is the most successful crossover of all time!

What makes fun?

  • New features and mechanics
  • Mobs and cool weapons
  • Unusual textures from large range of animes

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