How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft?

Anvils are expensive for those players who have new worlds.

They are not necessary unless you’re ready to upgrade your weapons, armour and tools to get the best enchantments.

Anvils are one of the few Minecraft blocks that can be affected by gravity.

They fall through the air until they reach a solid block underneath them.

Anvils that fall can cause injury to players if they hit them.

They can also be used as expensive projectiles.

If anvils fall from 40 blocks high, they can cause 20 hearts of damage.

Where can I find an Anvil for Minecraft Creative Mode?

You can find anvils in the decoration block section on the creative menu.

You will need the following materials to make an anvil in Minecraft:

You will need the following items to make an anvil in Minecraft:

  1. 31 iron ore
  2. Furnace / blast furnace
  3. Fuel (coal, charcoal, etc. )
  4. Crafting table

How to Make a Minecraft Anvil?

In a Nutshell

You will need 4 iron ingots, 3 iron blocks and a 3×3 crafting grid to make an anvil.

The iron blocks should be filled in the top row.

Next, fill the remaining rows with iron ingots.

Place 1 iron ingot at the center of your grid.

Move the anvil to your inventory once you have completed it.

Step-by-Step Guide:

This is a pictorial step-by-step guide that you will need to follow in order to create an anvil in Minecraft:

making an anvil minecraft How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft?

A crafting table is the first thing you need to build.

You can convert any logs you have recently purchased into wooden planks to make a crafting desk.

You can make wooden planks by placing the logs you have collected in one of the slots on the survival inventory crafting table.

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After the logs have been converted into planks of wood, it is possible to make a crafting table.

This guide explains how to build a crafting table.

A crafting table is required to create the simplest pickaxe.

Once you have collected enough cobblestone, you can also make your first anvil.

To make a furnace, you will need cobblestone.

The first step is to make pickaxe’s handle.

To make your sticks, you can either use the survival inventory crafting tables or the crafting table that you have just made.

ezgif 1 41bd8829d7 1 How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft?

Place two wooden plank blocks on either side of the square to make sticks.

You will now need to make a pickaxe.

This can be done by interfacing with a crafting table.

Place a row on the crafting GUI.

Next, place two sticks underneath the middle plank.

This will make a pickaxe that you can use to collect the cobblestone, which is a necessary block to build a furnace.

This guide will help you make a furnace.

Next, you are required to locate iron and coal.

Anvils require a lot of iron.

Iron is abundant in caves and ravines so it shouldn’t take too much effort or time to find the right amount.

Iron can be collected with a pickaxe made of stone.

Iron pickaxes work quicker.

You can make a stone pickaxe by following the same steps as before but you’re required to use cobblestone instead of wood.

Below is an example.

You can make an iron pickaxe by following the same steps but substitute the cobblestone for iron ingots.

Iron and coal can be found in caves, ravines, cliffsides, and even on the surface of stone-topped biomes.

Once you have found coal, it is time to mine it.

While coal is the most convenient fuel source for smelting, you can also use charcoal or a bucket of lava to make it more practical.

Once you have enough coal to smelt all your future finds, you can start looking for iron.

Iron can be generated in much the same places as coal, and it is easy to find both below and above the surface.

Once you’ve found 31 or more pieces of your iron you can smelt them.

Your furnace can be used to melt the iron to make ingots.

A blast furnace can be used to smelt the metal twice faster.

Open the furnace GUI first.

The top slot should be filled with the iron that you want to smelt.

Next, place your fuel (in this instance, coal) in the bottom slot.

Wait for the progress bar to fill up, then take your iron.

After you have melted all 31 pieces of your iron ore into iron ingots you can start making your anvil.

Make an anvil by placing your crafting table down and opening the crafting GUI.

This recipe calls for 3 iron blocks.

To make 3 iron blocks, first fill your crafting table with iron ingots 3 times.

block of iron minecraft How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft?

Once you have your iron blocks, place the blocks along the top row of the crafting table.

Fill the middle of the second row using an iron ingot.

Finally, fill the last row with iron ingots.

It should look like as shown below..

You now have an anvil!

Give command for an Anvil /give@p minecraft:anvil1

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FAQs about Anvil in Minecraft

Q. What can you make with an anvil in Minecraft?

Anvils serve many purposes.

Anvils are the only way to combine it with weapons or tools.

These anvils are great for fixing durability, converting multiple weapon enchantments into one tool, naming things and keeping your materials as durable as possible.

Q. How do you repair an anvil in Minecraft?

Anvils cannot be repaired.

Anvils can be damaged by excessive use and can can get damaged over time.

It is a good idea that you keep the anvil crafting recipes on hand in case you need to create a new one.

Final Words

Congratulations! you’ve made an anvil.

Anvils can be very useful in later-game progress.

You can add enchanted books to tools, armour and weapon, or you can name different objects and place around your base.

Although anvils are expensive to make but are well worth the investment and should be used often if players want to obtain the best armour and weapons.

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