11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

Pokemon is a game that doesn’t change but continues to evolve and is beloved by millions around the world.

This is not surprising given how well these games have held up to the present day.

Then Minecraft is also a game that is constantly evolving, however, is still adored by millions of gamers across the globe. 

It’s not shocking when you consider that its creative possibilities are endless.

These two universes that are located on opposite ends of the video game spectrum connect in a coherent (and enjoyable) way? 

It is not possible, at least in the official sense.

Informally, let’s do this.

With the right modifications with the right mods, the results are stunning. Much like a fully finished PokeDex!

11. Minecraft Forge

minecraft forge mod mc 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

The mod isn’t specifically Pokemon-related but it’s a mod loading platform that is needed to download and install almost every mod listed that’s listed here.

Minecraft Forge gives players an extensive selection of mods. It is a great resource beyond its role as an essential mod to various Minecraft mods.

10. Pokeball

pokeball mod mc 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

When you’re required to combat groups of people The only way to succeed is to find the best weapons.

It could also be Pokeball.

The perfect leap of the Pokemon franchise This Pokeball lets you take any mob that is in Minecraft in order to create at any time, anywhere you’d like.

I’m not sure what beneficial applications could include… however, I’m sure you’ve already had something in mind that you can use.

9. Bidoof Totem Of Undying

bidoof texture of undying mod mc 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

This mod is a very simple mod for retexturing but it is important to anyone who is a Pokemon enthusiast’s Minecraft experience. 

This mod alters the appearance of The Totem of Undying to resemble a Minecraft Version of Pokemon Bidoof. It mimics Bidoof’s cry when it’s used and the name of the item is changed to be “Bidoof.”

Despite its simpleness, it is an elegantly thought-out mod that everyone who is a Pokemon-loving Minecraft player must-have. 

The Bidoof Talisman of Undying is a creation of Planet Minecraft user rocket741 and was designed to work with Minecraft Version 1.16.5.

8. PokemonMD

pokemonmd 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

The Minecraft game is about making.

Are you truly amazed that you could actually create Pokemon? It shouldn’t be.

The PokemonMD mod includes various new items which can be used to make not just Pokemon assist you in combat, but also a range of creatures that were inspired by famous gaming franchises such as StarCraft as well as Final Fantasy.

When worlds collide Minecraft gets better than ever before.

7. Pokecube Mobs

pokecube mods 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

If the creatures you meet in Minecraft aren’t enough to satisfy you, I have a couple of things I would like to say.

First, you’re too demanding. Second, get PokeCube Mobs.

This mod is compatible with the PokeCube mod and lets you bring various Pokemon in the Minecraft world.

These aren’t just reskinned. They are fully functional, new creatures equipped with their own powers.

You could even make them your pet. Be sure to ensure that Charmander does not burn your garden to the ground.

6. PokeCube Revival

pokecube revival 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

PokeCube Revival is a revived version of an earlier mod named PokeCube. This is a huge mod that brings Pokemon, Pokeballs, and Pokemon mechanics to Minecraft’s world.

The mod lets players fight and capture Pokemon. The Pokemon are extremely intelligent and can communicate in a way with their surroundings.

They are able to use different types of attacks according to the current situation.

This mod will require several other mods in order to work properly, such as Minecraft Forge, ThutCore, and PokeCube Core These are all included on the end of the PokeCube Revival mod page.

The mod has been updated to Version 1.12.2 as uploaded to nine Minecraft User Thutmose.

5. PokeCraft Reforged – Catch ‘Em All

pokecraft refirged 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

Do you really need to do it again and again? It’s not really necessary, but you have to ask yourself what fun would there be?

PokeCraft Reforged”Catch All the Pokemon,” as well as a few other mods listed on this list, will introduce Pokemon fighting and catching in Minecraft.

But it’s done with a twist!

Instead of having your Pokemon take over all the work, you can battle against them with the powerful Magic Arts.

If these creatures really are your friends and not just weapons, now is the right time to prove that to the world.

4. Pixelmon


The term “Pixelmon” has been applied to several Pokemon-themed mods available for Minecraft.

Each appears to have different creators and each one is large and meticulously designed. Three of the biggest ones will be featured in this article.

The first one is called Pixelmon and was developed by a huge and dedicated group of modders.

This version has amazing Pokemon mobs that are rendered all over the world which can be captured and ridden as well as battled.

The game requires Minecraft Forge mod in order to work and is updated as recently as Minecraft 1.12.2

3. PokeTournament

poke tournament 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

Now let’s say you’ve got them all. You’ve defeated all Gym Leaders.

Then you think you’re done with every main title.

Then, you can play the PokeTournament Mod that only is compatible with Pixelmon modified servers Naturally.

It lets you and your companions organize huge Pokemon combat tournaments in Minecraft.

The mod also comes with an anti-cheat system that lets you know who among your friends are members of Team Rocket in disguise Traitors.

2. Pixelmon Reforged

pixelmon reforged 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

Pixelmon Reforged is yet another Pixelmon mod It is also a huge project that introduces the Pokemon’s mechanics and characters to Minecraft.

Minecraft world is Similar to other modifications, Pokemon is able to catch or ridden, battle, and even train. Another mod calls for Minecraft Forge.

It’s a huge project that has several creators. It appears to be updated frequently, even having its official website.

1. Pixelmon Generations

pixelmon generations 1 11 Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods

Pixelmon Generations was not around!

What is the best way to top an amazing recreation from the Pokemon game in Minecraft?

In letting you truly take them all!

Pixelmon Generations includes all the Pokemon that have been created to date beginning with the first generation of classic Pokemon and finishing with the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield monsters.

The sheer volume of work required to reproduce perfectly all of the creatures in this mod is enough to inspire us to applaud this design to heaven.

However, its high quality allows us to do this while having fun taking pictures of Pokemon and challenging Gym Leaders!

Hope, this article is useful for you.

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