23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

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Minecraft is a popular game that we all enjoy because of the effort that goes into the atmosphere and user experience, specifically in the world of wildlife as well as other creatures. 

Through the years, Minecraft has continued to add more different content to the game.

At present, nobody will ever complain about having only a few animals to play with. There is always this perception that the game requires more animals to provide players with an experience that is almost real.

It is evident that incorporating all animals in the world is a daunting task at Mojang Studios, but the Minecraft community quickly stepped in to ease the burden through the introduction of mods. 

With these modifications, gamers can enjoy the game with a new incentive to play the game. If you’re seeking an additional spark or an extra spark like your own world, read on and you may discover a mod that you never knew you wanted.

minecraft animals 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This is an inventory of the best Animal mods accessible in Minecraft. Each mod offers players a variety of features, exclusive animals, and additional things. 

If you’re searching for a Minecraft mod best suitable for your needs here is a brief description of the best mods available.

23. Inventory Pets

inventory pets 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

Do you mean Minecraft also has Pokemon counterparts too?

But first of all, you cannot allow your creatures to compete against one another to be the absolute best that nobody ever has been (yes I’ve been there).

The Inventory Pets mod offers is something equally as good it offers gameplay benefits such as movement boosts, climbing or flying, as well as many other crafting bonuses.

Simply by assigning the “pet” in your Hotbar and you’ll be granted the ability of that mob.

22. Crocoducks

crocoducks 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

What exactly is what is a “crocoduck” you ask?

This is a modder’s attempt to create a hybrid crocodile and duck.

Just like its animal cousins in real life, the crocoduck is a menace to everyone in its path, except the most likely closest evolutionary kin that is the chicken.

If the Untitled Goose Game can teach us anything, it’s that aqua birds are huge honking jerks. This is the lesson you should be able to take away, isn’t it?

21. Fossils and Archeology Revival

fossils and archeology revival 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

If I’m not mistaken that animals extinct have the same kind of appeal that the ruins of our modern lives: they give us an idea of what life was like for ordinary people who may be like us.

Of course, because this is Minecraft we’re talking about, you can choose to revived history’s “dead” animals!

This Fossils and Archaeology Revival mod includes the real-world (or at the very least, an approximate representation of it) bones DNA, skeletal structures, as well as the tools that are used to determine what type of dinosaur you’re trying to recreate.

The best part is that nobody would be angry at you for being an unprofessional scientist. Because, after all, chaos is a normal element of gaming.

20. JurassiCraft Mod

jurassicraft 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

If you think dinosaurs don’t exist, I’m hoping this mod will change your opinion. This isn’t unreasonable as you’re extremely happy with a dragon within the game. 

It also adds new plants, Dinosaurs, and a unique type of machine to this Minecraft world.

If you’re interested this machine is utilized to make more dinosaurs across the world by removing DNA from Dinosaur fossils. The fossils are found all over across the globe So you’re about to discover your archaeologist’s innate curiosity.

19. Zoo And Wild Animals Mod

zoo mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This mod brings more animals to Minecraft Some of them can be controlled. 

The mod also includes its unique Encyclopedia for each new species added, meaning that the creator had a plan when creating this mod. 

It also includes the addition of a tranquillizer as well as a taming device known as Kibble.

Zoo and Wild Animals is also among the most popular mods that are available. 

It was the first mod that had the Pufferfish before it became an official marine creature within Minecraft.

18. Animalium Mod

animalium mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

If you’re an explorer or nature lover I’m certain you’re seeking more risk on some of your trips. This mod was developed exclusively for people like. 

When it’s active it’ll be as if everyone is out to take you, and there is a danger that is everywhere.

Naturally, most Minecraft animals are passive unless they are provoked, however, this mod lets them unleash their instinctive animal behaviour. 

It also includes new predators such as Brown bears rodents, wild dogs and piranha. Certain new items that can be made Craftable are suitable for mining or body protection.

17. Familiar Fauna Mod

familiar fauna mopd 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This mod adds a variety of animals to the Minecraft world and enhances the atmosphere of the game. It adds animals such as deers, turkeys, butterflies dragonflies Pixies and snails. 

The most notable characteristic is the fact that it can integrate with other mods.

That’s 2 mods for the price of one.

16. Zoocraft Discoveries Mod

zoocraft mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This mod is an excellent illustration of the importance of quality over quantity since they only added a few species of animals but focused on the particulars of each. 

The animals in this mod are camel, anteater Chinchilla, frog gemsbok, gecko porcupine, giraffe rhino, tapir and rhino. 

The mod also introduces a brand new breeding system that makes use of items that are already present in Minecraft such as Wheat as well as Apple.

To prove my argument that quality is more important than quantity this mod lets you make actual bunny slippers, and colour them any colour you like. It’s worth a look.

15. Exotic Bird Mod

exotic birds mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

Minecraft has a dearth of aerial animals, which is why mods such as Exotic Bird are very necessary. 

The mod adds birds such as Ducks and owls, pelicans cranes, woodpeckers Hummingbirds, swans, flamingos and penguins to whatever habitat they prefer. 

It also adds the possibility of eggs spawning on trees.

14. More Nature

more nature mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

More Nature More Nature is focused more on enhancing the natural beauty of the Minecraft world. 

The animals featured in the mod are stunning and safe for players. But, the mod is only compatible with the more recent versions of Minecraft Which is a bit disappointing.

13. Revamped Wolf

revamped wolf mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

Wolves are among the best pets in Minecraft So it is wise for us to provide them with the best treatment that is possible. 

Revamped Wolf provides Minecraft Wolf with the needed mod it is due. It has realistic colours, as well as a newly-created Wolf armour item that is like a horse-related item.

The wolves that are part of this mod are also more powerful and smarter than regular animals. 

They are less likely to your pet get killed. 

They also eat themselves and can move in groups.

12. Craftable Animals

It’s one thing to have animals can be cultivated however who would’ve thought that we can also create our animals? 

This mod grants players the option of making any animal from the game appear without having a mob spawner or spawn egg. 

The concept is simple, “Obtain the required items and craft the animal” However, I have to question, how did the developers come up with such mods?

If you’re looking for the God-like ability to create any creature you like at the touch of a switch, you should think about this mod.

11. Ice and Fire: Dragons

ice and fire dragons mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This mod creates a fairytale-like world within Minecraft by adding mythological creatures, such as Dragons Pixies, cyclopes sea serpents, many more. 

The mod adds two variations of dragons like their names suggest Dragons can have Fire and Ice. 

I suppose the end-of-the-line dragon has a bit of competition in the end.

If you’re looking to make the Minecraft world look like an Elder scroll-type RPG This mod is for you.

10. Mo’Creatures

mo creatures mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

Mo’Creatures is among the most popular mods in the game and is one of the best most likely due to the quantity of content that it offers. 

Animals like tigers, lions bears, bears, and new variations of cats and dogs even insects have been included. The game also makes many of the animals tamable to the players.

There are new enemies, such as the werewolves and ogres, all of that have distinctive mechanics.

9. Lots O’ Mobs

lots o mobs mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

As the name implies the mod introduces numerous new creatures and animals to the game. 

The mobs are divided into the biome that fits best. The mobs in Lots of Mobs include exotic animals such as crocodiles boars bears, crabs and sharks.

It also includes two new dimensions: the Ice Age and Dinosaur dimensions Both of which feature their distinct characters. 

Additionally, there are several new materials and blocks within this update.

8. Animania

animania mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This mod gives a touch of authenticity to your animal farm, particularly the pigs, sheep, chickens and cows. 

It provides a fresh texture and a variety of variations to the animals and adds a brand new game mechanic to their care system. 

The animals you keep on your farm are not just beautiful however, the change will ensure that you will spend more time with them, by cleaning their pens and changing their water and food if they become sick.

7. Better Animals Plus

better animals mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This Better Animal Plus mod adds around 40 new creatures, all of which are distributed to their respective biomes within the game. 

It also comes with the game with a variety of stunning graphics along with mechanics which give the game a unique experience. 

The mod also comes with an array of new armour and blocks, each of which is inspired by the animals that were recent that were added.

6. Mystical World

mystical world mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This mod includes many unique animals such as deer, owls silkworms, beetles and frogs, all of which enhance the dynamic of the Minecraft world. 

Some pets can be tame like the lava cat that can be located inside the Nether Realm.

5. Chickens

chickens mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

Similar to Doggy Talents, this mod gives more features to the chicken. 

It enhances the variety of chickens available and lets you gain more value out of these chickens. Have you ever seen a chicken who can lay gunpowder? Install this mod and you’ll.

You could also crossbreed varieties of chickens to produce ore chickens that have their specific ores such as Gold, Diamond, Iron. Sometimes, I’m puzzled as to how mods can’t be used in real life.

That is the reason why we cannot have beautiful things.

4. Doggy Talents

doggy talent mood 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

Have you ever wanted you could get your Minecraft pet to behave like you would have a real dog do? With this mod, it is possible to. 

This mod offers a variety of different options for your wolves and more than a dozen additional dog variations. 

The most notable characteristic is the ability to teach your dog things like fetching and hunting objects.

3. Rats

rats mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

Rats aren’t the most popular animal on the planet However, in this mod, the Minecraft rats offers players many useful options. 

The rodents can be controlled, and assist players in the mines as well as in collecting crops. 

They also aid players in combat.

2. Quintessential Creatures

quintessensial creatures mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

This mod is focused more on the ocean and other underwater creatures found in Minecraft. 

Quintessential Creatures isn’t a huge selection in terms of animal additions however it makes up for the lack of animals by offering players an impressively designed and detailed mob. 

This mod includes ocean animals like Octopus along with angular fish, which naturally enrich the ocean.

Additionally, it comes with the tortoise that can be used to increase the capacity of chests to store things as well as be stylish looking.

1. Animal Crops

animal crops mod 23 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods

There’s an old saying that goes “Money doesn’t grow on trees” However, Animal Crops beg to differ. It has a distinct look unlike any other mods on the market. 

This mod lets players expand their mobs and completely changes the initial image we used to describe “Animal Farm”.

Players can cultivate all the creatures in the game including rare animals such as the polar bear and mushrooms. You can even raise the village. 

It’s easy to use and can save time. If an adjustment like this could help me reduce the stress I’m forced to deal with to bring the animals and villagers back to my home and back to my house, then I’m sold.

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