Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

There are many different potions you can make with Minecraft.

They can assist you in doing more harm or heal yourself.

Additionally, there are effects from the potion that appear negative on first sight.

In reality, drinking a potion that is aimed at harming yourself does not have any beneficial effect on you because it is only going to cause harm to you however, with some clever applications you can alter this negative effect around to your adversaries.

This potion recipe takes more effort than the majority of drinks.

Ingredients for Potion of Harming in Minecraft

  1. Three Water Bottles
  2. Glistering Melon
  3. Blaze Powder
  4. Brewing Stand
  5. Nether Wart
  6. Fermented Spider Eye

To create a potion that is non harming, you’ll need water bottles that you can create using glass.

brewing stand minecraft Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

Find sand, then melt it in your furnace to create glass.

It will take three pieces of glass to create three glasses.

To fill these bottles up with water, just place them in your palm and then right-click on any source of water.

To make a potion for harm, you must make the potion for healing before.

The potion of healing needs glistering melons to create.

Blaze powder is essential for the brewing stand’s fuel.

blazes minecraft Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

The brewing equipment cannot brew potions if it is not supplied with fuel.

For brewing potions, you’ll require the stand for brewing.

This is a challenge because you will need to locate the rod for blaze you require.

The next step is to find nether wart.

Nether wart is a common occurrence in the overworld however, you must find the nether wart before you can grow it.

nether wart minecraft Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

They naturally grow in nether fortresses, where you will also find fire.

In order to make the potion that harms from a healing potion, you’ll need the fermented eye of a spider.

How do you create a Potion of Harming in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To create the Potion of Harming, you will require 1 potion poison (0:45) and one unfermented spider eye.

Put your potion of poison (0:45) in one of the lower boxes of the brewing stand menu.

Add the fermented spider eye on the top of the box.

In a matter of seconds, Potion of Night Vision will change into the Potion of Harming.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Here’s a step-by-step pictorial guide to follow in order to Make a Potion of Harming in Minecraft:

Step 1:

Begin by digging up some sand before placing it in a fire.

Step 2:

We will then require ingredients to make an ointment of healing.

Begin by locating melons.

They can be grown by yourself if there are melons in an abandoned or dungeon mine shaft or discover melons in the savannah villages.

Additionally, you can purchase melons from few traders who wander around.

Cut a melon in half to make the slices you require.

Step 3:

Then, you’ll need a gold ingot in order to transform the cut melon into a sparkling melons.

Explore your mines and start looking under “Y” level 31 to find some gold.

Step 4:

You’ll require an iron pickaxe to extract gold ore.

potion of farming Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

Find some gold ore and put it in an oven to melt it into ingots of gold.

While the gold is melting, it is time to gather the components for a steamed spider eye.

Begin by searching for sugarcane.

Step 5:

Sugarcane is a plant that grows on dirt or sand and is often found near the banks of rivers or any block of water source.

If you spot any sugarcane, be sure to save it to plant your own.

Step 6:

Once you’ve had your gold and sand cooked and sugarcane harvested, you’ll need to hunt for an edible brown mushroom.

Step 7:

They are often seen in dark woodlands.

They can also be found in the brown swamps and dark caves and in nether.

Step 8:

For the fermentation of the spider eye it is necessary to locate the spiders.

Then wait until nightfall to begin looking for spiders.

Step 9:

It is likely that you will have to kill a few spiders in order to stop spider’s eye, but you must keep on trying.

It’s not uncommon as mob drops.

Store your possessions and prepare your journey into the netherworld.

Step 10:

Then you’ll have to go to the nether to acquire blaze rods, fire powder and a nether wart.

Make a nether portal and begin securing your fortress.

Step 11:

Once you’ve found a fortress, search for blazes or a proliferator.

Step 12:

Take out a few blaze enemies until you’ve got a handful of blaze rods.

Explore in your castle until you find the room that is swarming filled with red fungus and an escalator.

Step 13:

Find a nether warts and then return towards the top.

You now have everything to create a potion of harm.

Begin by making the brewing stand using 3 pieces of cobblestone along with the blaze rod inside the form of a table for crafting.

Step 14:

Take your glass, and transform to glass bottle.

Put them in the shape of a “V” in the crafting menu of your crafting table to create glass bottles.

glass bottle minecraft Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

While you’re here, you can create sugar using sugarcane by placing sugarcane into the crafting menu.

Step 15:

Utilizing your glass bottle, right-click on any source of water to fill them with water.

Step 16:

Create a glistering melon using the gold ingot into your crafting menu.

You can then create gold nuggets.

Step 17:

Take your gold nuggets as well as an iceberg slice.

glistering melon minecraft Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

You can then surround the melon in gold nuggets.

Step 18:

Let’s create the fermented spider eyes.

Put an eyeball, sugar and brown mushroom on the crafting menu to create a fermented spider eye.

Step 19:

Set up your brewing stand on the stand, then right-click the stand to launch its user interface.

Fill the lower three slots with water bottles.

It is necessary to place fire powder in the leftmost slot to help fuel your stand for brewing.

Convert a couple of blaze rods to the blaze powder before putting them in your brewing stand.

Step 20:

To create potions that are non-harm, you’ll need to make awkward potions first.

Put a nether wart into the slot for ingredients on your brewing station and allow it to be cooked.

Step 21:

This can turn your containers of water into awkward potions.

Then, you can put your glistering melon in the slot for ingredients to make potions that heal.

Step 22:

To finish the brewing recipe, add an unfermented spider eye in the slot for ingredients.

After all that is done you now have powerful poisons to harm!

How to use Potion of Harming in Minecraft?

I would suggest not to drink them yourself.

They can cause three hearts of harm to your body.

If you’re really keen to try it put the bottle in your hands and press it until you right-click to consume it.

splash potion Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Potion of Harming?

After you have finished drinking it, you’ll take three hearts of harm.

The most efficient way to use these potions is to make the potions into spasm potions that harm.

You can place a gunpowder inside the ingredient slot on a brewing stand with harmful potions in the lower part.

After about 20 minutes of brewing your potion, it will alter the shape of their bottles and turn throwable!

The poison of harming doesn’t consider the rating of armour.

Also, the netherite armour or even enchanted armour can lessen the damage that you receive from poison of harming.

How to use Splash Potion of Harming?

Be careful! it is possible to harm your teammates yourself as well as friendly mobs and hostile mobs by the action of the splash potion.

Place the potion with your hands and then right-click for it to drop.

If there are any unlucky mobs that are in the area, they will be damaged.

However, these potions for damaging are different from the potions for healing.

If you strike undead creatures using this potion, it won’t harm them in any way.

Instead, it will heal them!

Be careful with it.

If you’re trying to get the zombie villager to heal the disease, you can take some potions that can harm you to help cure him in the event of any accident happen.

A skeleton can shoot him, a reckless sword swing or lightning bolts can make a mess of your plans.

The ability to harm can help you minimize your losses and makes the process more efficient.

Splash-based potions are more effective if they can hit the target directly.

The edges of the splash won’t be as efficient as the middle part of the splash.

Video Guide


How do you create the Harming 2 Potion?

The potion that you make will cause harm in the lower slots of the stand for brewing, put an ingredient slot with a glowstone dust in ingredient slot and allow it to brew.

This can increase the effects of the drink.

Instead of affecting just three hearts, it can affect six hearts in either healing or injury!

Does instant damage heal zombies?

They are undead, so instant damage can be healed instead.

Be cautious while throwing them when you have nearby undead or friendly mobs around.

It is possible to end up in a more dangerous scenario than you were before.

Do instant injuries hurt Ender Dragons?

Derming dragons are invulnerable to potion effects.

There’s no potion effect that you can apply to the ender dragon’s own.

This can be both a blessing and an affliction since you can’t apply beneficial splash potions to the dragon that is ender however, negative effects are not worth it.

Final Words

There are many uses of the poison of harming.

However, in the multiplayer game of Minecraft it could be useful to have the effect of splashing and causing harm to other players.

Potions of harm is used to treat zombie villagers.

It is not easy trying to make use of this remedy however, its effects are distinct and can assist you in specific circumstances.

It could have a negative result but when used in the right way, it can aid you on your way to success.

The potion of harming is a complex recipe however, it is a reflection of its complicated use.

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