16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Dragons are huge and majestic mythical beasts that often feature on the screen. In anime, animals play a crucial part in shaping the plot as well as the characters.

They can be friendly. However, they are most dangerous and are more often antagonists. 

In some cases, they can be allies to the principal characters. 

They’re extremely dangerous, some even and when they open their massive wings and fly away the beauty of their flight can also make you swoon.

Whatever the case, today we will take a look at the most popular dragons anime of all time. 

This is a collection of some of the most epic anime dragons from our most beloved medium. Keep an eye out for that flaming breath!

16. Fredrika From The Coffin Princess

fredrika coffin princess 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Fredrika appears in a sporadic fashion in Chaika A: the Coffin Princess

She doesn’t have a uniform appearance and rather takes a variety of different forms. 

In the course of the conflict, she took on the appearance of the white-horned dragon and continued to bring it back when she needed to fight.

Following the death of her master and her defeat by Toru as well, Fredrika adopted a style that combined elements from her master who died as well as her sister Lucie. 

Fredrika is smart, but she’s an avid predator who loves stalking her prey, particularly during fights.

15. Igneel From The Fairy Tail

igneel fairy tail 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Also known as the “Fire Dragon King,” Igneel is the foster father of Natsu Dragneel. 

He has a caring, compassionate, protective, and loving father persona, even after having left his child he fostered. 

He is able to seal his soul within Natsu to heal following the Acnologia’s Dragon Slaying Magic leaves him seriously injured.

Igneel traverses a complicated and fascinating journey. He begins as a confident dragon uninterested in human beings or their presence. 

Through his care for Natsu, he begins to appreciate and love humans.

14. Hyorinmaru From Bleach

hyorimaru bleach 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Hyorinmaru is the manifestation of the essence of Toshiro Hitsugaya Znpakuto, who is a huge serpentine Ice dragon. 

It certainly looks more powerful and more terrifying in comparison to other animated dragons due to its wings, strong legs, and muscular frame.

As Hitsugaya was a young boy, Hyorinmaru frequently appeared in his dreams. 

In the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Hitsugaya loses his Bankai as well as his capacity to speak to Hyorinmaru. When he regains it, Hyorinmaru returns to Hitsugaya.

13. Kaido From One Piece

kaidou 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

When Kaido is regarded as the world’s strongest creature was able to eat the Devil Fruit, he transformed into the serpentine Azure Dragon. 

A hybrid between a human and a dragon and he grows huge, with strong and durable blue scales that cover his body.

In this new appearance, Kaido becomes even more dangerous. 

Kaido breathes in fire and makes clouds that permit him to travel across the sky, emits sharp blades with a blow, and produces lightning with his loud roar. 

In time, he develops control of his draconic powers, until it is possible to access them without having to transform.

12. Ryukotsusei From Inuyasha

ryukotsusei 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Prior to the start of the show, Ryukotsusei was a feared Daiyokai, who terrorized the entire people. 

Inuyasha’s father Toga battled and destroyed the dragon putting him in dormancy. 

200 years after, Inuyasha’s arch-enemy, Naraku assists Ryukotsusei in return to form and engages in a tense battle with Inuyasha.

Ryukotsusei is confident, vain cruel, and ruthless. He is obsessed with destruction and is always looking for better opponents to challenge and amuse himself. 

He believes that he is invincible and believes that everyone is inferior to him.

11. Haku From Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

haku spirited away 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Haku is the main character in the supernatural anime film “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi.” 

Man! this is a fantastic anime film. I saw it a couple of years ago, despite the fact that it was broadcast more than a decade an hour time ago. 

It has a wonderful story that focuses on the 10-year-old child Chihiro Ogino, who with her parents, finds themselves in an amusement park that is no longer in use. 

At first sight, the amusement park might appear normal, however, strange things take place there at night. 

Haku is a young boy who is Chihiro’s friend for the first time. Haku isn’t your typical boy however, he is able to transform into a magnificent Japanese dragon. 

This is what makes him worthy of an appearance in this listing.

10. Gio From Dragonaut – The Resonance

gio dragonaut 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Gio is the name of the dragon in the animated series “Dragonaut: The Resonance.” It is one of the dragon eggs found in the show. 

“Dragonaut – The Resonance” is set in a period where an asteroid struck Pluto and destroyed it. 

Although the asteroid is stable following its collision with Pluto it could become dangerous when it begins to pick up speed and eventually someday, it will fall upon the earth. 

Dragonaut can be described as a tool invented by humans in order to defeat danger. 

Gio is joined by Kazuki Tachibana, but Gio doesn’t enjoy his relationship with him and frequently declares his desire to defend Toa even though he’s not on her side.

9. Azetodeth From Dragon Half

azetodeath dragon half 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Azetodeth is an anime hero from the comedy and fantasy genre animated series “Dragon half.” 

He kills anyone he wants and destroys anything in his way. He is often referred to as the killer.

The show is primarily about Mink her mother who is a dragon, and her father is a former dragon slayer. 

While she’s initially awkward, Mink turns into a competent and skilled person. 

Mink is continually pounded with magic by the daughter of an unjust ruler. Azetodeth lives on a strangely named island, known by the name of “Demon King’s Island.”

8. Blue Dragon From Blue Dragon

blue dragon 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Okay, let me state that I did not like this show at all and I didn’t finish it. I’m including this show solely because it featured a terrifying Blue Dragon. 

Blue Dragon is the name given to it by its creator. Blue Dragon represents the monster that lurks in the shadows of Shu. 

In the anime, we are shown that Shu’s town is in danger. The enemy is unknown but extremely strong. The group of friends must protect their homes from being destroyed. 

While doing so they encounter Zola who is a fighter and gains an ability called shadow, which can transform their shadows into formidable beasts. 

Shu’s Blue Dragon is a result of this power. 

His character is brutal as he continually scolds Shu for his actions and can be quite aggressive at times. He’s a narcissistic maniac.

7. Onyx From Dragon Crisis!

onyx dragon crisis 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Onyx will be one of the dragons from the supernatural anime series “Dragon Crisis!”

It’s another show that is mediocre. It seems to have some kind of niche audience of some type. I’ve not seen anyone who has seen the show, so I don’t truly judge. 

The show deals on Kisaragi Ryuji whose easy-going, normal life changes when his cousin is returned. 

They are able to take the black box of the black broker, and when they open it, they find something new. 

The box contained a red dragon girl called Rose. Onyx is the husband of Rose. He is a powerful dragon that will do whatever to acquire as much it as is possible. 

Contrary to Rose and the other dragons, he’s the black dragon.

6. Bahamut From Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

shingeki no bahumat 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

This is among the most impressive and powerful dragons that can be found on the list. It’s also one of the longest-running dragons on this list. 

Bahamut is featured in the supernatural/action genre show ‘Shingeki no Bhamut: Genesis’. 

Bahamut is so huge in stature that his physical appearance can cause devastating psychological damage to his foes. 

Bahamut is believed to be over 3000 years old (Man! this dude is very old). He is extremely violent and is determined to destroy everything that crosses his way. 

He is demon-like hairy horns that are curved and the entire body is covered with scales and spikes. 

Bahamut has huge wings that span is more than his height. Another impressive feature of Bahamut is that his tail is barbed.

5. Acnologia From The Fairy Tail

acnologia 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Next up is a powerful dragon in the fantasy action-oriented anime series “Fairy Tail”. 

Acnologia is extremely powerful and is known as “The Black Dragon of Apocalypse.” It is a common sight around the globe. 

There’s a possibility that Black Mage Zeref is either connected to it or has more information about it than he’s not revealing. 

This can be derived from the fact that Zeref was able to detect the coming of Acnologia prior to when it actually appeared, which occurred long following. 

We can gain a glimpse of its strength by the time it fought against Gildart, the most powerful mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. 

Gildart was immediately overwhelmed and defeated brutally by the power of Acnologia.

4. Peterhausen From Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao

peterhausen dragon 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Peterhausen is an anime dragon in the anime fantasy series “Ichiban Ushio No Dai Mao.” 

The show features Akuto Sai as the protagonist who is determined to transform the world around him and encounters Junko Hattori, who shares similar ideas and ambitions. 

They attend a magic school to begin realizing their dreams. It turns out Akuto is unique from the others. He’s supposed to be the next Demon King.

The word spreads quickly and people begin to feel alienated from Peterhausen. Peterhausen is a formidable dragon that has a monstrous and demon appearance. 

It is a dragon with curved horns. Peterhausen gets defeated by Akuto while he tried to take on Etou. The result was that Peterhausen became Akuto his master. 

The tale has a sad ending, but Peterhausen was killed as did their master during the conflict.

3.Charizard From Pokemon

charizard 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Charizard is among the most popular and stunning Pokemon of the fire type. Ash Ketchum has one Charizard that he acquired as Charmander. 

Charmander transforms to Charmeleon and Charmeleon develops into Charizard. There are two other forms that Charizard could transform into. 

These can be Charizard the X form and Charizard the Y. Charizard has a very attractive and draconic look. 

There are two structures resembling horns sticking out of its head. 

Charizard is a short species with very small forelimbs, but massive and strong legs. It has a long tail and a flame at the point.

2. Dragonite From Pokemon

dragonite pokemon 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Dragonite is one of the rare Pokemon that is a dragon type. Contrary to Charizard with its formidable image, Dragonite looks quite friendly and adorable. 

However, the reality is far from this. It can be extremely violent when it senses threats to its surroundings. 

Dragonite is among the rarest Pokemon and is extremely difficult to master. Dragonite develops from Dragonair which, in turn, develops from Dratini. 

Dragonite has a round nose, unlike Charizard’s which is elevated. Dragonite has strong muscular legs with big hands. He is also covered in orange fur.

1. Shenron From Dragon Ball

shenron 16 Best Anime Dragons of all Time

Shenron is the great dragon in the action film “Dragon ball”. Shenron is a strong dragon that can grant wishes to those who search for it after acquiring seven dragon balls. 

At the end of the first season of the show, we get to look at Shenron in full glory after the seven dragon balls have been collected. 

There’s an even more majestic version of Shenron called Shenron the Super Shenron which first appeared in the movie “Dragon Ball Super.” 

Super Shenron is stronger and has the ability to bring back destroyed worlds.

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