15 Best No Game No Life Characters

“No Game No Life” is a curious series for me. I’m a decent scorer, always giving the anime a shot and always trying to find positives.

However, this isn’t the case with the “No Game No Life” with me.

It’s thought to be the closest thing to canned bread, everyone seems to be awed by this, however, I’m also the sole person that doesn’t know what’s the best thing about it.

The show is centered on the Blank siblings’ Sora and Shiro.

Sora and Shiro siblings two NEETs who are shut-in on Earth however, there are certain winners in a brand new world of absurdity whose ambitions and exploits will leave their enemies confused and amazed while simultaneously awestruck.

It’s possible that the couple could be dismissed as a typical Gary Stu/mary sue pair. 

They’re not but they’re also far from boring or boring characters as many of the ones that meet this description due to the way the series portrays their NEET characteristics.

The brothers and sisters appear to be genuinely entertaining characters, sporting flashy characteristics which resemble famous characters from other popular books, anime, or games, but without feeling like self-inserts that are merely self-inserts.

Here are the 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

15. Amira

amira nogamenolife 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Amira has silky, green hair and has a skin color which is nearly transparent, and has clear blue eyes. She is wearing coral jewellery on her body. 

As an Seiren model, she has an essentially humanoid body, with clothes that resemble fins on her feet, and pointed ears.

She has a generally cheerful personality that fits the stereotype of Seirens who are blissful and inscrutable. 

In addition, as per this stereotype is that she is quite a flirty and attractive personality as evidenced in the many times she has had a romantic relationship with Sora. 

She believes it’s ideal to express your emotions and feelings instead of keeping them in a bottle as she did in her support of Sora and Shiro when they were battling Laira.

14. Laira Lorelei

amira nogamenolife 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

As with other Seiren, she is mostly humanoid, with dress-like fins on her feet as well as pointed ears. 

Her hair is wavy and blue and has a youthful appearance along with a snow-white body, which is adorned with gold strips. 

The lower portion of her body has beautiful scales that reflect light into the space.

She was bored of life and is seeking absolute love in the sense that she was blessed with everything: beauty, wealth and love from everyone. 

When she first appeared she behaved like an unspoiled child.

She seems to not care about how long she’s been asleep (V5C4) as well as enjoying the pleasure of slamming those she loves in the hardest ways when they are attracted to her.

13. Plum Stoker

plum stoker ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Plum wears gothic attire and a small top cap. 

He wears blue hair and black wings. He also has an eerie tail.

While initially thought to be a girl because of the way he dresses but he later reveals the truth is that he is the only male Dhampir. 

He dresses like a girl to disguise the fact that he is a man.

Although he appears to have a humble and humble look, Plum is one of the most manipulative and malicious creatures to be found on Disboard. 

He is constantly plotting against his friends and allies alike, he is always in his own gain while attempting to excuse his actions when discovered, this led to Kuhaku’s acceptance of him as a rival and a useful ally to keep.

12. Miko

miko ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

She has long, golden hair and fox ears. She also has whiskers as well as two gold tails. She is usually seen wearing a kimono as well as a hairpiece. 

Also, she has a huge bell that hangs from her chest. Sora has speculated that Miko’s age was at a minimum of 58 However, her exact age is still unknown. 

Despite her age, Miko holds the appearance of a woman who is in her 20s.

She is usually smiling on her face in all situations, demonstrating her confidence and understanding. 

She also has a great affection toward her people, as she instructed Sora to look after the Werebeasts when she lost her coin. She, like other races, was used to ridiculing Immunity. 

However, she has begun to appreciate them after the alliance, especially Sora as well as Shiro. 

Her admiration for Sora grows when she observes his determination and dedication to helping save Ino as well as winning with a different approach that doesn’t involve casualties when she herself believed that the sacrifice of Ino was the ideal and most effective option.

11. Izuna Hatsuse

izuna ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Like others Werebeasts, Izuna has a mix of human and animal traits, such as having ears that resemble foxes and a fluffy tail. 

Her hair is dark purple and her eyes that are chestnut (black hair and eyes from the novel of light). 

Her pupils are vertically cut which is similar to the eyes of cats.

She has a generally innocent character for her age but is proficient in playing games, to the level that she can represent the Werebeasts in national competitions with other races. 

When reading English translated light manga and novels she is known to make the habit of slurring and not being aware of what they mean.

10. Fiel Nirvalen

fiel nirvalen nogamenolife 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Fiel is a blonde with long golden locks that are adorned with pink hair ribbons which retains a part of the hair in a braid and eyes that are dark blue irises as well as the appearance of a pink clover. 

Fiel has a pretty large bust. 

Her clothes are olive green and light yellow hue.

Despite appearing like the stereotypical brainless girl, however, she’s extremely clever and smart. 

Although she’s usually smiling and speaking in an easy voice she’s able to take a serious turn when she has to. it. 

She also has a slight dislike for Flugels especially Jibril because they have killed a large amount of Elves in the past. 

But, it is nothing in comparison to her hatred of Dwarves in such a way that she has claimed that she will die if she remains inside the Subterrane alongside Nyi Tilvilg for six hours.

9. Chlammy Zell

chammy zell ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Chlammy Zell is a slim and slim woman with a purple hairstyle and a black veil over her head all the time. 

She’s a bit lacking in the chest area which she is very unhappy about.

She has a mostly calm and calm expression at the opening of the tale however, it’s just an appearance. 

She could easily turn into a crying mess she was scared or circumstances weren’t going as planned. 

However, she’s nevertheless determined to fight for her goal.

8. Stephanie Dola

stephanie dola nogame nolife 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Stephanie has been described as the Immunity girl with a short red hairstyle which is adorned with a huge blue flower. 

Her eyes are blue and she has an elongated figure, with large breasts.

She is also wearing the dress is from Sora which caused Idols to be jealous. 

She wears a cardigan with no shoulder with a dress that resembles a maid and the leg warmers as well as boots.

Steph has been dubbed the Princess of Elkia The land of the human race. 

She hates losing and is proud, and frequently isn’t thinking about the consequences. 

She hopes to continue the dreams of her great-grandfather, who was a former King, and keep Elkia from the danger of disappearance. 

She’s also adept at creating sweets.

7. Schwi Dola

schwi dola ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Schwi has many similarities to Shiro. 

However, she has a few distinctions, the most notable being the two tails that protrude out of her back as well as other features that resemble machines that extend from her body.

Before making human contact, her behavior was similar to an artificial intelligence stereotype. 

She was able to absorb and process information and knowledge quickly, and then act in the right way – an uncommon characteristic of her race.

6. Riku Dola

riku dola ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

He’s tall and slim and has white, spiky hair. The eyes of the actor are a lavender color, and have been described as “look like an abyss”. 

His clothes are mostly sienna brown, with the addition of a red scarf.

Since the destruction of his home and his role as the colony’s leader and was able to maintain a divided personality. 

If the figurative lock on his heart is shut, he seems unmotivated, cold, and calculated. If the heart has opened the emotions that he has stored up release, usually brutally.

5. Sora

sora nogame nolife 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Sora is a lean and tall young man who has smooth fair skin and hair that is spiky from the novel light (maroon on the animated version). 

His eyes are red with dark bags that cover them, most likely from an excessive amount of gaming and no rest (sleep lack), and is always sporting smiles with a cute smile on his face.

Despite being a NEET and shut-in Sora is extremely friendly, self-confident, with never-ending energy and virility.

He’s who is not afraid to play with people face-to-face even when they’re behaving badly. 

He is extremely manipulative, what is described as “negotiation and diplomacy”. 

This is in line with the style of play of Shiro that is based on math and logic. his is made up of emotions observation and deductions, behavior words, tactics as well as human logic.

4. Tet

tet ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Tet is wearing berets with a brim and an orange clover on top. 

He also has a small red heart beneath the right eye. One of his most striking features is his eyes, as they are multi-colored. 

Despite his eyes being multi-colored the pupil on his right is a diamond-shaped one and his left has a spade-shaped shape on it. 

He has a massive metal earring to the left ear, depicted as a die, and a blue choker and bracelets on both hands that have the identical color.

From the moment Tet brought Shiro along with Sora back to the world of his parents, Tet was shown as fun and bright just like any child of his age. 

From the rules, he put up on the Disboard Tet appears to be averse to fighting and violence, possibly due to the damage that the old conflict caused on the planet. 

He can be a bit benevolent and peaceful. 

He also states that he typically only observes but is rarely involved. 

He is not a fan of the Old Deus that he is not (possibly but not always) and was proven to have a negative impression of the group. He also regards these characters as being boring.

3. Ixseed

ixseed ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

It is believed that the Ixseed (Shi Liu Zhong Ikushido, Ikushido) is a reference to the 16 races that are sentient in Disboard that the Ten Covenants cover. 

They are classified based on their affinities to magic.

The top six races are considered to be “Life” (Sheng Ming, Seimei) along with “Living beings” and the lower 10 races are considered to be “Creatures” (Sheng Wu, Seibutsu) as well as “Living objects”. 

The distinction between the top and bottom races is the result of the differences between heaven and earth, since”Life” and “Life” are a lot superior to the “Creatures”. 

The creation of all races was done through God the Old Deus, except Immunity and Demonia.

Cross-breeding between races cannot be seen in Disboard. 

It is however possible to produce offspring by using a piece of soul belonging to another race.

This is the way Laira was able to give birth to Sora’s daughter. 

Jibril as well as the ex-Machina also mentioned that they could reproduce similarly and also.

2. Jibril

jibril ngnl 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

The hair is long and purple-pink that extends to her knees, and has two white wings sticking out from her hips. 

Her pupils are dark purple, with an iris that is gold.

A cross-shaped shape is visible in her pupils when she’s focused on something (such as casting spells).

She is gentle and friendly, however, she is also incredibly rude to the different races in the Ixseed that are less than their own.

This is demonstrated in her veiled insults to Stephanie Dola. She also does not apologize for her actions to Fiel Nirvalen to apologize for creating havoc.

Also, when she was told that she must take a lick of Fiel’s feet, she turned down the offer by saying that she wouldn’t touch an ‘unmere’ Elf’s foot. 

She is a huge fan of knowledge and can get overjoyed at the thought of learning new information for instance when she gazed at Sora’s tablet after examining the massive amount of information it held.

1. Shiro

shiro nogame nolife 15 Best No Game No Life Characters

Shiro is a pretty pale-skinned lady with long, messy white hair that has light blue, purple-pink, green, and yellow tones and large eyes that are passive and golden/yellow-red. 

She’s small and of normal height (for an 11-year-old).

Shiro is known as a genius at thinking and solving problems but struggles to understand emotional or behavioral patterns, relying on Sora to assist her in defeating creatures with emotions like Tet in their chess game. 

She doesn’t show any emotion despite her incredible intelligence, she speaks in short phrases, short sentences, and from the third-person perspective.

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