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Foxes are passive mobs in Minecraft who appear in the trees of the taiga, the huge tree taigas, and the snowy taiga biomes. 

They are born in groups of 2-4, typically at night, in either baby or adult form. They eat rabbits, chickens, cod, or salmon, as well as tropical fish.

However, they fall prey to two of their predators: wild wolves and polar bears. They can sleep in an environment with a temperature of 14 or less during the daytime. 

If an item is near the fox, it could take it and cause the item to fall into its mouth. 

Sweet fruits are used to breed foxes. The offspring that are bonded to them will not leave the person when they reach adulthood.

Foxes are nocturnal and this increases their chances of reproducing during the night, especially in forests. 

In biomes with snow, different varieties of foxes are observed. Except for the white fur, there aren’t obvious differences in behavior when compared with foxes in other biomes.

They usually spawn in groups of 2-4, with a 5-per cent chance of spawning in baby foxes. At night, they usually move to nearby villages. 

The foxes of Minecraft are an ideal all-rounder to have at your side. A tame fox will fight any enemy that poses a threat to its owner. 

Foxes that are not tamed exist as uninvolved mobs in the game and will only be attacked by the ones who do not provoke an attack on them.

Health points10 (Java Edition); 20 (Bedrock Edition)
Strength of attackNormal and Easy 2; hard: 3
Hitbox sizeThe height is 0.6 Blocks. Width 0.7 Blocks
Products that are usableSweet Berries; Lead

The Spawning Foxes of Minecraft:

The foxes only reproduce naturally in the taiga or snowy biomes in the taiga. They do so in groups of 4 or more, most typically during the night. 

They can spawn in the form of a baby or an adult. In the Taiga, their coats are orange, similar to those of an arctic fox.

In contrast, in a snowy taiga, they’re white, like an arctic fox. The fox can also spawn in a village if it is located within one of the biomes of the taiga.

There is a 1 in 20 probability that a fox can spawn with one of these things in its mouth

  1. Emerald
  2. Rabbit Foot
  3. Egg
  4. Wheat
  5. Leather
  6. Feather

The behavior of Minecraft foxes

Foxes possess a significantly higher speed of movement, allowing them to run away from humans and wolves. 

Sweet berry bushes are proven to be useless because they do not cause damage or speed is decreased.


Foxes are often prey to rabbits, chickens, cod, or salmon, as well as tropical fish that rely on them to feed their appetites. 

But foxes do not strike wolves, even if they are threatened by them. Foxes also can target crowds that have injured a person they can trust. 

Foxes generally attack by running toward the target or by pouncing on their prey. When they find their prey, they reduce their head and body to make it appear smaller, then release it to leap 2-5 feet into the air. In the same way, they can leap over walls and fences.

A fox that pounces on the snow layer gets stuck, but for a short time, it remains in the snow and emits particles that return to normal within a few minutes. 

They’ll attempt to sprint towards the closest mob of attack regardless of whether they are on an uninvolved lead. Foxes also can dive to target fish to get food.

As we have discussed previously, the foxes are extremely reliable animals that will retaliate at the sight of a player they can trust. 

They can attack any mob-like zombies, drowned, husks, silverfish, endermites, and spiders, as well as cave spiders, if they target the player. 

If a polar bear or wolf attacks an individual, then foxes will not defend themselves but instead, attempt to flee.

Sitting and Sleeping:

Foxes are trying to find a place that has a skylight of 14 or less and then rests. Since they’re nocturnal, they rest throughout the daytime. 

While asleep, it slowly shifts its head upwards and downwards. It can detect the presence of a mob or player, which is why it wakes up. 

Foxes are not able to flee when the player is nearby and sneaks until they are on the next block.

They are not asleep when they are within 12 blocks of an armor stand. If the skylight in the fox’s location is 15 or higher, it awakes. 

The foxes who are trusted may fall asleep even when they are tied to the lead. 

Finding a fox that is alone is difficult due to their tendency to be around other foxes or even sleep close to one another occasionally. 

Foxes are known to sit down occasionally in the daytime, particularly when they are unable to locate a shaded spot to lie down. 

They typically only stay for a brief time, and they can do it in the lead or on boats.


Foxes can be prey to two predators within Minecraft: wild wolves and polar bears. Wild wolves can be a threat to foxes in a space of 16–18 blocks. Polar bears may sneak in to fight foxes in the Java edition.

In the Bedrock Edition, they attack foxes within 16 blocks. Even the baby bears, who are docile towards players, attempt to take on foxes within 16 blocks.


Foxes target villages, in particular, to take items from the villagers and feed their chickens. 

This behavior is usually displayed by foxes during the night because that is when they are most active.


If an item is in the vicinity of the fox and it is near, the fox will move to the object and grab it, causing it to be placed inside its mouth. 

This isn’t limited to a particular kind of item. Anything that the player is able to acquire can be taken by an eagle. 

They are more likely to pick up food items. However, it is possible that they’ve already taken food objects, and they substitute them with food items. 

In the end, a fox eats all the food items it comes across (besides cakes), and any adverse effects of eating the food, like poison or being teleported, are felt by the animal.

How to Breed Foxes?

Sweet berries are used to breed adult foxes, creating the fox’s baby. The children of the breed bred by the participant trust them and are not frightened by the player once they reach the age of four. 

Even though an adult running away from the player could lead the child to follow suit, baby foxes are also able to follow adult foxes. 

A lead is recommended to keep the baby from running away. If the foxes crossbred, then there is an equal chance that the baby will be red or snowy.

Do I Know How to Tame Foxes?

To be able to tame a fox within Minecraft, you’ll need two sweet berries to persuade it that two foxes will breed and one lead to manage your brand new fox. 

A lead can be made by crafting using three strings and one slimeball, as illustrated below, using the help of a table for crafting. 

Sweet berries can be obtained by harvesting a sweet berry tree.

When you find two adult foxes, you can give them each a sweet berry, which will prompt the fox pair to start breeding. 

It is possible to feed a fox just by placing a sweet berry in your hands and engaging with it. 

Once the foxes have completed breeding, a fox will be born, and this newborn is likely to grow into your trusted and tamed pet once you tie it to a leash and take it to your home base.


IconNamein-game description
The Parrots as well as the BatsTwo animals can be bred together.
Two By Two ByBreed all animals! Breed pairs of one of the 19 mobs: Bee, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Donkey, Fox, Hoglin, Horse, Llama, Mooshroom, Mule, Ocelot, Panda, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Strider Turtle, Wolf

Did You Have Any Ideas?

  1. Foxes are among the few mobs that linger in Minecraft. Other mobs include cat bats, villagers, and bats.
  2. Foxes are the only two land mobs that can jump over one block without any status effects or input from the player.
  3. In real life, some foxes leap high to take their prey off guard, and this is evident in the Minecraft counterpart.
  4. Foxes that are babies are small enough that when swimming they suffer drowning injuries. It is apparent when they try to attack fish.


Q. How can I find a rare white fox Minecraft?

One of the main differences between an ordinary fox and a white fox is their biome. If you are lucky enough to find the snowy Taiga biome in your area, you will likely see white foxes in the area. 

If you spot the white fox, you can utilize the same procedure to breed them, and you will get an offspring who will be with you for the duration of your life.

Q. What is the food that foxes eat in Minecraft?

Foxes are known to attack rabbits, chickens, and even salmon, cod, or tropical fish. The fox can eat anything it encounters, except the cake. 

While its diet is diverse, it’s usually found eating sweet berries, and they are known to be the ones who enjoy it the most.

Q. Do tame foxes ensnare you?

Unfortunately, foxes will not be your reliable companions in an adventure, just like the wolves that you can tame. 

It is necessary to have a lead in case you intend to take the fox with you anywhere as they prefer to nap during the daytime, they should be to leave them at the house.

Q. What happens when the fox is killed on Minecraft?

Foxes lose 1-3 points of experience upon death and also the items that they have in their mouth.

Q. Do foxes appear in Minecraft Teleport?

If a fox holds an octopus then it eats it and then teleports in the same manner.

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