How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

For a compass to be made, make a compass, put Redstone in its centre, and then the four iron ingots so that it covers all four of the Redstone. It is then easy to move it to your inventory.

Compasses are not used by many these days, but they’re extremely helpful for people who are new to exploring and trying to keep track of specific locations and objects within their globe.

Noting down coordinates is a good method of remembering the location, but it’s always helpful to have a compass by your side to rely on. 

Compasses are also an important element in making map recipes and are enjoyable to play around with. This is how to make the perfect compasses.

Required Materials

The components you’ll need for the construction of a compass are:

  1. Table for crafting
  2. furnace
  3. 7 Iron Ore
  4. 1 Redstone

How do you create a compass?

For a compass to be made, put Redstone in its centre and then the four iron ingots in a way that covers all four in the shape of Redstone. 

It is then easy to move it to your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Here’s the step-by-step pictorial guide to follow to create the compass in Minecraft:

For making a compass one of the things you’re likely to require is a table to craft. The first step in making a crafting table by turning the logs you’ve recently purchased into planks of wood.

To create wooden planks, just place the wood logs you have taken in any of the slots on the table for crafting in the survival inventory in the following manner:

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After the logs have been transformed into planks of wood, you can then move on to making a crafting table.

You’ll need an art table to construct the most simple type of pickaxe that can be used to collect the initial chunks of cobblestone. Cobblestone is needed to create an oven. 

The first step to making a pickaxe involves making the handles from sticks. It is possible to use the table of inventory creation or the table for crafting that you’ve just constructed to make your sticks.

ezgif 1 41bd8829d7 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

For making sticks put two wooden planks between them on the left or right sides of the square like in the picture above.

ezgif 1 850a08d254 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

You must now construct an axe. This is done by interfacing with a table for crafting. 

Then, on the table for crafting, put an array of planks across at the very top of your GUI and put two sticks underneath the middle plank as you can see above. 

This will result in an axe that you can use to gather your cobblestone, a necessary block to make furnaces.

The next step is to locate iron and coal.

Even though you’ll only require 7 pieces of iron to make this recipe iron is an essential resource, and therefore it is advised to collect enough. To gather iron, however, you’ll need an iron pickaxe.

To make a stone pickaxe follow the same recipe as earlier but substitute it with cobblestone. An example is shown below.

ezgif 1 55abbf0703 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

The spawning of coal and iron occurs often and is located in caves, along cliff sides and even on the surface of biomes with stone tops.

Once you’ve discovered the coal you want to mine, extract it and then search for iron.

ezgif 1 06907a3f69 1 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

Iron is produced in the same places as coal and is found quickly in caves that are located on the surface and beneath the surface.

ezgif 1 060bf2cc83 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

After you’ve located all seven pieces of iron, you must melt the iron. For smelting, use your furnace to melt the iron until it is reduced to ingots.

Open the furnace’s GUI:

ezgif 1 f29594f5bc How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

The top slot should be filled with the iron you want to melt:

ezgif 1 b19439d7ba How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

Put your preferred form of energy (in this instance, coal) in the lower slot:

ezgif 1 4a4e40551f How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

Watch till the progress indicator fills up, then, when it is time to iron:

ezgif 1 2d265648a8 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

Compasses aren’t something you can create in the beginning since they require Redstone. 

The first step is to move through a pickaxe made of wood, to the stone and then on to an iron pickaxe. Redstone ore can be extracted using the use of an iron tool.

For making the iron pickaxe follow the same recipe for crafting other pickaxes, simply replacing the top row using iron ingots. Below is the recipe.

ezgif 1 c7a42bf387 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

You must now look for Redstone.

Redstone produces lower Y levels than coal and iron, between Y-level 16 and bedrock. Redstone is, fortunately, an extremely abundant mineral which is easy to locate. 

Mining in ravines or strip mining at the appropriate Y-levels will allow locating Redstone effortlessly.

ezgif 1 15a1c96ba7 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

After you’ve mined your Redstone and collected a minimum of one chunk of Redstone dust, you can now create your compass!

Simply set down your craft table and then open the crafting GUI.

ezgif 1 5a678025c0 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

Then, put your remaining ingots of iron into an elongated diamond in the middle of the GUI and then put the Redstone piece in the middle as illustrated below.

ezgif 1 1a0176da53 How to Make Compass in Minecraft?

Voila! You now have a Compass in place, so go and get it.

Give the command to the use a compass Minecraft:

/give @p Minecraft: Compass 1

Explainer Video

Final Words

Congratulations! You’ve made a compass! Compasses are excellent tools to find out where you are and also how to get back home, but you must be sure you remember where your home is. 

Compasses have become a bit outdated in their usage over time but they are a great tool to create maps as well, which can be fun to play with.

Enjoy exploring!

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