Minecraft Guide: Smithing Table

A smithing table serves two roles in Minecraft: upgrading gear by changing it from diamonds to netherite. It also serves as an employment block for the toolsmith. 

Toolsmiths are beneficial because they can transform mined materials into emeralds and offer diamond enchanted axes, shovels, and pickaxes. 

The smithing table is needed to transform a tool into netherite which is the most advanced quality level that you can obtain on the battlefield.

Smithing Table

Iron IngotIron Ingot
Wooden Plank (Any)Wooden Plank (Any)
Wooden Plank (Any)Wooden Plank (Any)

You can change the direction of the recipe for crafting which means you can finish this recipe either way.

How to Craft a Smithing Table in Minecraft?

– Two iron ingots

– Four wooden planks

The formula for the smithing table is inexpensive. You’ll need to collect two iron ores and melt the ingots on a smithing table.

You can mix and match every kind of plank made from wood to create the tables for smithing.

Once you have gathered your materials, go to a table to craft and put your two ingots of iron on the top, beside each other, and four planks of wood below in a square of 2×2.

It’s that easy to create a smithing bench in Minecraft.

How to Use a Smithing Table in Minecraft?

If there’s an unassigned villager or a villager whose occupation is not locked in, you can put a smithing table close by to assign the profession of toolsmith to them. 

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The librarian’s occupation hasn’t been locked in, so I can swap it for the profession of a toolsmith.

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Break down the current block for its job site to make room for a table for smithing. In a matter of seconds, the villagers will light some green particles and change their jobs.

Make sure the villagers can sleep close by before you attempt this. Many villagers will only look for jobs after they have secured accommodation.

To make diamond gear from netherite, you’ll need an ingot of netherite. Find ancient pieces of debris in the nether and melt the netherite into scraps to create netherite ingots. 

Older debris is difficult to find, and the Fortune enhancement will not impact the drop rate of your character in any way. 

It is possible to find ancient debris within layers 8, 22, and 23. The most common place to find it is on layer 15.

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Melt them in a furnace and then mix four netherite scraps with four gold ingots to create a netherite-ingot.

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To transform your diamond equipment into netherite, take them to a smithing table. Start the user interface by clicking on the smithing table. 

Set the diamond tool/armour that you’d like to upgrade into the left slot and place the netherite ingot into the slot to your right.

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You can clearly see that the helmet is still enchanted and turns into a netherite helm. It is more secure than diamond helmets and provides the wearer with knockback protection.


Smithing tables can be used to make just one kind of product. It is the only craft station with these limitations.

The tools at the smithing table cannot be obtained in the game.


Does a smithing table have the ability to be burned?

Smithing tables aren’t immune to being dropped objects and can be destroyed by fire or lava.

However, once you’ve placed the smithing table, it won’t be burned by flames or lava.

Do you have the option of using the smithing table to fuel?

You can utilize the smithing table for fuel. It can melt 1.5 items similar to wooden planks. 

Smithing tables aren’t the most efficient fuel source, however, if you accidentally made an entire stack, they can be used as fuel.

Why isn’t my villager an engineer?

If the villagers were exchanged with one another, their careers were locked and they were unable to change their professions. 

Unassigned villagers will look for blocks near the job site if they’ve secured the bed. 

If they’re the only villager in the area (You helped the zombie villager who wasn’t located near an actual village) It will take some time to establish the area as a brand new village. 

Once they’ve made the region a village, they are looking for a bed before looking for a job. If the villager is a nitwit, it’s impossible to give a job to them.

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