15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

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The JavaScript-based idle clicker game Cookie Clicker, which has a single-player mode, was made by Julien Thiennot in August 2013.

In the endless game play cookie mode, the user tries to bake as many tasty cookies as they can. The user starts the game by clicking on a big cookie, and they gain a cookie for each click.

The player uses cookies as money to purchase items like farms and grandmas that can produce cookies automatically without user input, and the number of cookies will rise as the user upgrades the cookie. If you like idle clickers, Cookie Clicker is a great game for you.

15. Cookie Cutter

Games Like Cookie Clicker

Indie company Subcult Joint LTD made the action-adventure and role-playing video game Cookie Cutter. The player in this game must transform into a Cherry to save her maker. To gain the creator, the player must fight and kill all enemies. The player must explore the world of the game in addition to killing enemies.

The player in this game can fight with silly weapons and special moves. The player must play this game in ten enormous zones, each of which is more bizarre than the last. Additionally, you cannot play this game with friends because it comes with single player mode.

14. Tap Titans

Tap Titans 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

The best mobile video game for Cookie Clicker Lovers is Tap Titans from Game Hive Corporation. The game offers a great story that the player will enjoy. Role-playing is the main genre. Things called Titans and monsters have been threatening the lovely world. As the player, you are that superhero who brings peace back to the land.

By showing off his skills and killing a lot of monsters by tapping on the screen, he can move forward in the game and earn money that can be used to unlock new characters, upgrades, and items. Features of the game include ten realms full of adventures, thousands of levels, and sixty different monsters.

13. Idle Town

Idle Town 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

For mobile devices, Idle Town is another Idle Clicker video game. The single player supported game lets the player tap the large coins to generate small coins as quickly as possible by tapping on the touch screen and earn money.

Invest his money in any interesting business to generate more revenue and become a business tycoon by growing and improving the business. Build a massive empire in the middle of the town with various buildings and become a fantastic capital list. For players who are looking for games like Cookie Clicker, Idle Town is a fantastic game.

12. Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Adventure Capitalist is an idle clicker game made by Hyper Hippo Production that can be played on multiple platforms, including a mobile player list. Through the game, the player can live like a capitalist and invest his money in specific products to generate revenue. The game starts with a straightforward lemonade stand.

The player made more money when the revenue generated was higher. The player will receive an angel bonus at the beginning, which will boost all offers and generate enough revenue for the player to make a lot of money. The player can buy property on Mars and the Moon with real money. In 2016, S Team released Adventure Communist, a game based off of Adventure Capitalist.

11. Tap Tap Infinity

Tap Tap Infinity 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Role-playing, idle clicker, and free-to-play video game Tap Tap Infinity is available for Steam, Windows, and mobile devices. The game offers similar game play to Cookie Clicker and has a great story. When we talk about the story, monsters have taken over the fantastic world, and a hero is needed to defeat them all and make things right again.

The player takes on the role of a hero, and his goal is to tap the screen to defeat monsters and save his village. Cookie Clicker was the game’s main idea. Get XP points and use them to improve your characters, items, and spells so you can fight tougher monsters. The main goals of the game are to get gold, hire heroes, find valor points, gain XP, and other things.

10. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Win a lot of money in Bitcoin Billionaire by playing the game. The player starts with almost nothing, including a broken old desk, a run-down office, an old computer, and more, in this idle clicker video game that supports single-player mode.

For extra money, the player can earn bitcoins by tapping the touch screen. Spend the coins to upgrade the office, hire staff, buy new furniture, and upgrade the computer to generate revenue. Put the money into a different business to make more money. To get bonuses, change how your character looks, get upgrades, and other things, is what the game is worth.

9. Time Clickers

Time Clickers 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

To defend his city, Time Clickers gives the player the chance to hone his shooting skills and take out numerous enemies. The main type of game is an idle clicker, in which the player can gather gold, upgrade his pistol, and hire a group of sharper shooters to help them kill enemies.

Nothing is taken away, and there are no small transactions or hidden fees. The player must use a pistol to destroy cubes to gather gold, which can then be used to buy artifacts. Although the player is not online, his team will still earn gold coins.

8. Virtual Beggar

Virtual Beggar 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

The player takes on the role of a beggar in Virtual Beggar, and his goal is to get enough money to stop being poor. To throw coins and gather any valuables thrown by bystanders or pedestrians, touch the screen. Find a business, invest the money to generate revenue, grow the business by adding new rooms, and hire workers from fourteen different professions.

The player can train the worker to do more work and invest the money in any way that works for them. Buy cars, houses, pets, and other things. As a player, you can change how the beggar looks and how his living space is decorated.

7. Clicker Wars

Clicker Wars 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

For mobile devices (iOS and Android), Clicker Wars is an idle clicker and role-playing video game. The player will be sucked into a strange world full of cool monsters, exciting heroes, and a lot of gold. Pick the character you want to train, then tap the screen to do it and earn points.

To become the leader, you must improve the skills of the characters and kill a variety of monsters. Find out more about the new world and unlock more characters to move up in the game. Try to defeat all of the monsters to earn endless coins by fighting them.

6. Cow Clicker

Cow Clicker 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Cow Clicker is a single-player idle clicker video game with multi-player interactivity. By tapping on a cow every six hours, the player can earn points called “clicks.” If the player clicks on a cow and sees one of his friends’ cows in the pasture, he will earn an additional click.

The premium currency Mooney in the game lets the player buy different cows and skip the six-hour click time. Tap the screen as quickly as you can to become the wealthiest person in the town.

5. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Clicker Heroes is a Play Saurus’s Idle Clicker game for mobile devices that was released in 2015. It has a single player mode. A microtransaction system allows players to buy premium items like rubies, the game’s currency, in this free-to-play video game.

The player must tap the screen to damage the enemy and ultimately kill it to play the game. When killed, the enemy will drop a gold coin. The player can buy upgrades and fun characters with gold coins to keep moving forward.

4. The Monolith

the monolith 9082 1 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Another idle clicker video game that is very similar to Cookie Clicker in terms of gameplay, mechanics, and visuals, as well as having a very addictive game – click, is Monolith. To do your job, just keep clicking on the egg-shaped thing on the left side of the screen.

You must purchase upgrades from the game, train them, and let them fight the egg. You must also keep clicking on that old egg to gain upgrades.

You get money every time you click on the egg, which you can use to buy upgrades and keep fighting until your fingers hurt.

The Monolith is a great Clicker/Tapper video game to play and enjoy. It has great visuals, addictive gameplay, and cool upgrades to keep you interested.

3. Pocket Mine

pocket mine 9110 1 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

By digging and finding the undiscovered treasures buried beneath the earth, Pocket Mine will take you on an amazing earth adventure and let you get rich. The game lets you delve deeply into the earth, find treasures, and collect them by tapping on them. You can look for treasures in any direction and at any distance. You can always sell the loot you find and purchase upgrades, such as a better digging axe and other stuff. You’ll have a great time playing this game, and you’ll earn more money because you’ll find an artifact on every step you take. Different collected items are worth different mounts, so you can be rich in no time if you find a diamond or anything else of value. A super entertaining and addicting game, Pocket Mine is available for free to play. We’re sure you’ll enjoy playing it.

2. Candy Box 2

candy box 2 25807 1 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

The sequel to the well-known and straightforward incremental game Candy Box is called Candy Box 2. The game offers a more interesting and involved game play than ever before thanks to the same developer.

Players can enjoy a truly enjoyable Incremental Game style in Candy Box 2, which offers ASCII Art.

Candy Box 2 offers very similar mechanics to its predecessor thanks to its simple and easy to understand game list. The game lets players receive one candy every second, and they can either eat all of the candies or use them to complete some cool tasks.

By using some of the candies, players can purchase lollipops or other items for their inventory, including weapons and a variety of other items.

The game initially only offers one or two options on the screen, but as the number of candies grows, more options become available, and players can select any of them to continue playing.

By using thirty candies, players can request more features on the screen. Taskbar, Save, Configuration, health bar, Game world Map, and other features are available for players to request.

Candy Box 2 is a fun game to play and enjoy. It has a very simple and easy to understand incremental gameplay, a unique style of graphics, and a lot of games to play.

1. Shonen Idle Z

shonen idle z 32564 1 15 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Zakos Games created and released Shonen Idle Z, a free-to-play adventure, idle clicker, 2D, single player video game. The game offers exciting gameplay and lets the player take on the role of the world’s hero and save it from the evil monster Kurowashi and his army.

Make your character and then enter the world where you must learn new martial arts moves to improve your strength and skills. Enjoy the clicker gameplay experience. When you make a character, you can pick out their gender, mouth, eyes, nose, hairstyle, and more.

You can unlock more than forty-five techniques as you gain experience by moving forward. To help you out and unlock new clothes, collect enough points to make friends with strange creatures called yokais.

As you play the game, you’ll have to fight more than 400 monsters. Character creation, training, missions, bosses, parties, offline play, and more are some of the basic features it offers.

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