How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds are among those that are the highest-valued and sought-after sources in Minecraft since they are employed in the making of premium diamond and netherite equipment, tools, and weapons. 

But their value means that they are a bit difficult to get, and lots of players have trouble completing the process. 

Keep reading to learn about the best methods for obtaining diamonds in Minecraft to enjoy an enjoyable and smooth, but efficient gaming experience.

Mining Diamonds in Minecraft (Guide)

minecraft diamonds How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds are among the most difficult sources to obtain in Minecraft, along with emeralds, ancient debris, and lapis lazuli. 

It is difficult due to the rarity of diamonds to find diamonds and significantly limits the number of diamonds that players can choose to utilize in-game.

However, they are very useful in the creation of some of the finest equipment and tools that you can find. 

The players must take these aspects into consideration prior to embarking on the search for diamond ore.

Tool Quality (Iron Diamond, Iron Netherite, or Iron)

tool quality minecraft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

It’s tempting to utilize stones to mine to increase durability; however, they could be losing out on opportunities to mine diamonds when they use lower-tiered tools. 

Diamonds are not able to be extracted from the diamond ore blocks extracted using stone, wood, and gold pickaxes, and iron is the least grade that players can use.

A player should have a netherite or diamond pickaxe to extract diamonds. Bring along a few pickaxes if you can (at minimum, 2), in case the changes will be that at least one of them may break on the way. 

Keep these to use for blocks of value, as well as a couple of lower-end pickaxes to cut through stones, some shovels, and a handful of shovels for digging through the dirt or gravel.

Pickaxe Enchantments to Mining Diamonds

minecraft enchantment table How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

There are many magic spells that could prove useful in the mining of valuable resources, like Repair, Silk Touch, and Unbreaking

But, the most beneficial option for obtaining diamonds is that of the Fortune enchantment, which can increase the number of diamonds that are mined depending on the level of the enchantment.

At the maximum, Fortune III, your pickaxe can harvest the equivalent of 2.2 and a maximum of four stones per block. 

With regard to the scarcity of diamond ore blocks and the need to maximize the value of each block of ore is the most efficient way to collect more diamonds quickly. 

Use these magical pickaxes to be used only on diamond blocks to maximize efficiency.


It’s always recommended to put one or two chests in the middle of your mining zone so that you don’t need to go back to the surface regularly. 

You can use one chest to store items such as food, torches, precious ore, or resources, as well as pickaxes.

You can also make use of the second chest for the more common blocks, such as stones and sand. Be sure that these chests are kept in a secure location and safe from blasts of creepers.

Surrounding Blocks (Lava Mobs, Mobs, and Valuable Ore)

Players must consider the blocks surrounding them, as you’ll need to traverse an immense amount of land before you can find diamond ore.

Don’t miss out on the chance to collect some amazing resources on the way. Also, be certain to be prepared for possible threats.


lava minecraft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

There are a lot of dangers lurking in the underground, such as the possibility of eruptions of lava. 

Bring several containers of drinking water as well as empty ones in the scenarios, since you’ll require water to fight burn injuries or transform lava into obsidian

For different reasons, these buckets are able to store lava.


minecraft mobs How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Because diamonds are discovered deep beneath the earth’s surface, the area is dark and ideal for mobs. 

Bring some torchlights and set them on the ground while you mine to stop mobs from reproducing.

Valuable Blocks

The top pickaxes can allow users the ability to extract diamond blocks and any other blocks in the vicinity that are of value, such as Redstone, emerald, and Redstone. 

Make use of standard top-tier and unenchanted pickaxes for these materials in the event that more materials are required for your specific situation.

Diamond Coordinates in Minecraft

In light of the numerous benefits of diamonds when playing in-game, they are not found at the rate of -0.0846 percent (less than 1 in 1200).

 Diamond ore Blobs of diamond ore are found in veins that are as large as 8 blocks. However, they are typically located in smaller chunks.

The exact location of their blocks will be contingent on several factors that affect their location, but the main factor will be the Minecraft edition or version you’re playing. Here is an overview of how Diamond Ore Block coordinate positions could differ among Minecraft versions:

Minecraft VersionDiamond Ore Layer Coordinates
General(Y-5) > (Y-16)
<1.17.1(Y-5) > (Y-12)
1.18(Y-50) > (Y-64)

The newer release (1.18) includes a greater number of diamonds per layer, which gives players a better likelihood of getting more diamonds. 

However, it’s going to require players who are at level Y-59, which is at the bottom of the game.

For the Bedrock version level, Y-11 is the one with the greatest possibility of finding diamonds. 

Below is a table that shows the highest level of mining diamonds: Bedrock edition 1.16.221 Thanks to the Minecraft Wiki:

minecraft diamonds 1 How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

In the end, diamonds are more prevalent on layer 12 than on any other layer. However, it’s more prevalent above the bedrock layer with the later version. 

The following infographic shows the typical diamond ore location across the different Minecraft versions thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun: Rock Paper Shotgun:

When you’re using the Java edition, you can see the current level when you open your displays of coordinates. 

It’s possible to do this based on the device, platform, or edition. It can be described below:

Device/PlatformCoordinates Display Settings
PC (Java)“F3” Key
Mac (Java)“FN + F3” Keys
ConsoleSelect the game options prior to loading your world. Select “Show Co-ordinates”
Bedrock EditionChoose the game options prior to loading your world. Select “Show Co-ordinates”

The symbol in front of “XYZ” is the coordinates of the lower portion of your body as shown below, because of Rock Paper Shotgun:

Diamonds can be found anyplace beneath the 16th layer in a variety of Minecraft versions. But, it is not the case in particular versions of the game.

What is the best way to find diamonds in Minecraft?

There are many methods to get diamonds in Minecraft. However, the methods are likely to differ in their tools and resource requirements, as well as time and risk levels. 

Here is a summary of the best ways to go about finding diamonds in Minecraft and their pros and cons:

Diamond MethodProsCons
SpelunkingThe reduction in mining work
Reduces the requirement for tools and resources.
Caves are home to a variety of violent mobs
Deep-Sea DivingAn enjoyable way to acquire diamonds is to explore underwater regionsPlayers should have plenty of Water Breathing potions and Night Vision potions
Make use of TNTCompletely eliminates all items from the Java editionNot appropriate for the Bedrock edition.
This requires a lot and time
Branch MiningSecurer and more reliableConsumes more tools-crafting resources
Staircase MethodLet players cover a large space across the X and Y-axis.It could be necessary to include the branch method to increase efficiency
Strip Mining MethodThis is especially useful if you’re contemplating building an underground shelter baseMuch more tedious than other methods
It will create a lot of stone and dirt
Abandoned Mineshafts, Villages, and Mineshafts (Chests)An enjoyable way to discover and acquire important items along the way.The appearance of chests like this is very rare.
Villager Trading (Diamond Tools)Players can purchase diamond tools that can accelerate the mining of diamondsPlayers won’t be able to find diamonds in raw form or diamond ore

Since every method has distinct advantages and disadvantages, the decision between methods will depend on the player’s preferences. 

Pick the method that is the most fun or most appropriate to your situation or choose a mix of techniques to improve effectiveness.

1. Spelunking

cave spelunking minecraft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Once you’ve got all the equipment you need, then you’re ready to start your quest to find diamonds in the most simple method possible: mining diamonds. 

Mining diamonds is the traditional method. However, it can be successful in acquiring lots of diamonds and other useful items within the game.

Although there are numerous methods of mining, another method of discovering diamonds is to go into caves and caverns since these are likely to reduce the amount of work required for mining. 

The players will require fewer equipment and resources than standard mining; however, they’ll nevertheless need to follow the Mining Guide to ensure the highest diamond yield.

The players will have to take away all blocks that touch diamond blocks after they have found an oblique diamond ore. 

This is a crucial step since it will reveal the diamond blob and make sure the area is secure prior to mining to ensure that diamonds don’t melt into lava or be burned.

Be aware of these factors when searching for natural caves to find diamonds:

  • Concentrate on mining between layers 11 and 12.
  • Lava is typically born between levels Y-4 and 10.
  • Utilize ravines, shafts, and waterfalls for quick access.

2. Deep-Sea Diving

deep sea diving minecraft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Exploring the ocean is an excellent way to find diamonds while also enjoying an amazing adventure in the water. 

However, it may not provide the same level of reliability as some of the other options that are listed.

Oceans are home to a myriad of ravines that may contain underwater caves, some of which may contain blocks of diamonds. 

But, it is essential that players be equipped with a variety of water breathing remedies and night vision potions for the proper hunt for diamonds in the ocean.

3. Use TNT (Java Edition)

tnt mining How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Blowing up bigger areas of land is a fast and simple method of getting rid of land and getting the resources that it houses. 

However, it’ll require a considerable amount of time and effort on the part of the player.

Players must take out a number of creepers in order to collect gunpowder, and also collect lots of sand. This method can eliminate everything within the Java edition.

However, it’s not an acceptable alternative to playing Bedrock. Bedrock edition.

4. Branch Mining

branch mining minecraft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Branch mining tends to be more secure and safe, but it consumes more resources for tool crafting. 

It also produces tons of gravel, cobblestone, diorite, and andesite, along with granite, which could be seen as an advantage or disadvantage.

Players must be prepared with the following items prior to starting:

  • Six or more pickaxes (silk touch)
  • Buckets (lava and water)
  • complete set of iron armor (enchanted as much as it is)
  • Three stacks of torches
  • Iron sword
  • Food of high quality.
  • Table for crafting
  • Shovels (dirt and gravel)
  • Shield (to block the skeleton’s arrows)
  • Furnace

To make a diamond mine, go close to the diamond layer according to the version of Minecraft you have. 

Apart from following caves already in existence players can dig the vertical shaft or quarry or a staircase down towards the diamond layers, insofar as you don’t dig directly below your character.

The majority of players favor aiming for level 11, as it puts an end to the “lava flooding” at the floor or foot level and is simpler to control.

In tunnels that are deeper, lava will be revealed at the head level or above, which could result in the death of a player in a lot of cases.

It is likely for mines to cross multiple caves, and they are likely to be populated by violent mobs. 

Because any cave that is located during working for diamonds is in the proper place in relation to diamonds, it’s a great idea to investigate and illuminate the cave by using torches prior to continuing with mining.

Below is an example of what a straightforward branch mining scheme might look like.

When you have reached the desired level, start mining long halls that are level, that are two blocks high and one block wide, and continue until a passage opens up to reveal an oblique diamond-colored block. 

Sometimes, the player will discover several diamond blobs that are interspersed while mining branches.

There’s plenty of opportunity for customization and preference in this game since players can branch out in various ways. 

Here’s a great illustration of the branch’s mining strategy to follow to increase efficiency. It was created with the help of Rock Paper Shotgun:

Once you have found the first diamonds and then progressed to stunning, make a Fortune III pickaxe to multiply the diamonds you mine in the future.

Or, better yet, you can get a Fortune III pickaxe with Mending also. Keep it in the house. However, it can be kept secure in a safe until you require it.

5. Staircase System

staircase system minecraft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

A traditional staircase system is a good option since the players aren’t mining straight down. 

When digging at a 45-degree angle and leaving an arc of stairs behind, the players can gain an access point to deep levels effectively and safely, as can be seen in the following video because of the IGN.

A staircase system can allow you to cover a vast surface both on the X-axis and the Y-axis. 

Be sure to choose specific layers on the Y-axis in order to ensure you have the greatest exposure to diamond blobs while also making sure your staircase isn’t overrun by lava.

6. Strip Mining Method

strip mining minecraft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

The strip mining method is quite an easy method of mining out large areas, ideal when you’re planning to construct an underground base for survival. 

But, it’s much more laborious than other methods and can give you plenty of extra resources, such as dirt and stones.

Simply go to the desired coordinates along the Y-axis and create an outline of a container, leaving behind a square of blocks in its center. 

Mine the blocks to reveal a wide-open space. It’s an effective method of covering a large surface with a simple strategy.

7. Villages and Mineshafts that have been abandoned (Chests)

minecraft mineshaft How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

While this isn’t considered the best method to find diamonds in Minecraft, you might get some diamonds in chests should you be lucky enough to stumble across them. 

Mine shafts and villages that have been abandoned can contain hidden chests that hold valuable loot such as diamond-related items.

The existence of these treasure chests is uncommon, and players shouldn’t rely on them to get diamonds. 

But, it’s an enjoyable and exciting opportunity to explore your Minecraft world and also gain valuable items.

8. Villager Trading (Diamond Tools)

villager trading How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds are not renewable, which means gamers won’t be able to purchase the diamond-ore block from traders in Minecraft. 

However, they might be capable of getting their hands on some amazing diamond-related instruments via trader instructions, such as villagers.

This will accelerate your mining process of diamonds on its own.

Below is a list of the diamond tools that players can buy from various trading partners in the village of Minecraft:

Diamond ItemVillager Trader
Diamond PickaxeVillager from Toolsmith
Diamond SwordVillager from Weaponsmith
Diamond AxeVillagers of the Toolsmith and Weaponsmith
Diamond ShovelVillager from Toolsmith
Diamond HoeVillager from Toolsmith

Although getting diamonds in Minecraft may be a bit daunting and confusing, there are several amazing ways to get this amazing resource faster and more efficiently. 

The most effective method for you is based on many factors, like your desire for additional minerals and blockages, the number of resources and time you’ve got to spare, as well as your passion for exploration.

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