How to Make Water Breathing Potions in Minecraft?

If you’ve been submerged for long enough in Minecraft you might wish to avoid constant coming back to breathe.

Even the enchantment of respiration will give you a little room to dream.

There is a potion that lets you breathe underwater.

It is a water breathing effect that permits you to remain submerged without the need for a breath monitor for 3/8 of a minute.

This guide will explain the essential ingredients needed for the water-breathing potion, the method to make it, and how to utilize it.

Required Materials for Water Breathing Potion

  1. 3 Water Bottles
  2. Pufferfish
  3. Blaze Powder
  4. Brewing Stand
  5. Nether Wart

To create a drink of breathing water, you’ll need water bottles that you can create out of glass.

Find sand, then melt it using your furnace to create glass.

Three pieces of glass are required to create three glasses.

To fill the bottles with water, just hold them in your palm and click right on any source of water.

The pufferfish is a popular catch by fishing in an ocean or lake.

It must be the pufferfish that is caught through fishing and not the pufferfish bucket that can be obtained with an empty bucket and then catching the pufferfish.

The blaze powder is essential to power your brewing station.

The brewing stand cannot make the potions without fuel.

For brewing potions, you’ll need the stand to brew.

This is a challenge because you will need to locate the rod for the blaze you require.

In the end, you’ll need a nether wart.

Nether wart may be grown in the world of the Overworld, however, you must find the nether wart before you can grow it.

They can be found naturally in nether fortresses, where there is fire also.

How to Make Water Breathing Potion?

The first step is to catch the main ingredient in water-breathing tinctures.

If you’ve done fishing before, you are likely to have pufferfish as it doesn’t take too long to locate them.

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Be sure to place sand in the furnace to create glass bottles.

Every 3 pieces of glass make three glass bottles.

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After you’ve got your sand cooked and your pufferfish caught, you have to go to the nether to obtain blaze rods, fire powder, and nether wart.

Create a portal to the nether and begin securing your fortress.

After you have located a fortress, look for blazes, or a blaze spawner.

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Kill certain blaze foes until you’ve got some rods of the blaze.

Wander around the fortress until you stumble upon an area with an eerie red fungus and an unfinished staircase.

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Find a nether wart and go back on the surface.

There are all the ingredients for brewing a drink of speed.

Begin by making a brewing stand by mixing 3 pieces of cobblestone with the blaze rod inside the form of a table for crafting.

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Get your glass out of the furnace, and then turn the glass into bottles.

Set them in a “V” shape in the crafting menu on a crafting table and you can make glass bottles.

While you’re here, you can create some sugar from sugarcane by putting sugarcane on the crafting menu.

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With your glass bottles, right-click on the water source to fill them with water.

Put your brewing stand in place and then right-click on the stand to launch its user interface.

Fill the three slots in the bottom with water bottles.

It is necessary to place fire powder in the upper left slot to help, fuel your stand for brewing.

Make a few blaze rods into fire powder, then place them in your stand for brewing.

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To create potions from water breathing, you’ll need to first brew the awkward potions.

Insist on a nether wart inside the slot for ingredients on your brewing station and let it be cooked.

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This can turn the water bottle into unwieldy potions.

The only thing left is to put your pufferfish in the ingredient slot and then allow it to get ready to drink.

It will take approximately twenty minutes.

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All you need is to make potions that breathe water!

How to Use Water Breathing Potion?

Potions for water breathing will allow you to remain submerged for three minutes.

If you wish to make it last longer, put Redstone over the potions for water breathing in a brewing stand, which will make it last for eight minutes.

Once you’ve drunk your drink, you can remain in the water without worrying about your breath meter dwindling.

If you’re looking to effectively conquer an underwater temple, you will need drinking water potions.

Because it is submerged and you’ll be suffering from mining fatigue until you’ve killed the guardians at the temple.

You’ll be aiming to avoid having to return every couple of minutes.

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If you’re planning to perform any kind of base building or terraforming underwater, it is essential to keep a water-breathing drink in your kit to make your life simpler.

The water breathing process does not eliminate the need for having an aqua affinity to your helmet and also having respiration on your helmet too.

In a Nutshell

The water-breathing potion is a great way to make life more comfortable if you’re trying to go under the sea.

They are essential for tackling underwater temples and terraforming/building underwater.

It is easy to create them with a brewing stand.

Make sure you add Redstone to the brew if you wish the brew to last for more than 8 minutes.


Q. Do you think a Turtle Shell is more effective than a Breathing Potion?

Ans. Turtle shells can give you the effect of water breathing however, it won’t last as long as a breathing potion.

Without enchantments, the shell is not as good as the potion for water breathing.

Combining both is recommended for those who want to get the most out of the time you can spend in the water.

Q. Do you think you can grow the Nether Wart in the world of the dead?

Ans. Nether warts can be planted in the sand of your soul that you can place in the world of the dead.

As with many mushrooms in Minecraft, it is important to keep your nether wart somewhere that is dark.

It should be dark enough to support the growth of your nether wart, but bright enough to keep mobs out.

Final Words

You now can make an effective drink for exploring underwater.

Finding all the ingredients needed may be difficult initially however, it is worth enjoying the advantages of the potions.

The settings in Minecraft are quite difficult to survive and are easily reduced with a proper potion.

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