Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

SMP Servers within Minecraft can be found in Minecraft and are getting more and more popular. 

This is mostly due to YouTubers such as the popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream with his DreamSMP server.

For those who aren’t familiar with SMP servers within Minecraft.

This article will provide all the necessary information about how Minecraft SMP servers do and how to join them and which ones are the most suitable to join.

What exactly are Minecraft SMP server?

Minecraft snmp Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

SMP is a short form as Survival Multiplayer. SMP servers let players play in the Minecraft survival game as a group. 

With SMP servers, users are able to discover the globe, cultivate resources, and build towns.

SMP servers use a few plugins and are very similar to Minecraft basic survival. SMP servers are fun to play with and have a feeling of a community that is tight.

SMP Minecraft servers have become quite popular in recent times.

What’s the Difference Between A Minecraft Server SMP?

hypixel smp 57db Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

There are numerous ways to play Minecraft such as speedrunning using the Story mode creating impressive structures using the creative mode, or taking part in Minecraft battle royale with your friends. 

The players are constantly discovering new ways to play the popular game which has been played for over a decade. 

Survival multiplayer, or SMP within Minecraft is the fundamental Minecraft experience, but it is based on established rules and an established storyline (storyline).

Types of SMP Servers in Minecraft

Base Minecraft has three modes that include Survival and Creative as well as Hardcore mode. SMP is a variant of Survival mode that is available in the game. 

There are various types of SMP servers available on Minecraft like Vanilla, Peaceful, Anarchy, and many more. 

Although each server has its own rules, players are able to have an overview of the server, based on the kind of server they sign up to. 

SMP Minecraft servers can be classified based on the extent to which they’ve been modified as well as the dynamics of PvP.


Vanilla SMP Servers 1 Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

Vanilla SMP servers are designed for gamers who prefer the authentic unmodified Minecraft experience.

However, they can play with other players. Vanilla servers are free of mods and offer all essential features of the game.


Semi Vanilla Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

Semi-Vanilla SMP servers include a few changes to the quality of life that prevent Minecraft from becoming an endless grind. 

The servers have plugins that enhance the gameplay, but without making too many modifications. 

These plugins could include voting, anti-grief chat, and command-based plugins. However, typically Semi-Vanilla servers don’t have economy minigames, multi-world, or minigame plugins.


Modified Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

There are many kinds of mods to pick from, which include plugins, extra features, items, as well as various custom game mechanics and content. 

Modified servers are where imagination runs wild because players can do anything from re-enacting the hunger games, to participating in an economy that is in-game. 

Another well-known modded server is Skyblock which is a game that requires players to inhabit floating islands, be able to survive on fewer resources, and achieve the ultimate dimension. 

Modified server types might require players to install certain mod packs or modifications to their PC.

In terms of the PvP (player against the player) aspect SMP servers could be classified in the following ways:



The servers that are peaceful in Minecraft do not allow PvP. 

The players on these servers are not able to engage in a fight with other players and concentrate on building the community aspect in the game. 

Peaceful servers offer a relaxing setting for new players to play and explore the game’s PvE features without having to worry about getting smashed by other players.

It is important to ensure that you don’t damage other players’ structures, buildings, or items, or create traps for other users on these kinds of servers. 

If you do, it could lead to being banned for a period of time or permanently.



Faction-based servers provide you with the opportunity to join guilds, clans, and factions with other players and friends. 

It is your responsibility to defend your faction’s property, land, loot, and other property from the threat of enemies. 

Certain servers split factions into different groups like good/evil or light/dark.


Anarchy Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

Servers that have anarchy as the name implies, usually refer to no rules or no rules. 

Players are free to do what they want on these servers, and the world could quickly transform into a brutal, intense experience. 

The anarchy servers may not be for all players. Some players may experience grief or toxicity when playing on those SMP servers within Minecraft.

How to Join in a Minecraft SMP server?

smp server 1 Minecraft: What Are SMP Servers & How To Join?

The majority of the top Minecraft SMP servers seen on YouTube including DreamSMP aren’t accessible. The reason is obvious like to prevent being hacked and to prevent raids and grief.

There are numerous well-known open Minecraft SMP servers that anyone who is a Minecraft participant can sign up for. They can be joined like every similar Minecraft server.

Joining an Minecraft SMP server

Follow these easy instructions to sign up on any Minecraft SMP server.

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Start Minecraft Multiplayer. Minecraft Multiplayer menu
  3. Hit”Add Server. “Add Server” button.
  4. Name: Enter “SMP Server”
  5. Input the server’s IP address: purpleore.com
  6. Click”Done” to confirm “Done” Button
  7. Sign up to join the server via double-clicking on the list.

Its Minecraft SMP server is located at the top of a listing of SMP servers here. There are many others that can be located if this one is not the right one for you.

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