How to Make Flower Pot in Minecraft

A flower pot can be a decorative block that contains flowers, bamboo, saplings, and cacti, as well as mushrooms and other reasonable-sized plants. 

In witch huts and the basements of igloos, flower pots are naturally produced. However, they can be made by the player with other items from the game.

Flower pots can be used by players to decorate their bases with various types of flowers. They can even display cacti or wither roses, without worrying about their harmful properties.

Materials required for a flower vase

3 bricks are all you need to create a flower pot in Minecraft.

Bricks in Minecraft can be used to craft materials. A clay ball can be melted in a furnace to make a brick. 

Clay balls can be made by breaking a clay block with a nonsilk touch tool. Each block yields four clay balls. 

clay minecraft How to Make Flower Pot in Minecraft

Clay can be found in the bottoms and swamps of lakes and rivers in shallow areas and in large quantities. It can also be found in mason houses in desert villages, savanna, or plains.

To make bricks, place the clay in the furnace as shown below. To learn more about making bricks, visit this guide.

How to make a Minecraft flower pot?

The Nutshell

Open the crafting table and place the 3×3 grid on top. Place a brick on each side of the first row. Place a brick in its center. Once your flower pot is complete, you can simply return it to your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures):

This is the complete step-by-step picture guide to making a flower pot in Minecraft.

crafting a flower pot minecraft How to Make Flower Pot in Minecraft

Step 1: Open Crafting Table

To begin making the flower pot, open your crafting table and use the ingredients from your inventory. 

You will see the 3×3 grid in the image below once you have opened your crafting table.

Step 2: Place 3 Bricks

Return to your crafting table, and place a brick in each of the boxes in the first row. Add a brick to the middlebox of the second row. 

making bricks minecrafty How to Make Flower Pot in Minecraft

The bricks should be placed in the same pattern as in the image below when making a flowerpot.

Step 3: Drag the flower pot into your inventory.

Once you’ve created a flower pot, add it to your inventory.

What can you do with a flower pot?

You can use a flower pot to store mushrooms, fungi, or other plants. You can place any number of plants in a pot, including saplings and ferns up to a block height, as well as cacti, bamboo, and roots. 

You can remove plants by clicking the interact button. You can display cacti or wither roses, but they do not have to inherit their harmful properties. 

Potted plants can be used for decorative purposes only.

Explainer Video

Final Words

Yay! Now you can make your own flower pot. It can be placed in your garden or home. Place one of your flowers in the pot. 

You can now place the potted plants around the base to make it more attractive.

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