How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

You can make a potion that can help you see in darkness.

In addition to making the process easier for you to look at night, it also allows you to see more when you swim in the ocean.

Night vision potions aren’t the first thing that every drinker thinks about but they can be a very beneficial benefit to take advantage of.

Being able to see better is something that could be assumed to be a given however, try it at least once and it’ll be difficult to return to your normal vision.

Things you will need to create Night Vision Potion:

– Blaze Powder

– Brewing Stand

– Water Bottles

-Nether wart

-Golden Carrot

The most difficult part of making potions is finding a fortress.

The fortress is home to fire and the nether wart is required to create a night vision potion.

You’ll have to defeat certain blaze-related enemies to obtain blaze rods, materials used for making the stand for brewing as well as the fuel it needs.

Water bottles are required to store the effects of the potion.

Glass bottles are constructed from glass, so take some sand, then melt them into three pieces of glass you require.

Nether wart is needed to form the basis for the night vision potion: the imperturbable potion.

Nether wart is also cultivated in the overworld so long as you possess soul sand.

Be sure to plant it to have enough to use in future potions.

The golden carrot can be utilized to transform a variety of potions into night-vision ones.

You’ll require one carrot as well as 8 gold nuggets.

How do you create Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

To create a Potion of Night Vision, take the brewing stand out of the way.

Inside the stand’s UI you can place your water bottle into one of the lower three boxes.

Next, place a nether wart inside the top box and then wait until the arrow fills.

Place your golden carrot inside the top box, in the interface of the brewing stand.

Within a couple of seconds, the sour beverage will change into a Night Eyes (3:00 ).

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here are the step-by-step pictorial instructions you must follow to create a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft:

We’ll start by finding the main ingredient in night vision remedies the golden carrot.

To make a golden-colored carrot, you must harvest some carrots.

They are discovered in villages, often dropped by zombies or in shipwrecks or chests of pillager towers.

Step 1: Locate a village farm.

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Villages can nearly ensure that you will find carrots.

Each village farm is likely to produce carrots on their farms.

You can tell the difference between carrots and other crops due to their orange-colored base and green lush tops.

Step 2:

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Next, you will have to locate an ingot of gold to make the golden carrot.

Gold ore is available in any location beneath “Y” level 31.

It is also found in the biomes of badlands near the surface.

The mineral is distinguished by its yellow flecks, and you’ll need an iron pickaxe to mine it.

Step 3:

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Smelt your gold ore into ingots.

Put your gold into an oven and wait for it to melt into ingots.

For more information on how to create furnaces, refer to this tutorial. 

Step 4:

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Place an ingot into the crafting menu to create gold nuggets.

Step 5:

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Surround a carrot with your gold nuggets to create a golden carrot.

You now have the principal ingredient needed to prepare a night vision potion.

You will need a brewing stand.

You can build one using the ashes of Cobblestone and blaze enemies.

Step 6:

ezgif 1 fa9080eb01 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

You will need to enter the nether to locate the blaze.

Create a portal to the nether by putting obsidian blocks four blocks tall and five blocks wide.

Step 7:

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Next light the nether portal using flint and steel.

To create steel and flint, you’ll need iron as well as flint.

Just place the flint as well as the iron ingot on your crafting menus in one or all of your nine crafting rooms, and then you are ready to explore the nether.

Step 8:

ezgif 1 a8e9de3a61 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

To light your portal, make sure to illuminate one of the inner obsidian blocks.

Then, sit within the portal for short time and then be prepared to confront the dark and fiery nether.

Step 9:

ezgif 1 2b270a3a2a How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

Next, you will need to find a nether fortress.

They are extremely uncommon, but if you’re lucky enough to be able to create the topmost.

Step 10:

ezgif 1 7f45c56fcc How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

When you’ve found the reddish-purple shade of the brick, you’ve found your fortress!

Your next task is finding the blaze which reverberates periodically across the entire fortress.

Ablaze spawner could make life easier when you’re lucky enough to locate one.

Step 11:

It is essential to have at minimum one blaze rod to build the brewing stand and any additional rods can be fuel for the brewing unit the stand.

Simply defeat enough fire until you have a sufficient supply of rods for the blaze.

Therefore, make sure you find additional rods to blaze.

Explore your castle until you see an escalator with soul sand and a green fungus sprouting.

The nether wart that you must use to make an evening vision drink.

ezgif 1 0204e810e3 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

Once you’ve collected everything you need, walk to safety before returning to your table for crafting.

Utilizing your blaze rod, mix your cobblestone pieces with the three art tables to make a standing brewing table.

ezgif 1 5a0a63dfed How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

Step 12:

ezgif 1 3eae745a38 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

Your brewing stand requires the blaze powder to function.

Place the blaze rod in your crafting menu to create the blaze powder.

Each blaze rod yields two blaze powders.

Right-click your brewing stand to launch its UI.

Step 13:

ezgif 1 3343687ef7 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

Place your blaze powder into the upper left slot to fill up the stand’s brewing.

Step 14:

ezgif 1 736c3b65fd How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

Next, you will require glass bottles.

Make sand into the furnace to make glass.

You can place three glass pieces into a “v” shape in a crafting menu to create glass bottles.

Step 15:

ezgif 1 0e5b7f8990 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

With your glass bottles click right-click on the source of your water to fill the bottles and then get water bottles.

Right-click on your brewing stand, and place the bottles in the lower part of the stand.

Step 16:

ezgif 1 864f58bf91 1 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

You are almost done! Place your nether wart in the final slot, and wait for your bottles to fill. You’ll have the base of the night-vision potion, the baffling potion.

Step 17:

ezgif 1 7266997ed0 How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

Leave the awkward potions in the bottom, and pick up that golden carrot.

Place it in the exact place in which the nether wart was.

Once the bottles are been filled, you’ll have three-night vision potions.

It’s done! Your night vision pills last three minutes and will help you look around caves, underwater, and in the nether or any other dark place, just as it would be an enlightening and sunny day.

The potions will assist you in finding ore, seeing fortresses from an in-depth distance, and hunting the underwater temples and shipwrecks.

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Final Words


Making potions requires lots of effort but the reward is huge.

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the effect of night vision, it isn’t easy to do without it.

The sight bonus is beneficial and can allow you to spot opportunities or dangers earlier than you would without it.

Gold and carrots are inexpensive investments to ensure that you always have a better view. 

You can plant carrots on a patch of land and keep a gold stash in your possession to be able to see what’s ahead of you.

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