15 Battle Royale Anime with Unpredictable Deaths

Battle Royale Anime can be nerve-racking to watch since you’re watching your favorite characters participate in a high-stakes fight that can result in their brutal death.

Japan’s current obsession with death game stories didn’t take off until Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale was adapted into an acclaimed movie in 2000. Now, it’s a mainstay in anime.

A lot of characters will be in battle royale anime, and a lot of them will die in messy ways while people fight through rules and conditions that are unclear or dangerous.

Death game series, like Squid Game, are popular outside of anime as well. However, some of the most talked-about anime this year are battle royale shows.

Here are some of the best death game anime if you want to stress over your favorite character’s life!

15. Record Of Ragnarok

Record Of Ragnarok 1 15 Battle Royale Anime with Unpredictable Deaths

One of the fun things about battle royale or death game anime is that the chaos can get really bad. In Record of Ragnarok, which takes place on a very large scale, people have to fight against real gods to show that they deserve to live.

This dare comes from the powerful Gods Council. If humans can’t beat the gods in seven out of thirteen matches, seven million years of human evolution will be lost in an instant.

It’s a great mix of legend and martial arts that lives up to its big claims.

14. World Trigger

World Trigger 2 15 Battle Royale Anime with Unpredictable Deaths

World Trigger is a crazy and fun anime that uses fantasy and isekai traditions to tell a very creative battle royale story. When a mysterious doorway to an unknown world opens, Earth becomes a playground for horrible monsters.

A small group of people decide to fight fire with fire by using the creatures’ technology against them in a cruel battle where many die.

World Trigger has 73 episodes, which is a lot longer than most battle royale and death game anime. However, it manages to keep up its exciting pace throughout, which makes up for the longer episode count.

13. Tower Of God

Tower Of God 15 Battle Royale Anime with Unpredictable Deaths

Tower of God is based on a world full of different, strong characters who all gather at a powerful tower where anyone who makes it to the top will be granted any dream they can think of.

Tower of God does a great job with the different tasks that make up its levels and with how the herd is gradually culled each time.

The strange bond between Bam and Rachel is also a rich dynamic that goes to places that aren’t usually seen in this kind of anime.

The original Korean webtoon for Tower of God has years of content and a lot of mythology to draw from. Thankfully, Crunchyroll has reported that the anime’s second season is now live.

12. Darwin’s Game

Darwins Game 15 Battle Royale Anime with Unpredictable Deaths

Apps for phones or MMORPGs that let you enter fantasy worlds are very useful for anime. In Darwin’s Game, Kaname Sudo only wants to play the newest app game called “Darwin’s Game.”

However, when his offer is accepted, Kaname is stuck in a real life-or-death exercise that he can’t get out of.

Every player in Darwin’s Game gets a random power that they can use to protect themselves and fight off the Greed monsters.

Kaname tries to beat the game by breaking the rules and using his skill against it, while Darwin’s Game slowly gives big spoilers about how it works.

11. Danganronpa: The Animation + Danganronpa 3 Future / Despair Arcs


An eccentric cast, pleasing art design, and murder-mystery angle have made Danganronpa a crowd favorite among Battle Royale Anime and visual novel fans.

A strange being in the shape of a bear has locked a group of high school kids inside their building. In order for the students to get out of their new prison, they only have to kill one of their peers and get away with it.

Danganronpa is a story based on a popular visual novel game. It has a lot of strange characters that make the story windy and full of lies.

Some people rise up against their horrible orders, while others take them very seriously. This leads to a split that is driven by fear and desperation.

10. Bokurano


Bokurano is great if you’re in the mood for feeling depressing! It’s a twisted game that has children piloting a mecha to defend earth against alien invaders.

The Battle Royale Anime and manga do diverge, with the manga being even more depressing.

During summer camp, 15 children discover a network of computers and electrical equipment hidden inside a grotto.

The owner of this equipment is Kokopelli and claims to be a programmer working on a new game, which involves a giant robot defending Earth against 15 alien invasions.

Kokopelli asks the children if they would like to test the game. All but one child agree and sign a contract, not knowing that they are about to enter a dark world.

9. Magical Girl Raising Project (Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku)

Magical Girl Raising Project

A sadistic Battle Royale Anime entry into the “dark magical girl” genre that has 12 magical girls fighting in a deadly contest. Try not to get too attached to anyone!

More and more often in modern anime, the happy highs of the magical girl shojo genre are taken apart and shown as adult seinen fare.

There’s something naturally healing about using the bright and fun elements of magical girl series to talk about hard things.

There is a social app called Magical Girl Raising Project that gives its users a 1 in 10,000 chance to become real magical girls, but it costs a lot.

As different magical girl powers fight, this fun draw turns into a tiring battle to stay alive, where only a few can make it.

8. Hell’s Paradise

Hells Paradise 15 Battle Royale Anime with Unpredictable Deaths

One of the “Dark Trio” of shonen anime that has achieved enormous success is Hell’s Paradise, a hit series. The plot of this battle royale anime boils down to a strange and exciting island inhabited by unbelievable monsters.

The renowned assassins Gabimaru and a group of others are given the chance to avoid death by going on a hard quest to find the Elixir of Life, which can make people live forever.

While Hell’s Paradise teases the bigger prize of endless life, it builds tension with the many different and dangerous beasts that must be slain over and over again as the number of assassins slowly decreases.

7. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland pits blood-powered warriors into deadly duels and bizarre games for entertainment. Fans enthralled with the Battle Royale Anime’s world will have to switch to the manga to get the rest of the story.

Ganta was enjoying a normal day at school with his friends when the blood-soaked “Red Man” massacres his entire class.

Even though Ganta is innocent, he is convicted and sentenced to life in Deadman Wonderland. This private prison is disguised as a theme park and hosts “Carnival Corpse” battles for the entertainment of wealthy donors.

6. Gantz


Gantz combines extreme gore and nudity with a nihilistic view of humanity. At its core, it’s about people killing alien creatures in order to earn their freedom. On another level, it can be seen as the futility of human nature.

Hiroya Oku is a well-known mangaka who often breaks down technology and the ideas that people think control reality in ways that make you think.

Gantz is one of Oku’s most well-known series. It’s a dark and unique take on the battle royale genre, where death is just the beginning.

Gantz is about a confused kid named Kei Kurono who wakes up in a dark dystopia after being killed and has to fight scary aliens.

This shows some similarities to The Matrix. Kei forms a group with other warriors to fight evil forces in a battle where nothing is what it seems.

5. Btooom!


Btooom! is a lot like Ready Player One and Saw if they were mixed together in a really bad anime. And since Ryota Sakamoto is a top player in the game in question, he makes sense to be in charge of a real-life version of it.

In the real world, Sakamoto has to fight for his life because his video game skills don’t work quite the same way. Sakamoto teams up with Himiko, his wife in the game, who is also in this scary death game.

Btooom! is a battle royale anime with a familiar base. What makes it come to life are the creative characters and hurdles.

4. The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

This is one of my personal favorites’ anime of all time, as the first time i watched this anime, every episode will leave you with the excitement of what’s going to happen next.

In many battle royale and death game series, players are locked in dangerous competitions where they have no idea what they’re fighting for.

Eventually, they find out that they’ve been training for a next-level god-ship. In Future Diary, this is exactly what happens: a group of teens compete to use a powerful precognitive tome to become God’s replacement.

Some people don’t like how Yuki and Yuno, the two main characters in Future Diary, get along. But Future Diary should be praised for taking some chances with its main relationship.

This device shows descriptive future events to Yukiteru and he must use it to survive a deadly battle royale against 11 other people with similar diaries.

3. Death Parade

Death Parade

Death Parade offers a novel spin on the genre; recently deceased people play a game for the right to reincarnated or having their souls condemned for eternity.

Whenever someone dies, they are sent to a mysterious bar with no memory of their past life. There, they play at a “Death Game” and are judged by an arbiter.

The game slowly reveals the person’s secrets and events up to their death, upon which it will be decided if they are reincarnated or sent into the void.

2. Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Juni Taisen Zodiac War 15 Battle Royale Anime with Unpredictable Deaths

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War takes the battle royale game to a whole new level, making it go from silly to brilliant in an instant.

Every twelve years, the Zodiac Tournament is a dangerous game where twelve people who have all eaten a poisonous Beast Gem get together to fight.

Putting all 12 of these Beast Gems together is the only way to stop them from killing you in 12 hours. These warriors have to go to great lengths to get these crystals and avoid getting a sickness that could kill them.

1. Fate/Zero


This post was made by a mow user, who also gave us a helpful guide to watching. If you want to enjoy the Fate/Zero series on its own, they say, “but don’t watch it completely blind.”

People also say that Fate/Zero is the best Fate series to watch on its own, but long-time fans can still find a lot of references, from fan-favorite characters to the anime swords that are known for being ridiculously strong.

At its core, the story is about a mage killer who enters a competition with the holy grail as the grand prize. He does this for the family of his wife, who want the power of a wish for some strange and unknown reason.

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