Hey my fellow Otakus, no matter how good the plot is, a show’s animation can make or break it for a lot of anime fans. The topic of computer-generated imagery, or CGI, is particularly controversial among viewers.

CGI can add fluidity and fine detail to a program when applied properly. On the other hand, it can also make a show appear clumsy and cause characters to move more like puppets.

The following list of top CGI anime sequences frequently combines 2D and 3D animation. A brilliant computer-generated anime is almost always characterized by fluid movement and clever layering of colors and tones.


Best CGI scene of The Steamboy

Steamboy, a steampunk-infused film with a similar plot and thematic themes, is from the authors of the renowned Akira. Even though Steamboy was first launched in 2004, it demonstrated a tasteful fusion of 2D and 3D animations.

Everything in Steamboy flowed naturally, including the CGI action sequences and the voice synchronization and camera panning.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Steamboy had about 440 computer-generated imagery cuts or sequences, which, in 2004, was a remarkable quantity of CGI.

Naturally, the fact that the majority of the motion was based on actual physics and movements that resulted in a more natural world and surroundings, helped.



Just a glance at the action scenes in Attack on Titan will reveal that they would be extremely difficult to choreograph with just a pencil and paper.

Because of this, the animators decided to combine 2D and 3D to avoid having a migraine, especially when there was a lot of quick action and camera panning and rotation.

What was the outcome? It was magnificent and did a decent job of capturing the mood of the anime.

Their approach was to solely use fast motion in conjunction with CGI to conceal its shortcomings from the audience. When Corps members perform their aerial acrobatics, this is evident. I hope they don’t go beyond that.

8. Trigun Stampede


The 2023 release of Trigun Stampede saw the addition of another outstanding creation by the CGI team at Orange. Fans were initially dubious about this show, which is a remake of the beloved anime Trigun from the 1990s, since it would be in 3D instead of the typical 2D format.

Nevertheless, the fans’ concerns quickly faded. The show’s CGI does a fantastic job of recreating all the action of Vash’s fights while maintaining the nostalgic vibe of the original series.

7. Harlock: Space Pirate

Phantom Harlock From Space Pirate Captain Harlock 10 BEST CGI SCENES IN ANIME

The 2013 anime film Harlock: Space Pirate is based on an anime series from the 1970s. The entire thing is depicted in some of the best computer-generated imagery (CGI) in anime history, giving the film a modern vibe. A multi-episode anime could not possibly have this degree of detail, but since this is a high-end movie, Toei Animation is able to go all out.

A science fiction story about trying to recolonize Earth after centuries of being exiled to other planets is a fascinating premise and a somber reminder of how corruption and neglect of the earth can lead to humanity’s doom.

However, with animation this good, the movie hardly even needs a good plot to carry it. It lacks the familiar sense that viewers anticipate from anime, but it’s still very much Japanese animation, which is the one thing that makes it a downside.

6. CGI of Beastars


This story centers on Legoshi and the events after a classmate’s murder in a world where predators and herbivores coexist in unrest. Beastars is a unique anime in more ways than one, even if its plot and characters are what make it so popular.

Given that the primary characters are all anthropomorphic animals, it could be challenging to portray their emotions and traits.

This is the ideal setting for the 3D art form to flourish. In this series, Studio Orange uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) to effectively blend animal characteristics and human emotions on the big screen. In order to maintain fluid animation throughout the series, the studio also modifies the frame rates by contrasting the foreground and backdrop.

5. Paprika – Chase Scene


Paprika is as bit as psychedelic as the 2010 western Inception, if not more so. Atsuko Chiba, a psychiatrist, utilizes a tool known as the “DC Mini” to access people’s dreams and assist those who are experiencing mental health issues.

The mind is sensitive to this kind of play, though, and more individuals run the possibility of experiencing far worse things if the DC Mini winds up in the wrong hands.

With a strategic use of computer graphics provided by the one and only studio Madhouse, the film is primarily hand-drawn.

When Chiba, also known as “Paprika,” is trapped in a dream and is being chased by Seijiro Inui, a scientist with cerebral palsy, who at first seems to oppose using the DC Mini, it’s one of the most exciting and possibly predictable situations in the film.

4. Promare – Lio Fotia’s Transformation


A moment of doubt has the power to completely alter someone’s perspective. The very individuals Galo Thymos, a firefighter, has trained to battle against are those flicker for him.

The people known as the “Burnish” are infamous for their destructive power over fire. Lio Fotia, the head of the anarchic Mad Burnish gang, is a Burnish person whose motivations are not as evil as they seem.

Promare is a colorful anime film that blends 2D and 3D animation. It was directed by Hiroyumi Imaishi (previous work: Gurren Lagann) and animated by Studio Trigger.

Thymos and Fotia’s conflict serves as motivation for each of them to keep in mind why they are fighting and what they are prepared to give up.

3. Chainsaw Man – Episode 1 “Dog & Chainsaw”

chainsaw man denji chainsaw man katana man chainsaw man blood colorful hd wallpaper preview 10 BEST CGI SCENES IN ANIME

While some kids form agreements with their pet devils, others lead normal lives. One such adolescent is Denji, whose chainsaw devil pet, Pochita, unites with him following his murder at the hands of yakuza members.

Denji is able to use the merging to transform certain sections of his body into chainsaws, which draws the attention of the Public Safety Bureau.

These demons are undoubtedly some of the strongest in the series, even if we’ve seen a lot of fierce ones in Chainsaw Man.
In the first episode, MAPPA left viewers undecided on the use of computer graphics to depict Denji’s metamorphosis.

Some people thought it was fantastic, but others weren’t fond of the stark difference in animation styles. With chainsaws blazing everywhere, Denji effortlessly chops through a horde of undead and their commander, the Zombie Devil.

2. Fate

fate grand order surpasses 4 billion revenue 10 BEST CGI SCENES IN ANIME

While not all of the Fate series’ entries make excellent use of computer graphics, ufotable—the company behind Fate/stay night: Unlimited Bladeworks and Fate/Zero—uses it beautifully in these two films.

ufotable brings the amazing Holy Grail Wars to life by fusing 3D animation with 2D illustrations, photography, and other unique effects. Not every viewer will be drawn in by the story’s gory, intense elements, but the visuals are striking.

1. Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence

Ghost in the Shell Watch Order

One of the most well-known anime series ever is Ghost in the Shell. It isn’t renowned for significantly relying on CGI, even with themes heavily centered around technology.

An anime movie from 2004 called Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence is an exception. While Major Motoko Kusanagi is not present, her squad must handle a difficult case involving apparent gynoids, or “sex robots,” planning murders.

The film explores the boundaries between humans and technology, highlighting those ideas with a combination of 2D and 3D animation.


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