15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

If you enjoy romantic anime, you’ve watched one or more episodes of an anime series in which the main character is a “bad boy” who falls in love with a “nice girl.”

You’ll adore the anime that follows if you enjoy those kinds of tales, in which the bad boy falls in love with the girl.

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Your top 15 animes are listed below.

15. Sing “Yesterday” for me.

Sing Yesterday for me 1 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

Prepare to meet Rikuo Uozumi, a bad boy and pessimist who works at a convenience store but is still worried about the future.

The one bright spot in his life is a girl by the name of Haru Nonaka who frequently visits him at work to make friends, but things take a turn for the worst when Rikuo’s ex-girlfriend and crush Shinako decides to relocate back to the area.

So far, we have a pessimistic boy and two girls who have various emotions.

Even though he may not be the coolest kid in town, our main character blatantly disregards the feelings of others.

14. Black Cat

Black Cat

No, we’re not referring to the antagonist from the Spider-Man comics or a real Black Cat.

This time, an assassin is involved. I am aware that you may remark, “Another assassin anime?” but believe me, this one is excellent.

The assassin is the big bad boy in this story, as you would have guessed, but after meeting Saya Minatsuki, a gunman and bounty hunter, he chooses to leave his work and start a new career as a bounty hunter.

Now that he has changed sides, Creed wants to know why so he can go after him.

The show features a lot of humor despite its overall grim appearance.

Although romance isn’t the main focus of this story, when it does, it will be healthy and sweet.

13. Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara’s got fairies, eggs, and bad boys for you.

We all desire to conceal our genuine selves from time to time, as was the case with Amu Hinamori.

She is a rather shy girl who is compelled to present a bright front while considering how to let her friends know who she is.

Three guardians appear and assist her in achieving her goals.

Where does the bad lad fit in then?

Tsukiyomi is a boy who is distant, enigmatic, stoic, and just a little bit bad.

He likes to make fun of people, and Amu is one of his favorite targets.

12. Breaker of Codes

Breaker of Codes 1 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

When a person is killed outright, you can tell the person is a bad lad.

On her walk home, Sakura Sakurakouji witnesses people being burned alive by a man wielding blue flames.

She contacts the police and returns home like the wise girl she is, but our unidentified killer enrolls at school as a new transfer.

Sakura is hesitant to be around him, but she quickly discovers that Rei, the murderer, truly has a sympathetic side to him.

He is upbeat, endearing, and the last student in his class to murder someone.

Come on, how is it that this guy can kill someone so quickly? What did Rei witness that day after that?

11. Dance With Devils

Dance With Devils 1 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

Although there are no dancers present, we do have everyone’s favorite bad boys, the vampires.

The devils are also here. Ritsuka Tachibana, the protagonist, finds herself thrust into a bloody conflict between devils and vampires.

Dance With Devils may appear to be a teen romance program, but there is a solid mystery going on in the background in addition to the romance.

The show also has some excellent fantasy elements, such as the quest these gangs are on to get the grimoire, a device that will give them world dominion.

I am aware that each of the key ideas for a romantic anime is skillfully implemented by first building the mystery.

10. Kobato

Kobatobad boy 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

One of those shows with a fantastical theme is Kobato.

Every time this girl assists someone, the candy bottle she holds fills up.

What transpires if the entire bottle is filled? She will, however, be able to grant any wishes he has once the bottle is filled.

Yes, consider this to be the holy grail, but without the masters and slaves.

Kobato also has an excellent art style for a romance anime, and even though the romance comes in later, it has some great slice-of-life components in it.

Kobato is not the show for you if you seek a romantic drama with a lot of tension.

9. The Crime Edge Is Squeezing

bad boy 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

This anime features hair cutting. Wait, things get more fascinating as we go.

We have a primary character that wants to trim her lengthy hair. Fortunately, his strange visions come true when he meets Iwai Mushanokouji, a gorgeous girl with long flowing hair.

That’s the easier part.

The most complicated part comes when we know that removing this girl’s hair will grant anyone’s request.

Now that our guy has the capacity, instead of cutting her hair to grant his desire, he decides to cut her hair and set her free.

 there are numerous fantasy themes in this, as well as a strange protagonist with an odd need to chop hair.

8. The Vanitas Case Study

The Vanitas Case Study 1 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

This time, our girl is the vampire, and our guy is the type of guy who will flirt with her before asking her to take his blood.

The plot revolves around Noé Archiviste, a man on the hunt for the mythical Vanitas book.

Soon after, he discovers it in the possession of a human named Vanitas, who continues to invite problems.

The main character appears in the second episode, and if you’ve seen a girl who looks like Jeanne alter floating around the internet, that’s her.

She begins as the world’s greatest bodyguard before becoming addicted to Vanitas’ blood. This one’s major genre isn’t romance.

7. Alice Gakuen

Alice Gakuen

The love polygon tag was the first thing I noticed when I checked out this anime.

I had no idea such a tag existed until that point.

We used to call that a harem, but Gakuen Alice turned out to be better than I thought.

You have an excellent supernatural magic system.

You have an engaging cast of individuals, including a non-boring main character, and instead of high students, we have young kids controlling the show this time.

The first few episodes of the show are about two best friends reconciling and deciding to spend time at a strange academy before the romance begins.

6. Koikimo


This is another one of those contentious anime.

Here we have a businessman falling in love with a high school girl, and the fact that the businessman is another Bruce Wayne adds to the issue.

At first, I believed the anime would use debate to advance the plot, but it turns out that the plot becomes more complex as we progress.

For example, it may begin with a girl and a boy and progress to a love triangle rather than a love rectangle.

The show also does an excellent job of showing the businessman as a real person, rather than just another affluent playboy.

5. The Ryou’s Work Is Never Completed

The Ryou's Work Is Never Completed

The crazy game of hungry lollies has arrived. Our story this time centers around a group of folks who enjoy playing Shogi, a Japanese game akin to chess.

Yaichi Kuzuryuu, our protagonist, is one of the youngest players to win an international tournament, and when he returns home,

he finds a girl who has been waiting for him.

What does this tiny girl desire? She wishes to become his disciple.

As you can expect, she isn’t the only girl planning to join.

Soon, additional females join in, and his house transforms into a Shogi nursery, and it turns out that this isn’t the only issue.

4. Kodocha

Kodocha 1 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

Bring out your time machines, because we’re ready to watch an extremely old anime. Why?

Come on, we all need to admire the good old days now and again.

Unlike the other anime heroines, we don’t require a high school environment every time.

In this drama, our heroine Sana is leading a joyful life.

She has a wonderful family, everyone at school adores her, and everything is good.

That is, until Akito Hayama, the bad boy, walks into class. Soon, the class is turned upside down, and Akito is named the school’s official bully.

Now Sana must solve the riddle of this evil kid and perhaps change him into a nice one so she can resume her quiet existence.

3. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

The Devil's Path

We can’t compile a nice bad-boy good-girl anime list without including at least one anime that is a rip-off of Twilight.

Tsukasa Taira, a 22-year-old university student, discovers the existence of vampires when her companion turns out to be a vampire.

While trying to learn more about it, she meets Yuuki Anzai and quickly falls in love with him.

Yuuki, on the other hand, is an open book, always disclosing his emotions and making Tsukasa feel humiliated.

The duo quickly established a forbidden romance, with Yuuki anxiously attempting to avoid doing what vampires generally do: drinking blood.

You could compare it to a cross between Twilight and Tokyo Ghoul, but instead of ghouls, we have vampires.

2. The Sounds Of Life

The Sounds Of Life 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

Sounds is more about the sounds of instruments than romance, but we do get a perfect coupling of all time along the road.

Come on, a bad lad and a girl that resembles the high school version of Revy from Black Lagoon is the best combination ever. Are you sick of decent, innocent boys who are musical geniuses?

Then here’s a new twist for you.

Instead of the good man, we have a school delinquent whose sole talent is music.

When he seeks to join the school music club, the president refuses because of his history.

1. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss 1 15 Best Anime Where Bad Boy Falls in Love

What occurs when a stranger begins to stalk you?

You ran away, and Yukari Hayasaka did the same thing.

However, she passed out while running and woke up in a room full of fashion designers.

Yukari has other ideas, even though all of these fashion designers want her to be their official model.

She runs away, but they find her and make her agree to the proposal.

Drama is one area in which Paradise Kiss shines.

Although it doesn’t offer any fresh or original drama, the characters and the setting make the drama more compelling.

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