The idea behind “reverse isekai anime” is that monsters from another world come to earth instead of people from our world going to a magical world. “Isekai” means “another world” in Japanese.

In reverse isekai, the people who are being moved are not always the main characters. These people are usually the ones who help the main characters. As a rule, the main figure from Earth has to change a lot about their life to help the isekai.

Reverse isekai anime is a unique take on the isekai genre because it makes you think that there might be creatures from another world living among us that we don’t know about. When these aliens try to fit in with our everyday lives on Earth, it often turns into slapstick comedy that people find relaxing and fun.

To help you get a feel for reverse isekai anime, here is a list of shows you can watch:

11. The demon lord is a part-timer (Hataraku Maou Sama)

The demon lord is a part timer 11 BEST REVERSE ISEKAI ANIME

Some people say that Hataraku Maou Sama is the best example of a standard reverse isekai anime.

The story “Devil is a Part-Timer” is about a demon lord from another world who is trapped by Yuusha Emi, the main character. To get away, the monster has to open a doorway to another world. He goes with Shirou Ashiya, his right hand.

It turns out that the “other world” in question is Earth.

When these isekai characters get to Earth, they find that their powers have been greatly reduced. They have to make a lot of changes to fit in here on earth, which leads to comedy.

It’s one of the most famous anime in its genre because the writers can make a story about demons from another world very funny, almost slapstick.

10. Is this a zombie? (Kore wa Zombie desu ka?)

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka 1 1 11 BEST REVERSE ISEKAI ANIME

Are you a zombie fan, Kore? If you like “reverse isekai” cartoons, you might really enjoy this one.

Ayuma is a person who dies and is turned into a zombie by a girl in armor from the Underworld. This is the main plot of “Is this a zombie?”

The girls from another world give Ayuma their magic by accident after he turns into a zombie. In a funny way, his life goes from great to terrible. On his way to find the person who killed him, he has to deal with different animals.

9. Hinamatsuri


Nitta is a member of the yakuza and spends all of his time committing small crimes. When a strange psychic girl shows up in a big box, that person’s life is turned upside down. She doesn’t say where she’s from, but it’s not Earth. She is Nitta’s duty, no matter where she comes from.

Her skills help him with yakuza business sometimes, but she’s also a weird, awkward teen who needs Nitta to be her dad. That means he needs to step up, even if he doesn’t want to.

8. Amagi Brilliant Park

Isuzu Sento From Amagi Brilliant Park 11 BEST REVERSE ISEKAI ANIME

Even though Amagi Brilliant Park isn’t one of Kyoto Animation’s most well-known movies, it’s still fun to watch. Seiya Kanie is a cocky high school student who thinks that the beautiful Isuzu Sento has asked him to go on a date to an amusement park.

However, he is actually being used to stop land development. Sento and the park’s owner try to hire him to make sure that Amagi Park gets 500,000 people by a certain date.

The owners don’t want the business to fail, but it’s also important because the workers live in a different world called Maple Land and need the energy that comes from people having fun to stay alive. She ends up taking on this tough job and learns some tough lessons along the way.

7. Bleach


Bleach is also an isekai and reverse isekai anime because both the good guys and the bad guys can go between Earth and the Spirit world. At different points in the story, the setting changes from Earth to the Spirit world.

The story is about Ichigo, a normal high school student who turned into a Shinigami for a short time. He fills in for Rukia, the Shinigami who is supposed to be in charge of his area.

When Rukia loses her power for a short time, she gives Ichigo her duties. He can use the Shinigami’s power after she takes his spirit out of his body.

This isekai is one of the best of all time because of his and his high school friends’ fight to save people. There were a total of 80 episodes of the show, not counting the movies.

6. Restaurant to Another World (Isekai Shokudou)


Do you like clean and simple anime? Isekai Shoukudou might be a good choice for you!

Its slice-of-life style makes you feel calm without making you think too much about the story.

The anime is mostly about a Tokyo restaurant called “Western Restaurant Nekoya” that is right in the middle of a shopping area. This place is the same as any other nice restaurant in Japan on most days.

People from other worlds can go into the restaurant every Saturday after it closes for business in Japan, which makes the story more interesting. The door opens in different ways, letting different kinds of people enjoy the restaurant’s service.

There are always new people in the anime coming to the restaurant, so there are always new things going on in the story.

5. Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)


Hell Girl is an old favorite that a lot of people love and can connect to. It’s said that if you want to get even, you have to dig two graves: one for your anger and one for yourself. This couldn’t be more true when you hire an agent from hell to help you get even.

The website for “hotline to hell” goes live every day at exactly midnight.You can put the name of the person you want to get back at here. This will make the “hell girl” Enma go see the person you want to get back at. The person will be dragged back to Enma’s hellish house.

This is bad because the person who asked for it will also go to hell when they die.

This show is great because of the stories behind the revenges. When your revenge is done, you are really made to feel bad, happy, or sad. It makes you think about what revenge is and whether it’s right.

4. Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen Beyond 1 11 BEST REVERSE ISEKAI ANIME

In the middle of New York, a gate opens. There is a kind of bubble around the city that the doorway makes between it and the rest of the world. The bubble turns into a place in the middle of Earth and the beyond where many magical beings live.

In place of New York, a city called Hellsalem’s Lot is built three years later. People live with supernatural beings like vampires, fish people, and super sonic monkeys. Some of the humans finally change and gain superpowers.

The story is all about Leon’s adventures and mischief. He gets the “All-seeing Eye of the Gods” in return for his sister’s sight, which she lost when the two worlds crashed into each other. He becomes a member of “LIBRA,” a group that deals with strange issues. They work together to keep the world from ending.

You will think about how important family and friends are when you watch the shounen reverse Isekai anime Kekkai Sensen.

3. Beelzebub

Kaiser de Emperana From Beelzebub 1 11 BEST REVERSE ISEKAI ANIME

In no way would you think that Tatsumi Oga would be taking care of a child. He’s the most infamous bad guy at his school because he starts and wins a lot of fights. He meets Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, also known as “Baby Beel,” by chance. Baby Beel is the Devil’s baby son.

He ends up taking care of the demon child with the help of Beel’s demon maid Hildegard. He has never been up against another criminal before, but this will be a lot tougher.

2. Uncle from Another World

Uncle from Another World 11 BEST REVERSE ISEKAI ANIME

What happens to the isekai MCs who don’t stay in the other world their whole lives? Uncle from Another World, also known as Isekai Ojisan, tries to explain that question. You could say it’s a backward isekai, but the person coming to Earth was already from Earth, so it still counts.

Yosuke “Ojisan” Shibazaki, Yosuke Takaoka’s uncle, has been unconscious for 17 years. His mind has been in a different world during that time. But this isn’t just a complicated dream; he really does have magical skills that he learned in that world. Takafumi needs to teach his uncle about new technology and pop culture, but he also has a business idea: he should start a YouTube account to show off his magic.

1. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 1 1 11 BEST REVERSE ISEKAI ANIME

Picture: Kyoto Animation/Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Kobayashi works in an office like everyone else, but things get very crazy when dragons from another world get involved. She ends up becoming her maid and maybe even girlfriend as a way to thank her for saving her life. And then there’s Kanna, a dragon kid that they take care of.

Lots more strange dragons and lots of exciting things to do can be found there.

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