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The popularity of anime has exploded in the West in recent years, with streaming services like Crunchyroll and Netflix having helped to introduce viewers to some of the many great hidden gems that the medium has to offer.

This includes classic anime series as well, many of which were never broadcast in the West despite their overwhelming popularity in Japan.

17. Vinland Saga

vinland saga 2 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Based on the well-known historical manga series of the same name, Vinland Saga narrates the tale of Icelandic explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni and his search for the coastal region known as Vinland.

As Thorfinn’s journey continues, the narrative takes a turn toward delving further into several intense subjects, such as treachery, enslavement, and war.

Though the majority of the success of many of the best anime series may be attributed to their large casts of characters, Vinland Saga is mostly Thorfinn’s story. To be fair, the Vinland Saga introduces a ton of fantastic characters, but what drives the anime home is Thorfinn’s personal development.

16. Slam Dunk

the first slam dunk 1 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Despite never quite reaching the same heights as the best-selling manga, Slam Dunk is still a very well-made series that is essential for any true sports anime enthusiast.

To get closer to a girl, Hanamichi Sakuragi, a delinquent high school student, decides to take up basketball.

But Sakuragi quickly reveals himself to be a natural athlete and a talented baller as well. He joins a group of oddballs and misfits in elevating the Shohoku basketball team to the top of the Japanese basketball league.

With Sakuragi as their unstoppable striker, they even dream of taking home the national title.

15. Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki From Bleach 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

The last Soul Reaper fight against the surviving Arrancar was dramatic, full of action, and had the potential to be a fitting conclusion to the story.

Through the course of the numerous battles, we eventually witness the resolution of Ichigo and Ulquiorra’s conflict, which culminates in Ichigo taking on his most formidable form to date.

We also finally learn the identities of several previously undiscovered zanpakuto powers.

The quantity of filler is the only truly bad aspect of this arc, but it’s easy enough to skip those episodes now that the show has concluded, at least temporarily.

14. Season 1 Of Tokyo Ghoul

20 kamishiro rize tokyo ghoul purple haired anime 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki in the hospital

Tokyo Ghoul’s first season is excellent television, but the show’s subsequent seasons saw a sharp decline in quality.

The main plot point was Ken Kaneki being attacked by Rize and turning into a half-ghoul.

The story’s central theme is Kaneki’s maturing acceptance of his new existence, while there are plenty of exciting action scenes scattered throughout.

That’s why it’s crucial to the resolution. Beyond Kaneki, there are excellent character arcs from the main cast.

13. Erased

01 sachiko fujinuma erased anime screenshot 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

.Twelve episodes of an anime series about a guy named Satoru who has a unique power known as “Revival” that allows him to alter fate by traveling back in time just before a potentially fatal event.

He is sent eighteen years into the past to stop his mother’s murder in one specific case, as well as the kidnapping of a boyhood friend. His mother is murdered by an enigmatic figure.

Erased is one of the best time travel and murder mystery novels available, while being somewhat brief.

12. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 1 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

When Mob Psycho 100 first came out in 2016, it was ignored by competing anime, but its intriguing animation style helped it pick up more traction in season 2.

The episode features an overpowering protagonist who is just trying to get by in life, which is a common theme throughout ONE’s body of work.

The show’s underlying message is that being stronger or smarter than someone else does not automatically make you superior to them. It’s uncommon to see an anime character who is overpowering and flaunting their abilities.

11. Parasyte the maxim

Parasyte The Maxim Season 2 Release Date 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Parasyte The Maxim appears to be a show mostly focused on body horror, and although that is true, it is by no means the only thing to offer.

The show begins bloodily, with many of the infected humans changing into hideous creatures, but as it progresses, Shinichi and his parasite Migi grow closer.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the program is their bond, which is reminiscent of Venom and his Marvel hosts.

10. One-Punch Man

1. One Punch Man 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Saitama’s fight against the galactic overlord Boros is the best one in One Punch Man thus far. It’s the first time that Saitama has ever failed to completely demolish his opponent with a single blow.

Boros’ ship crashes upon Earth and the heroes are all dispatched into battle, except Saitama, who immediately heads for the main room.

The story opens with the amusing revelation that a prophecy of the end of the world might occur at any moment.

As in most multi-hero conflicts, this fight showcases the true abilities of the other heroes, but instead of the cannon-fodder who typically put themselves in danger and don’t always come out on top, several A and S-Rank heroes are on the front lines.

9. Death Note

Lawliet L From Death Note 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Death Note is seen as something of a gateway anime, much like Sword Art Online and the Fate series.

Because of this, some die-hard anime fans appear to take great pleasure in finding faults with the show’s narrative and highlighting all of the other shows that are purportedly superior to it.

But there’s an excellent reason why, upon first dipping their toes into the huge oceans of anime, so many people are recommended to attempt Death Note.

For better or worse, Death Note is an extremely readable anime featuring a captivating cast of characters and an easy-to-follow storyline.

Watching Light and L play a game of cat and mouse for most of the first section of the anime is a delightful and unpredictable experience.

Even though the show still follows certain anime clichés, it’s far less extravagant than most of its contemporaries, making it more accessible to a wider audience than some of the other great anime shows from the same era.

8. My Hero Academia

28 eri my hero academia anime screenshot 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

My Hero Academia had a good premise and was a good series, but it took off when Stain—the hero killer—arrived. As a force and a philosopher, he posed a formidable challenge to Deku and crew.

Stain is one of the most complex villains in the entire series, although he initially appears to be a crazed killer. His intriguing motivations created a tension that caused spectators to wonder if heroes were deserving of their high status.

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion

07 neon genesis evangelion 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Although mecha anime has been around since the 1960s and 1970s, the genre didn’t fully take off until the 1990s.

Although many excellent mecha anime programs were released during the decade, none have been quite as successful or long-lasting as Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion and its numerous spin-offs and big-screen adaptations.

6. Cowboy Bebop

anime cowboy bebop 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

It’s common to hear complaints that Cowboy Bebop is exalted, and to some extent, this criticism may be valid.

Even while it’s far from the ideal anime series, it would be foolish to discount its influence on the genre.

Over the years, it has influenced many other anime and manga series in addition to several Western films and television programs.

It’s essentially a neo-noir science fiction series that chronicles the space travel adventures of a gang of bounty hunters.

However, it’s amazing how well it combines aspects from many genres, which is a major factor in why so many people have such high regard for the well-known shojo anime series.

Even while it’s not the greatest anime series ever, it’s unquestionably among the finest.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

The conclusion of this well-liked series brings all the Elric brothers have learned about Amestris, Father, and the philosopher’s stone to a head.

It is their final chance to prevent Father from unlocking Earth’s gate and gaining the ability to become a god since the Promised Day has arrived.

The fact that almost every character the Elric brothers have met along the way returns to aid them in the decisive battle, along with numerous heartfelt reunions between those who had to escape for their lives and their alchemy teacher Izumi finally announcing her status as an alchemist rather than a housewife, is what makes this story so fantastic.

4. Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss From Hunter x Hunter 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Many fans still believe that Hunter X Hunter was one of the greatest Shonen anime series ever, if not the greatest, because of the Chimera Ant arc.

The story follows Gon as he attempts to stop the creatures who bear his name from causing havoc on the earth, and it ends in an adult Gon battle that even those who haven’t watched an anime episode are likely familiar with.

3. Steins; Gate

Steins Gate Series Watch Order 2 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Steins; Gate will always be the best time travel anime, not only in this decade but all the others. It tackles it in a humorous yet unnerving manner, which is a commonality throughout the anime.

There will be episodes that make you laugh and others that will make you cry.

The anime’s handling of love and grief, which lets the spectator feel for the characters in a way that helps you comprehend their actions, is largely to blame for that.

2. Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan 1 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

The arc centers on the battle to recover Wall Maria, which the Titans had taken at the start of the series, and the hunt for information about the Titans‘ past that might be hidden in Eren’s former home. It’s an action-packed tale in an already action-packed series.

As any good ending should, the culmination of the arc leaves fans wanting more as characters die, secrets are exposed, and new Titans are formed.

1. Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super 17 Anime with Best Anime Plots

Before the real fun started with the Universe 6 arc, Dragon Ball Super had a few false starts in the first few seasons, with terrible animations popping up all over the place and drawn-out plots.

The discovery that several universes allowed for the development of more original storylines, including the long-awaited reappearance of Future Trunks and the forgotten tournament arcs that had not been seen since Majin Buu.

With every universe in existence being threatened by the hero’s universe, the last arc, Universal Survival, holds more weight than any other plot in Dragon Ball history.

This adds urgency and desperation to the already intense and fast-paced action sequences that the series is known for.

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