15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

Hey guys, the idea of a “goody-two-shoes” main character who is always trying to make people happy is old-fashioned these days. In real life, there isn’t a main character who is like a saint because people aren’t black and white. In any form of media, people like to see feelings portrayed realistically.

Such is the case in the world of anime. People aren’t as interested in the old main character who was praised all the time because the writers are trying to make new characters with more complicated feelings.

Fans of anime can’t get enough of these cold main characters. The anime is exciting because of the unexpected events that happen because of the main character’s cold personality.

Today, we’re going to make a list of 15 shows where the main character is emotionless or cold. Let’s get right to the top of our list.

1. Berserk

Berserk darkest manga 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

A young man chose to find his way through the chaos by killing the fierce demons that were in his way. The world was torn apart by demons and war, and people were trying to stay alive in any way they could.

Guts didn’t have any parents because they died in the war between humans and demons. He had been good at sword fighting since he was a child. Guts got better at fighting and joined a group of hired killers.

He went around the country of Midland killing enemies and demons with the legendary sword Dragon Slayer. He became cold-hearted over time because that’s what he had to do to survive the terrible times.

Guts has to go through the horrible life of a fighter to figure out why he should live and fight.

2. Death Note

Death Note 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

People thought the Gods of Death were myths because there was no proof they existed. They do live in the real world. If the Death God Ryuk is bored, he drops the Death Note on purpose into the world of humans to see how people will use it. This could go either way.

Light Yagami was a smart and skilled student who was known for his ability to think strategically. He gets the Death Note in the end. It shocked Light to see that someone dies when their name is written in this notebook.

He made up his mind to use the Death Note’s power to make the world safe by getting rid of all the bad people and crooks. But things might not be easy for Light because a smart detective who hasn’t been named is looking for the person responsible for these strange deaths. Killing Goblins

3. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer Season 2 1 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

The story takes place in a dark fantasy world where adventurers use their skills to kill monsters as part of different tasks. There is a man who will only take on tasks that involve goblins, even though they are thought to be the weakest monsters.

Goblin Slayer was a silver-level adventurer who would only take on tasks that had to do with goblins. He was so cold that he even killed the innocent children of goblins (ok, I’m beginning to doubt that this character is the main character).

Onna Shinkan was a young girl who was new to the adventurers club when Goblin Slayer met her. During a quest, he hid her from some goblins and saved her. If this girl works with the one and only Goblin Slayer, she might learn how dangerous goblins are.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Filler List and Chronological Order. 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

At first glance, Tokyo’s huge, bright cityscape makes it look like a peaceful place. However, Ghouls, strange beings that eat flesh, are hiding in the city. In order to get rid of Ghouls, a group called CCG (Commission of Ghoul Counter) was created.

At the time, Ken Kaneki was a young man living at college. There was only one person he knew who was his friend. He was crazy about writing and reading. Kaneki had a dull life, but he was okay with it.

He met Rize Kamishiro, a pretty woman who had a nice vibe about her. They became friends, and Kaneki ended up dating her. When Kaneki found out that Rize was really a mixed Ghoul, he was completely overcome with sadness. (Isn’t it awful when your crush tries to kill you?)

You need to help Kaneki get used to his new life, or else his sad fate will take over.

5. Yakumo Oomori From Tokyo Ghoul

Yakumo Oomori 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

Yakumo “Jason” Oomori of Tokyo Ghoul is a huge and strong ghoul who gets his name from the fictional killer Jason Voorhees. Even though all ghouls have to kill people to stay alive because they have to eat them, this guy goes to a whole new level.

He changed into a violent, sadistic person who was ready to beat and kill anyone without feeling even the slightest bit guilty after being tortured.

6. Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite Characters 1 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

In Japan, there is a high school with a great setup that puts all the facilities right at the students’ fingertips. It’s not easy for everyone to be free, though, because every student is graded in classes, which are like a court system.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji was a young man who seemed disconnected. He got into the well-known Koudo Ikusei Senior High School by getting at least 50% in every class. He was put in Class D, which was the lowest class and was made fun of by everyone in the school.

The girl he met was Suzune Horikita. She was pretty but rude, and she thought she should be in class A instead of D. Because of a chain of events, Ayanokouji helps her and Class D get to the top of Class A.

However, Ayanokouji’s cold eyes hide a much more selfish goal and person than most people thought possible.

7. Shogo Makishima From Psycho Pass

Shogo Makishima 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

Shogo Makishima, the bad guy in the very thought-provoking show Psycho Pass, is a complicated person who really cares about the world he lives in. The Sybil system rules that world. Its goal is to get rid of crime by finding people who might do it, killing them, or making them go through mandatory “therapy.” Makishima wants to take this system apart.

For those who haven’t seen Psycho Pass, you may be thinking why someone on this list has such a good goal. That being said, if you’ve seen Psycho Pass, you know that Makishima will do anything to reach his goal. He did horrible things like cutting a girl’s throat in front of her best friend, starting protests, and trying to stop his country from getting food.

Makishima doesn’t care who he has to kill to get what he wants.

8. Alucard from Hellsing

Alucard From Hellsing 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

Hellsing’s Alucard is a vampire who lives forever and can’t be hurt. He doesn’t really care about “compassion for others.” He is perfectly fine with helping a group of vampire hunters kill his own kind, and he looks forward to it.

He kills without thinking, for reasons like food, fun, and getting back at people who hurt him. While his “humanity” shows up every once in a while, Alucard is mostly a cold-blooded killer.

9. Angels of Death

Angels of Death Ending 2 1 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

People’s pasts have a big effect on who they are and what they do. People with sad pasts were brought together by an odd man, who called them “Angels” and put them in a secret basement building.

Issac Foster was a young, cruel killer who worked as a floor manager in a secret building. He was an orphan and had a hard life because the people who took care of him were mean. Since he had a bad past, Isaac liked to kill everything he saw.

Isaac was called Zack by his friends. He met Rachel Gardner, a young girl who was taken by someone unknown to his secret house. Zack was going to kill her as soon as he saw her, but Rachel’s dead eyes stopped him.

What will happen to Zack because of this? Could Rachel hold some of the answers Zack has been seeking?

10. Danzō Shimura From Naruto

Danzo Shimura From Naruto Shippuden 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

Anime fans really dislike Naruto’s Danzō Shimura, and they have a good reason for that. Even though Danz says he is doing what is best for the Hidden Leaf Village, his real goal is to get more power for himself.

He does some pretty horrible things for that power. For instance, Danzō made Itachi, who was thirteen at the time, decide whether to kill his whole clan or save himself and his brother.

It was said that Danzō did it to stop the Uchiha clan from starting a civil war, but what he really wanted was to use the Sharingan, which is the Uchiha’s most powerful weapon.

11. Johan Liebert From Monster

Johan Liebert 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

One of Monster’s main bad guys, Johan Liebert, seems to be a calm and nice person. Unfortunately, he is very evil at heart, even though he seems nice on the outside. Johan doesn’t just kill people; he also manipulates their lives so they elect to kill themselves.

It looks like he doesn’t really enjoy doing this, but he also doesn’t seem too upset about it either. People who watch Monster are never really told why Johan is this way.

The writers show his terrible past, but fans also see how his sister went through the same things and became a kind and caring person.

12. Gendo Ikari From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo Ikari anime villains cover

Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the worst parents in anime history. He is cold and cruel. He leaves his young son Shinji alone and then calls him out of the blue to drive a robot. He doesn’t feel sorry for Shinji at all when he doesn’t instantly get with the program. If it doesn’t help him reach his own goals, he doesn’t care about his son’s health or anything else.

It could be said that Ikari does care about some things. His main goal is to bring his dead wife back to life, which shows that he can love, even if it’s a bad kind of love.

But he tries to reach his goal by killing a clone that was made from his wife’s body. When that doesn’t work, he kills his own child. That’s not really the behavior of a man who cares about other people.

13. Death Parade

22 decim death parade anime screenshot 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

What’s after death? A lot of people are interested in this question. Say that out loud like Rod Serling. This question is used as a starting point for the story in this movie. The story says that the person who is dead has to go through trials at a bar that will decide his or her fate.

Decim worked as a bartender in a bar. He had white hair. He is the part of the legal system that chose what would happen to the dead person. He is supposed to judge the dead by making them play a game that will show what they really want and who they are.

Although he didn’t show any emotions, he had an air that helped him judge people easily. When he met a woman with black hair (Female Protagonist), things changed because he couldn’t judge her for some reason.

This fateful meeting might change Decim’s mind and give him the courage to question this legal system in the end.

14. 86 (Eighty Six)

86 Eighty 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

In this world, there has been a fight between two empires that won’t end for years. One kingdom, on the other hand, uses unmanned autonomous war machines called Legion, while the other uses discriminated people (86) with manual machines called Juggernauts, which is a terrible thing.

Shinei Nouzen, also known as “Undertaker,” was a young man who had been through a lot of fights with the Legion. He was put in charge of Spearhead Squadron, a special group known for defeating a huge number of Legions. People who knew him well called him “Reaper” because he never showed feeling.

Vladilena Milize was a young, pretty woman who worked as a manager in the military. Others in the group called her Lena. Lena was strongly against treating the Eighty-Six badly.

Lena is in charge of the spearhead group in the end. This terrible thing that happened when Lena talked to the 86 soldiers might save their lives.

15. Dororo

Dororo The tale of the Moriko Part 2 1 15 Anime With A Cold & Emotionless Character

Fear and greed aren’t strong enough words to describe Lord Daigo Kagemistu’s evil wants when he made a deal with strong demons to help his land grow in exchange for parts of his newborn child.

Our hero Hyakkimaru was born to Lord Daigo Kagemistu. Because his father made a deal with devils, he was born without any body parts. Hyakkimaru’s parents threw him out, but he managed to stay alive thanks to a mystery man who gave him fake limbs and weapons to help him stay alive.

Hyakkimaru is now a young boy who doesn’t show feelings and can live on his own. Before he could get back his lost body parts, he had to kill the demons. It might not be easy to kill the 12 strong demons, though, because Daigo won’t let him because his land will be destroyed in return.

Thank you for reading this article hope you’ll watch our recommended animes.

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