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15 Best Dress Up Darling Characters

Fans of “My Dress Up Darling,” which is currently one of the most popular romance-themed anime and manga series, are eagerly awaiting the forthcoming episodes to see how the relationship between Marin and Gojo develops.

To satisfy the curiosities of the fans, here is a brief about the following cast of characters involved in My Dress Up Darling.

The personalities of the characters, as well as their outward appearances, will be discussed in this article.

If a person had a great time playing My Dress Up Darling, they might like looking over this cast of characters from My Dress Up Darling.

15. Kensei Morita

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Kensei Morita is in class 1-5, and he and Marin Kitagawa, and later Wakana Gojo, are friends in My Dress Up Darling.

Kensei has long dark hair.

Kensei stands out because of how loud he is. Even so, his friends think of him as nice.

When Marin Kitagawa is cosplaying as Rei-sama, Wakana Gojo points to him as an example of a strong, manly guy.

Kensei is first seen in Chapter 47 of My Dress Up Darling, where he is shown to be a close friend of Marin Kitagawa and Shiki Kashiwagi.

14. Shiki Kashiwagi

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Shiki Kashiwagi is in class 1–5, and he or she is friends with Marin Kitagawa and, later, Wakana Gojo.

Shiki usually wears glasses and has light hair that is parted on the side.

Shiki’s friends often say that he is too honest and straight-forward.

Shiki is first mentioned in Chapter 47, where she is shown to be a close friend of Marin Kitagawa and Kensei Morita.

13. Shizuku Kuroe

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Shizuku Kuroe is a character in the second game in the series My Dress Up Darling about Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls.

Marin Kitagawa loves her so much that she wanted to cosplay as her, which was also her first time cosplaying.

She had tally marks on her thighs that went up to 17. These marks showed how many s*xual encounters the character had, so it is possible that the more s*x you had in the game, the more tally marks you got on the character’s thighs.

Shizuku has dark purple eyes and hair. She wears a gothic headdress and tights with a dark purple maid’s outfit.

Shizuku falls in love with the main character, just like the other girls at Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls.

12. Rune

My Dress Up Darling Episode 3 Rune and Nowa

Rune is in class 1-5. He is friends with Marin Kitagawa and later with Wakana Gojo in My Dress Up Darling. We don’t know her last name yet.

Rune has long orange hair that is wavy.

In Chapter 1, Rune is first seen in the background as one of Marin’s three close female friends. Gojo meets her in Chapter 5 of My Dress Up Darling, along with her friend Daia.

11. Nowa Sugaya

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Marin Kitagawa is friends with Nowa Sugaya. Nowa is a girl in high school who isn’t as tall as her friend Marin.

She wears her black hair in pigtails. The sides of her hair and the insides of her pigtails are streaked with red in a line.

Her eyes are black, and both of her ears are pierced twice. She also has black-painted nails and a black band with white studs on her right wrist.

She always has a lollipop in her mouth and wears her school outfit with a black vest in My Dress Up Darling.

10. Nobara

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Wakana’s boyhood friend Nobara was the one who caused him a great deal of emotional distress by berating him for his interest in hina dolls.

Wakana calls her Non-chan while referring to her.

Nobara has long black hair. She is seen here sporting a checkered top and overalls made of denim.

9. Miori

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Miori is also a minor character; she is Wakana’s cousin and she encourages him in both his odd conduct and the relationships he has with other people in My Dress Up Darling.

8. Shinju Inui

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Shinju Inui is Inui Sajuna’s younger sister in My Dress Up Darling. She looks older than she is, but she is actually Inui Sjuna’s younger sister. She is tall and has big, “imposing” breasts.

She is shy and has a big personality, but she is also the photographer for Inui Sajuna, who goes by the name “Juju” and is a great cosplayer.

She also wants to cosplay, but she isn’t trying to be the right figure like the other cosplayers.

7. Takeru Koga

Koga My Dress Up Darling

Takeru Koga is a student in classes 1-5 and later in Wakana Gojo’s and Marin Kitagawa’s lives. Marin Kitagawa and Takeru Koga are friends.

Takeru’s hair is unkempt and black, and he has two piercings in the left lobe of his left ear. In addition, he has a bracelet on the hand that is not his dominant one.

Takeru makes his debut appearance in chapter 53 as a buddy of Kensei Morita and Shiki Kashiwagi during the arc that takes place during the Rei-sama school festival.

6. Daia

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In the Japanese anime and manga series My Dress Up Darling, Daia is a minor character who helps the main characters.

She is close with Marin Kitagawa, Nowa Sugaya, and Rune. Because of Marin, she also knows Wakana Gojo, the main character of the story, a little.

In chapter 1, episode 1, she was seen in the background. In chapter 5, episode 2, she was shown in full. We don’t know her last name yet.

Yuka Amemiya did her speech in Japanese, and Madeleine Morris did it in English.

Daia is a tall teen girl with pale skin, green eyes, and long, nicely combed brown hair that reaches her shoulders.

In the series, Daia hasn’t been seen very often, but when she has, she’s shown to be kind, thoughtful, and close with Marin. She is also nice to Wakana Gojo the few times they meet.

5. Chitose Amano

Himeno dress up darling

Chitose Amano, also known as Amane Himeno, is a male cosplayer who frequently cross-plays, or cosplays female characters.

He goes by the moniker Amane Himeno. When he initially comes face to face with Marin Kitagawa and Wakana Gojo.

He is dressed as Hatsusegawa Subaru from the anime series Space Idol Cosmos Lovers (also known as Cos-Lovers for short).

4. Sajuna Inui

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Sajuna Inui is a minor character who first shows up in Volume 2 of the series. She finds Wakana online after seeing his first makeup outfit and asks him to make her next one.

She is a well-known cosplayer online, and she goes by the name “Juju.”

Sajuna is small and looks like a child. She has pale skin, pale pink hair, and big eyes.
Sajuna is strong-willed and direct.

She doesn’t mind telling people off or being rude when she needs to, and she can also lose her cool quickly. She doesn’t like being seen or called a child, which was clear when she first met Wakana Gojo.

3. Kaoru Gojo

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Kaoru is an old guy with short white hair, black eyes, and wrinkles and light stubble around his chin. He is shorter than his grandson Wakana and has a slight hunch.

He works as a samue, just like Wakana. He also wears glasses and black-laced shoes.
Since Wakana’s parents died, Kaoru has been taking care of him.

He is a kind grandfather. He loves and cares about the art of making hina dolls, and he encourages his grandson to follow in his footsteps and become a kashira-shi (hina doll maker) like him.

2. Wakana Gojou

My Dress Up Darling Episode 05 Figure 03 scaled 1

Wakana Gojou is a 15-year-old high school student who isn’t very social and doesn’t get along well with his students.

Because of this, he doesn’t have any friends when the story begins. Gojou really likes hina dolls and loves making them, but he isn’t as good at it as he would like to be.

This changes when Gojou meets someone who doesn’t think it’s weird that he likes to make dolls and is instead impressed by his art and skill.

1. Marin Kitagawa

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In the My Dress Up Darling (Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru) series, Marin Kitagawa is the lead character who is a girl. Marin Kitagawa is a tall girl with light skin and dark pink contacts in her eyes.

Marin is a spendthrift and a slob. She’s also quite grown up, but she’s clumsy. She isn’t very good at making things.

Marin is a cosplayer and a huge otaku who loves magical girl cartoons and adult video games.
She is kind, friendly, happy, and likes to be around people.

She likes to eat, but she still manages to stay slim.