15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Long-range assault snipers are a special class of shooters who are capable of killing enemies from a few yards away.

They have an incredible amount of patience and can wait for the right moment to pull the trigger before delivering the final blow. 

Anime appreciates great sniper talent, so we have compiled a list of excellent sniper talents shown in anime for anime fans.

They are among the greatest snipers in the industry and are willing to put themselves in grave danger to get the job done.

Let’s have a peek, shall we?

15. Chaika From Hitsugi no Chaika

Chaika from Hitsugi no Chaika 1 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Our top ten list includes Chaika, a powerful sniper from the Hitsugi no Chaika series.

Chaika, a 14-year-old sorceress, is on a mission collecting the remnants of Emperor Gaz.

She suspects that her father is Chaika. She always carries a coffin, which holds her dangerous weapon of choice, the trusted sniper rifle.

This rifle doesn’t shoot bullets like a sniper rifle.

It casts magical spells which can cause massive explosions and random portals. You will love her for her sloppy grammar and broken sentences.

If you are a bad guy, hugging Tooru may cause a big gaping hole in the stomach.

After the whole thing, your friends might call you a doughnut.

Because her rifle is so versatile, you are never sure what you can expect.

Chaika’s rifle, which is spell-based as I mentioned, has the advantage of killing you with more special abilities than your natural talent.

Chaika isn’t a character you should be sleeping on or encountering on the battlefield.

She’s more likely to send you to the next dimension in some way.

14. Kohta Hirano From High School of the Dead

Kohta Hirano from High School of the Dead 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

High School of the Dead, another amazing anime, made major news when it was released in the summer of 2010.

Takashi and Rei have to work together as students to discover the cause of this deadly virus that has spread to a new society of flesh-eating zombies.

Kohta Hirano, an otaku and firearm-fetish student, is one of the students they meet on their quest.

Although this young boy might act like a normal geek, he becomes a terminator with a hunger for death when you give him a sniper rifle.

Hirano was chosen as number nine for his colourful and humorous character.

He can not only shoot his enemies with one shot but also add humour to the show’s serious moments.

Hirano is a great marksman and can use a variety of firearms to accomplish his mission.

However, he still loves the AR-10 rifle that he keeps close to his heart.

He is the person to call if you need firearm information.

Hirano, out of all the supporting characters, is the primary gunslinger. He does this with great prowess.

13. Reki From Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Reki Aria the Scarlet Ammo 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Reki is so calm and emotionless, some call her a robot.

Reki is a quiet, emotionless robot who lacks social skills.

However, her sniping skills are what she uses to prevent crime with Butei.

12. Tanya von Degurechaff From Sage of Tanya the Evil

saga of tanya the evil tanya von degurechaff break time wallpaper 1440x900 4 1 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

The light novel/anime Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil has a girl named Tanya von Degurechaff as the primary protagonist.

In Europe during the Interwar era, he was a girl who, after she was reincarnated as a result of being killed, grew up in a dystopian parallel version of the 1930s.

His military service trains him to be very proficient with several different types of weaponry, notably the PTRD-41, an older sniper rifle.

11. Tina Sprout From Black Bullet

Episode 8 34 1 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Black Bullet is an action-packed anime featuring Enju and Satomi.

Together, they work to eliminate the Gastrea threat and ensure peace and wellbeing in the world they live in.

Gastrea is a virus that slowly eats human cells, turning them into blood-thirsty monsters.

Enju and his friends meet many supporting characters along the way, including Tina Sprout, who is adorable but deadly.

You shouldn’t ignore this tiny powerhouse.

Her exceptional sniping skills can blow an enemy’s head like a bunch of gushers.

She leaves nothing but a pile of stained red clothes as a reminder.

10. Mey-Rin From Black Butler

301 Mey Rin 1 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Mey-Rin, despite her appearance as a clumsy maid, is a skilled sniper.

Mey-Rin’s poor eyesight actually makes her more skilled – she is far-sighted and not near-sighted.

This means that while what is up close may be blurry, what is far away is clear.

9. Lockon Stratos From Mobile Gundam 00

Lockon Stratos from Mobile Gundam 00 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Gundam is known for its mech battles, which are always explosive and fast-paced.

When a sniper specializes in this category, it’s quite a sight.

While many Gundams come with tools that look like sniping, there isn’t one that can truly be called a true sniping device.

We searched our database to find Lockon Stratos, Gundam 00.

Lockon Stratos is one of the most prominent protagonists in the series.

He’s not someone you want to play with once he’s loaded.

Lockon is a true encyclopedia of firearm use and stealth tactics.

8. Usopp From One Piece

Usopp One Piece 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Usopp is one of the Straw Hat pirates.

He is also their resident sniper.

He prefers to use a long-range slingshot rather than a gun.

7. Shuichi Akai From Detective Conan

Shuichi Akai from Detective Conan 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

The popularity of the Japanese detective television show, “Detective Conan,” can be observed on only one billboard in the city.

His tactical thinking, sharp mind and more importantly, charming, childlike appearance make him very popular among children.

We will be focusing on Shuichi Akai, a sharpshooter who is an FBI character in solving crimes.

Shuichi Akai is a well-known character in cosplay.

Many take to the stage as skilled marksman Shuichi and display their incredible skills.

6. Mine From Akame ga Kill

Mine Akame ga Kill 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Mine is part of the Night Raid assassination group.

Despite her self-assessment to the contrary, she isn’t quite as gifted as she thinks she is.

5. Shino Asada From Sword Art Online II

Shino Asada from Sword Art Online II 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Sword Art Online was born out of thin air in 2012.

The team decided to create a sequel after so much success.

This anime was unique because it took place in a videogame universe, where every character must use their skills to survive.

Any mistake they make in real life will affect them in the game.

One death in the game is the end of this action-packed animation.

The anime has enjoyed such huge popularity that it is now taking a different approach to the video game world, which will only increase its hype.

4. Yoko Littner From Toppan Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner from Toppan Gurren Lagann 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Yoko Littner is the first to make an appearance on Honey’s Anime chart.

She drops in at the top four spots in our anime snipers.

Gurren Lagann is a popular anime that has been loved by many people for years.

You can still see cosplay at events celebrating the series.

Yoko, Simon, and Kamina set out to explore the wastelands to find the Beastmen.

They are powerful robots known as Gunmen.

These creatures will destroy all humanity and require that the three use their unique skills and abilities.

3. Saito From Ghost in the Shell

Saito from Ghost in the Shell 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

“Ghost in the Shell” is a beloved series that has never lost its appeal.

There are movies and great stories that will keep you hooked.

Ghost In The Shell was released in the mid to late ’90s.

It is known for its outstanding art direction and character development.

You will be coming back for more.

Ghost In The Shell is a futuristic action thriller that raises many philosophical questions about your own existence, gender, and identity.

We felt the series had so much to offer and it deserves a place on our top ten list for anime snipers.

We chose Saito as our choice of marksman, considering the number of characters available.

2. Riza Hawkeye From Full Metal Alchemist

Riza.Hawkeye.full .86559 1 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Riza Hawkeye, from Full Metal Alchemist, is ranked second.

Riza Hawkeye is no joke as she plays Roy Mustang’s sexy sniper, never missing an opportunity when it matters.

The Full Metal Alchemist tells the story of Elric and Alphonse, who must work together to uncover the truth about the philosopher’s stones and restore their lives to the way they were.

They both face great obstacles along their journey and must work together with other characters to keep the world safe. Riza is one of the characters they meet.

She helps them navigate their way but also shows us just how strong a woman she can be behind the sights of a bolt-action rifle.

1. Duke Togo From Golgo 13

Duke Togo from Golgo 13 15 Greatest Anime Snipers of All Time

Duke Togo, from the Golgo 13 series, is the one who occupies the top spot.

Golgo 13 was released in the late ’60s. It continues to be a shining light throughout the anime world.

Duke Togo is a pseudonym for a man with many talents and traits.

His mysterious aura makes it difficult to find him.

Even though the world’s elite intelligence agencies are determined to capture him, it is extremely difficult for them to do so.

However, one thing is certain: Duke is not a laughing matter when it concerns his exceptional marksmanship.

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